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"Fejiro, the Founder of Nubian, Reveals the Inspiration Behind the Revolutionary Hair Loss Solution and Shares Inspiring Success Stories"


Ofejiro Suoyo is a trailblazing entrepreneur, who has taken the natural hair care industry by storm with her brand Nubian by Fejiro. With a strong passion for all things natural and a deep commitment to providing quality hair care products, Ofejiro has created a line of products that are free from harmful chemicals, and designed to nourish and strengthen your hair. In this exclusive interview, she shares her inspiring journey, the story behind her brand, and how she's revolutionizing the hair care industry with chemical-free products. Get ready to say goodbye to synthetic ingredients and hello to healthy, happy hair with Nubian by Fejiro.


● What inspired you to create a haircare brand that focuses on restoring hair loss?

I discovered my inspiration amidst frustration when I realized the lack of suitable products for African hair. Despite searching extensively, I couldn't find any products specifically designed for this hair type. I resorted to ordering numerous products from America in the hopes of promoting hair growth and reducing breakage.

Unfortunately, none of them worked as intended. This experience motivated me to delve into the world of hair care, focusing on understanding the unique texture of African hair and identifying the right products to cater to its needs. It also drove me to explore options for developing a range of hair products and designing various programs. As a result, I gained valuable knowledge and expertise in this field.


● What types of hair loss does your product target?

My product assists in addressing traction alopecia, specifically formulated for African hair to combat hair breakage. It stimulates the growth of new hair follicles, making your hair thicker, darker, and fuller. The formula includes carefully selected herbs known for their effectiveness in hair care. Additionally, this product offers a range of hair colors to enhance your hair's appearance.


● How does your product differ from other hair growth products on the market?

I honestly believe that my hair product is the best in Africa. The positive outcomes experienced by numerous individuals further validate its quality. I am proud to say that our product delivers consistent results that cannot be replicated by other products. The key difference is in its consistent and replicable results. My Product has proven successful for a variety of individuals, making it a reliable choice.


● Can you share any success stories from customers who have used your product to

regrow their hair?


I vividly recall receiving a message from a mature lady, aged 50 or above, who was initially doubtful about the effectiveness of our product in regrowing her hair. However, when her hair eventually did grow back, she sent us a heartfelt message expressing her gratitude. She now feels more beautiful than ever before. We also

have another testimonial from a mother who is thrilled and excited because her child now goes to school with beautiful hair. As a mother, it's a dream come true for her to see her child have the best hair, which they achieved by using our products. It's truly amazing to witness people returning to testify about the natural growth

potential of African hair. For the longest time, there has been a myth that our hair cannot grow past a certain length, but I am proud to be a living testament that not only is it possible, but I have personally made it happen.


●  What ingredients in your product have been proven to be effective for promoting hair growth?


Our hair growth kit/range is a blend of amazing herbs such as amla, fenugreek, and

nim, which has been scientifically proven to promote hair growth and stimulate the scalp. By combining our scientific expertise with the power of nature, we infuse these herbs into our product, resulting in a formula that not only looks great but also provides a delightful texture, ensuring a pleasurable experience when you use it.



● How does your product address the emotional impact that hair loss can have on individuals?

Hair is an accessory that enhances the beauty of every individual, regardless of gender or age. Personally, I have experienced the negative impact of losing my hair, which significantly affected my self-esteem. Recognizing the profound effect it can have on people, our product aims to bridge that gap and restore confidence in men, women, and children. It is truly remarkable how our product can elevate their mental state, self-concept, and overall well-being, making them feel and look beautiful while instilling a sense of confidence. It's crucial for individuals to understand that including hair care in their self-care routine is essential, just like skincare. Taking care of our hair is a vital aspect of being the best version of ourselves and looking our best.



● How long does it typically take for individuals to see results from using your product?

As reported by many of our customers, consistently using our product has yielded great results within just one month of usage. Individuals have reported seeing positive changes in their hair, including reduced breakage and a noticeable improvement in texture. Additionally, users have observed that their hair has become darker in color. Our product's effectiveness lies in its secret recipe, which has been carefully formulated to deliver these transformative outcomes.


● What advice do you have for individuals who are experiencing hair loss but may not know the root cause of their condition?

To address hair loss, it's important to first determine the when and the main cause of your hair loss. Start by asking yourself a few questions: What hair care practices have you been following? Have you recently changed any products in your hair care routine? Have you changed your hairstyle recently? Has anyone been handling your hair differently?

Once you understand when the problem started and the potential causes, take steps to address the issue. Stop any hair care practices that may be contributing to the problem, and consider investing in high-quality hair care products to support hair health. Remember that taking care of your hair is similar to taking care of your skin. Just as you need to moisturize your skin daily for healthy skin, you need to invest in products that help promote healthy hair growth.


● Can your product be used by individuals with sensitive scalps or certain medical conditions?

If you have any medical conditions related to your skin or hair, it is essential to consult either a dermatologist or a trichologist. They can help diagnose and address your concerns appropriately. And for everyone that sent us a message we always ask them to send us pictures of their hair for evaluation. And it is essential to note that a sensitive skull can only be identified by a trichologist after carrying out the necessary test.


● What are some common misconceptions about hair loss that you would like to dispel?

One common misconception I would dispel is the myth that hair loss is irreversible. I can tell you that with the Nubian by Fejiro hair products when used consistently in our products, many individuals have experienced significant hair regrowth and proven that hair loss can be effectively addressed.


● Can you explain how stress and diet can impact hair loss and how your product can address these factors?

Stress and diet can have a significant impact on hair loss, as stress hormones can disrupt the hair growth cycle and nutrient deficiencies can weaken hair follicles. Our product addresses these factors by providing nourishing ingredients that promote a healthy scalp environment and strengthens hair follicles, ultimately supporting hair growth and combating hair loss.


● How does your product support overall scalp health and hair follicle strength?

The product supports scalp health by stimulating hair growth and reducing dandruff, commonly experienced when people don't use hair care products. It also strengthens the hair follicles, thereby reducing hair breakage. When the hair follicle, which is the strand of hair, is not healthy enough, individuals may experience breakage. My products help to coat the hair strand, promoting healthier and stronger hair and reducing breakage. Once breakage reduces, noticeable hair growth can be observed.


● What type of feedback have you received from customers who have used your product for a prolonged period of time?


So we’ve received feedback from people who have severe traction alopecia that

their hair grows back. Their hair becomes thicker, especially darker. Even if you

check our social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook, and our website, you will see that people with light hair also experience thicker hair. This is because we

have combined herbs that help to thicken the hair strands, darken the hair, and

make the hair look very healthy.


● What role does consistency play in achieving the desired results with your product?

Consistency is very important in life, healthcare, skincare, and basically anything. If you want to see faster and more noticeable results, you need to be consistent in whatever you're doing, even for your body. The same principle applies to hair care. You have to maintain consistency in order to see and achieve your desired results within a shorter period of time.

Consider this scenario: if you have never had a hair routine before and your hair has been consistently and repeatedly damaged over a period of 2-3 years, now that you have a good routine and good products, you need to remain consistent in order to obtain good results.


●  Can you provide any tips for using your product effectively to maximize hair growth?

So, the main tips are: don't overdo it, use the product as directed. Apply the product every night before bed and make sure you sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase or wrap your hair with a satin or silk scarf. This ensures that the products you use remain effective. When you use a silk or satin pillowcase or scarf, it prevents your products from being stripped away by cotton. Cotton has the ability to absorb all the new products from your hair, which can reduce their effectiveness.

In summary, use our products on a daily, weekly, or biweekly basis as directed on the labels to keep your hair moisturized. And always ensure you use a satin or silk pillowcase or scarf to help maintain the effectiveness of the products.


● How has your product evolved over time to meet the changing needs of customers?

Basically, the consistency and texture of our product have evolved. It not only does the work but also looks the part. Our goal is to provide you with a luxurious feeling when you apply the products to your hair. It meets international standards, which is a positive aspect of our brand. We always strive to ensure that our products not only perform well but also have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. That’s the evolution we've experienced, and we’re proud to offer you a high-quality hair care experience.


● What is your company's mission when it comes to helping individuals with hair loss?

At Nubian by Fejiro, our brand's perspective on African hair is rooted in empowerment and inclusivity. Our mission is to uplift individuals experiencing hair loss by equipping them with the necessary tools and premium hair care products specifically designed to address their unique needs. We strive to be a trusted companion on their hair care journey, offering effective solutions and personalized support to help them regain their confidence and achieve healthy and restored hair.


● Are there any ongoing clinical trials or research studies that your company is involved in hair growth and hair loss?

Yes, currently, we are conducting lots of research. Quite honestly, my business started because of my impatience. So we are always conducting research to ensure that we have a product that is effective and helps people grow their hair in a short period of time. I believe that there are people like me who are very impatient when it comes to getting results. The research we are conducting all over the world is looking for products that can grow African hair in a shorter period of time.


● What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to try a hair growth product for fear of side effects or disappointment?

My advice is that there's no harm in trying hair growth products. However, if you really want to try them, you also need to be patient. Hair growth products work, and I am living proof of this fact, along with over 5,000 other women who have seen positive results from using my products. Depending on how the product is made, you may see different effects. I can only talk about my product, which is natural and has no adverse effects. When you use it, you will notice your hair changing, becoming healthier, and looking more beautiful without any disappointments.

Therefore, my advice is to give it a try, but only if you know you will be consistent and dedicated to using it. Trust me; you will first notice that your hair breakage reduces, and then your hair becomes darker and subsequently looks thicker and fuller.

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Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin in closed door meeting with Former Nigerian President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, GCON as the discuss national issues in Bayelsa


Breaking News On Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin (Photos)

-Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin in closed door meeting with Ministry Of Environment, Dr Mohammed Hassan Abdullahi as they discussion national development in Abuja.

-Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin in closed door meeting with Former Nigerian President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, GCON as the discuss national issues in Bayelsa.

TACO News Africa reports that in viral photos trending on the internet featured the Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, the founder Of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri and the former Nigerian President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan in Bayelsa and also seen with the Honorable Minister of Environment, Dr Mohammed Hassan Abdullahi in Abuja.

Ministry Of Environment, Federal Republic Of Nigeria.

Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan GCFR GCON (born 20 November 1957) is a Nigerian politician who served as the president of Nigeria from 2010 to 2015.

Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin a popular Nigerian Prophet.

He is the founder and Head Prophet of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. 

A ministry He founded on 3 April 2010, is one of the largest churches in Nigeria, with millions of attendance in it's weekly programs.

The former president commended Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin for his philanthropic gestures towards promoting peace and unity in Nigeria. Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, who is known for his immense contributions towards humanitarian services in the country, has been at the forefront of promoting peace and unity in Nigeria.

ZIM GAS LTD Pioneering Clean Energy and Reliable Gas Supply in Nigeria's Remote Areas, Says CEO Emeh Jennifer Aloma


ZIM GAS LTD, a gas company located in Lagos, Anambra, and Imo State, is on a mission to provide clean energy to remote areas and introduce them to a better source of cooking. With a team of highly trained professionals and engineers, ZIM GAS LTD ensures that its products meet the required specifications and quantities of Butaneand propane. Their commitment to quality and safety is evident in their use of automatic shut-off valves to avert danger in case of any leakage. In an interview with the CEO, EMEH JENNIFER ALOMA, she shares the company's vision for the future and its plans to expand its reach to other parts of the country.


● Can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to start ZIM GAS LTD?


ZIM GAS LIMITED is a company registered under the Company Allied Matters Decree of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number RC: 1405421. We deal in both industrial and domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) appliances and installation materials, as well as import and supply general merchandise.


ZIM GAS LTD originated from DK FLAME INDUSTRIAL AND DOMESTIC LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GAS APPLIANCES, which has been in the business for many years and has acquired the necessary experience and techniques to make our products stand out. Customers who purchase gas accessories such as cylinders and cookers often travel long distances to purchase cooking gas. This is what gave birth to the idea of bringing gas plants into our localities to fill this gap and provide clean energy. Thus, ZIM GAS was born.


● How did you identify the need for reliable bulk gas supply in the market, and how did that influence your decision to offer this service?


As time passes, small skids have emerged in various localities as a means of providing gas which people are starting to embrace as a clean means of cooking. These skids require a more reliable dealer to service them promptly from time to time, and that's how we stepped in to supply bulk buyers since we have trucks and means of lifting from the depots.


● What sets ZIM GAS LTD apart from other gas suppliers in Nigeria?


What sets ZIM GAS LTD apart from other gas suppliers in Nigeria are its peculiarities. Each department or unit is spearheaded by experts in their respective fields. We also prioritize safety in all our dealings and are not willing to go against rules or cut corners in the business. Additionally, our products are readily available to satisfy our large customer base. You can get all the gas accessories you need, and our engineers will provide free installation to ensure safety. This distinction is what ZIM GAS upholds.


● Can you share some success stories or notable projects that ZIM GAS LTD has been involved in?


As a rapidly growing organization, we conduct seminars and symposiums to raise awareness about the safety aspects of using gas. At the end of each event, many attendees are provided with free gas accessories such as cookers, cylinders, and lighters as a way of giving back to society.


●  How do you ensure the quality and safety of the gas products you offer to your clients?


We test old cylinders, change faulty valves, and advise customers not to refurbish cylinders. We also reject and do not refill cylinders that do not meet safety standards. At ZIM GAS LTD, all our products must be certified by the prestigious Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) to ensure safety.



● Can you explain the process of setting up a gas plant and how ZIM GAS LTD assists clients in this regard?


Setting up a gas plant is a comprehensive process that requires careful consideration of various factors, especially safety. The first step is to identify a suitable location that is at an appropriate distance from residential areas, and then seek initial approval from the relevant authorities for environmental assessment. The National Petroleum Products Regulatory Agency (NPPR) is responsible for assessing the site's suitability, and obtaining permits from agencies like the police, town planning, fire service, and local chiefs. The process also involves conducting random pressure tests, assessments, and training, among others, before an operational license can be issued.


● What are the key challenges you have encountered in the gas supply industry, and how have you overcome them?


The challenges ZIM GAS LTD is currently facing include:


1. Unreliable electricity supply, which affects their ability to carry out operations efficiently.

2. High cost of diesel, which indirectly affects the cost of their products as their trucks and generators rely on diesel.

3. Poor road conditions, which can cause accidents and affect the timely delivery of products to customers.

4. High and unstable prices of gas, which affects their profit margins and ability to compete with other suppliers.

5. Customers' reluctance to replace old or expired gas cylinders and accessories, which can pose safety risks.


● How do you manage the logistics and nationwide delivery of your gas products?


We have a range of trucks for logistics and trained drivers who are experienced in their duties.


● Can you talk about any sustainability initiatives or eco-friendly practices that ZIM GAS LTD promotes?


Planting trees around the gas plant offsets carbon emissions and using LPG as a fuel is eco-friendly as it does not emit carbon into the atmosphere, helping to preserve the planet and its inhabitants.


●  What factors do you consider when determining the most suitable gas supply solution for different types of businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or factories?


ZIM GAS LTD only sources gas from reputable suppliers such as NIPCO, NAVGAS, 11PLC, and more. Their gas has the required specifications and right quantities of Butane and Propane. We are committed to ensuring that our customers get only high-quality and safe gas products by accessing them from notable dealers.


● How does ZIM GAS LTD handle gas repairs and fittings, and what expertise do you bring to this service?


At ZIM GAS LTD, we have a team of highly skilled professionals and engineers with expertise in various fields, who provide the necessary services required for our operations.


● Can you share any specific gas accessories that you offer to enhance the efficiency and safety of gas installations?


ZIM GAS LTD has an automatic shut-off valve system in place. In the event of any gas leakage, the alarm will be triggered, and the entire gas line will be shut down automatically. This feature ensures that any potential danger is averted promptly.


● What measures do you have in place to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain long-term relationships with your clients?


We have a wide range of customers, and we make it a priority to regularly check in with them to see how they are faring and address any issues they may have. Our customer service representatives are always available to attend to complaints and reviews, and customers also have access to my number for direct communication. Additionally, we send our engineers for maintenance to ensure that our customers' gas appliances are in good condition and functioning safely.


● Have you expanded your services beyond Lagos, Anambra, and Imo State, or do you have plans to do so in the future?


We initially started operating in Lagos and have since expanded to Imo and Anambra states. With God's grace, we aim to achieve even more milestones in the future.


● How do you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and regulations in the gas industry?


We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and regulations in the gas industry because we are members of the general union NUPENG, which is a regulatory body that guides the affairs of its members. Moreover, the DPR, now NPPR, is also a significant organization that supports our advancement and expertise.


● Can you provide insights into the process of purchasing and setting up gas trucks or cylinders through ZIM GAS LTD?


We bring in trucks and cylinders from Europe and China, which must pass tests and assessments from the prestigious Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON), and duties to the customs services.


● How do you manage and oversee the construction and installation of LPG gas plants for your clients?


We have engineers on the ground who install the necessary accessories, and we also assist in the process of engaging the required agencies.


● Are there any specific certifications or accreditations that ZIM GAS LTD holds, demonstrating your commitment to quality and safety standards?


ZIM GAS LTD is a licensed gas company and we're committed to Quality and safety.


● How do you ensure the availability and reliability of your gas supply to meet the varying demands of your clients?


We ensure that products are readily available in all our outlets by always being vigilant and maintaining a steady supply.


● What are your future plans and goals for ZIM GAS LTD, and how do you see the company evolving in the coming years?


The future plan for ZIM GAS LTD is providing clean energy to remote areas and introducing them to a better source of cooking.

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Meet BeeJay Lee An Afrobeat Talent Incredibly Slept On


 Growing up in the city of Lagos where achieving success requires that you offer nothing but the best, Bolaji Olamilekan Ajenifuja popularly known by his stage name BeeJayLee is an afrobeat music artiste gradually winning hearts with his musical works.

Beejay Lee was born in 1999 in Ijora Badia part of Lagos state where he spent his entire childhood days and acquired childhood experiences that fueled his zeal to become creatively extraordinary.

He attended Badia Primary school and then moved to Sari Iganmu Senior Secondary school where he got in contact with music. BeeJay Lee decided to make music his career path right from secondary when he noticed several of his colleagues were fast becoming fans of his raw music freestyles back then.

After completing his secondary education, BeeJay Lee began exerting lots of energy in making music, establishing connections with his peers in the music game while also growing his fanbase. His music career started on a good note in 2018 as lots of Nigerian music lovers instantly recognized his exceptional pen game and vocal dexterity.

For BeeJayLee, talent and hardwork are two things responsible for his ongoing successful music career run and his energy keeps elevating as he is looking to break bigger boundaries, gain more recognition while moving up the ladder with his outstanding talent.

Meanwhile, BeeJay Lee has cooked a new tune for fans delight, the song which is set to be released soon is a beautiful blend of Afrobeat Rhythm with soulful lyrics that speak about love and affection. The song which is titled “This Kind love” features another amazing young talent, 7Teen whose smooth vocals combined well with BeeJay Lee’s tuneful voice to deliver a mesmerizing romantic song.

No doubt, “This Kind Love” by BeeJay Lee is just a taste of what's to come from this exceptional talent that has been incredibly slept on in Nigeria’s music industry. Having a quick glimpse into his discography so far and his soon-to-be released single, it will be easier to agree that BeeJay Lee is definitely an incredible talent to watch out for in the Nigerian music industry.

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Don Saint Returns With Ojodu Berger


 One of the pioneers of Hip Hop Music in the South East, Nigeria, Don Saint is back with Ojodu Berger.

Having released his first album ( Rock Till Mama Calls) 20 years ago, which was alleged to be the first Hip Hop Album in the South East back then.

Enjoy his new hit Ojodu Berger, 

Out now in all digital platforms. 


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Breaking News: Billionaire meeting as Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin met Nigerian Billionaire Prince Arthur Eze who's reportedly worth $7.7 billion US Dollars in closed door meeting in Abuja.


In what can be described as a major meeting of great minds, billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin and Nigerian billionaire Prince Arthur Eze in closed-door meeting in Abuja discussing national issues. 

According to news report, the purpose of the meeting was undisclosed.

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin is the founder and general overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, while Prince Arthur Eze is the founder and chairman of Atlas Oranto Petroleum, one of Nigeria's leading oil exploration companies and is reported to be worth over $7.7 Billion US Dollars

TACO News Africa

Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Breaking News: Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin mets Oni Of Ife in a closed door meeting to discuss national issues


It was a gathering of great minds and noble hearts when Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, the billionaire prophet, the latest ambassador of tourism and founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, met with his Majesty, the Oni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi in a closed-door meeting to discuss issues bordering on the growth and development of Nigeria.

The meeting, which was held at the palace of the Oni of Ife, was convened to discuss issues of national importance. 

The two great leaders of thought who share a passion for the development of the country, exchanged ideas and discussed ways in which they could partner to bring about positive change in Nigeria.

According to sources close to the meeting, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin commended the Oni of Ife for his efforts towards promoting unity and harmony among the diverse ethnic groups in the country. He also expressed his willingness to offer his support and resources to help advance the king’s vision for a better Nigeria.

In his response, the revered king, who is known for his passion for youth development and empowerment, expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the prophet towards changing lives and making a positive impact in society. He pledged his support for the work of the prophet, promising to partner with him in a bid to help create a more prosperous and secure nation.

The meeting was an epic moment, as the two great leaders of thought brought their wealth of experience and knowledge to the table and discussed issues that impact the lives of millions of Nigerians. It was a great moment in the history of Nigeria, and an indication that great things are in the offing for the nation.

It is expected that following the meeting, both leaders will work closely together to bring about meaningful projects, programmes and initiatives aimed at promoting unity, peace and development in the country. The meeting was indeed a great success and a clear indication that with visionary leadership and cooperation, Nigeria can be transformed into a truly great nation.