Thursday, 2 March 2023

Popular Nigerian Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin says he foresaw outcome of the 2023 Elections


An old video, making the round on social media has given an indication that Nigerian popular Prophet, Jeremiah Fufeyin  foresaw the outcome of the 2023 Elections, won by the APC Bola Tinubu.

In the video made during a service on the 11th December 2022, Fufeyin, who's the founder of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry in Warri, the prophet noted that he saw in video the drama that unfolded during the election.

According to him, while people were at the verge of jubilating the win of a candidate, another announcement overshadowed the election.

“This prophecy is about Nigeria’s forthcoming presidential election. Write it down. Mark it because the internet never forgets,” Fufeyin said.

He stated that there were going to attack and crisis before the election, noting “before the election there will be attack and bloodshed. 

Speaking about the election day, Fufeyin said God had directed him to pray for the youth as he saw youths fighting and killing themselves.

“I am seeing destruction of ballot boxes. I see gunshots,” he said.

Fufeyin noted that while people voted heavily and clamoured for a candidate, an announcement that surpassed their euphoria dashed their enthusiasm.

While most youth had projected the win of the Labour Party candidate, INEC declared Tinubu as the winner.

“The Lord told me that in less than six months even if the winner was not expected and sick, there will be a change. The Lord has held our cry, what we are passing through, this person who will be on the seat, will bring a change for good in six months, he said in the video.

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Get to know SEGXZY', his base, Education, Business and Entertainment life


[Biography] Full biography of Segxzy; Nigerian talented artist

With so much hit songs released by Segxzy, he's slowly building a solid fanbase, his music interest cut across Reggae and Afro, brought up in Auchi and portharcourt, Segxzy hails from Osun and travelled wide and has the experience of a good song writter.

TRENDING: đŸ”¥Music] Segxzy - Bad Belle

Read his full biography below;

FULL NAME: Ola-Fadunsin Segun John


NAME OF SECONDARY SCHOOL: Command Secondary School, Abakaliki.

 NAME OF UNIVERSITY: Auchi Polytechnic/University Of Pprtharcourt

NAME OF COURSE: Mechanical Engineering

NAME OF 3 TO 5 SONGS DROPPED SO FAR: Joy, Now Na Morning, Gawu, Konji, Life, Bad Belle

NAME OF LABEL: Segz Records



 TRIBE: Yoruba




 DATE IF BIRTH: 01 June 1981

 AGE:  42




WORD OF ADVICE TO FANS: Abig thanks to everyone of you for stay by and remember to always stay focus for the sun will definately shine to your direction. As my slogan goes...NowNaMorning

SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES, whatsapp number, Instagram, twitter, Facebook username: 

Whatsapp: +2348055081263

Instagram: Segxzyofficial

Twitter: Segxzyofficial

Facebook: Smile Segxzy


Youtube: Segz Records

Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Listen to "INTROVERT", new Album by German based artist 'MISHKID'


The Nigerian popular Germany based music artist Felix Obi Meshael who is popularly known as "Mishkid" drops his debut album titled “Introvert", 

TRENDING:đŸ”¥ Extended play] Jigi Boy - Born 2 Win

and now out on all major digital platforns.

Download, stream, share and enjoy




Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Port harcourt/Auchi brought up artist; 'SEGXZY', Is back with new jam for fans; 'BAD BELLE'


[Music] Segxzy - Bad Belle
[Music] Segxzy - Bad Belle 

Port harcourt/Auchi brought up artist; 'SEGXZY', is back with a banging hit song for his fans to feast on as the year approach the end of its first quarter. 

 The song which is titled 'BAD BELLE', is aimed at haters and all who retard progress. 

Ola-Fadunsin Segun John as Segxzy is fully known, is a full blown Reggae/Afro artist and hails from Osun state, specifically Ilesha west. 

TRENDING: đŸ”¥Music] Paradice - Joromi (prod. Brave boy talker

His hit song cut across songs like Joy, Now Na Morning, Gawu, Konji, life and The now released Bad belle.

Segxzy's interest cuts across technical focus and entertainment.

Bad belle is his newest release, download and share!!






Segxzy! Now Na Morning!

Mmmmm Na na na na Na!!!

Small girl

Dem tell you yesterday 

but you no hear

E don clear

All your shakara don end

no more denge

When dey tell you

You go dey vex

You use your backside

dey oppress

Your mate dey school you dey flex

even the gateman jenbe

When them tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you

You go just dey call them 

Bad belle, Bad belle

Bad belle o oh

And e don hooke you

Shey dem still be bad belle, bad belle 

Bad bell oo

 Wetin you wan kill yourself for

Who don pass you, don pass you o

Make you loyal for who you loyal for

So you sef go fit to grow 

Segxzy don go front o

Backward never o

Segxzy dey sail oh

And you cannot sink my ship o

When them tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you

You go just dey call them 

Bad belle, Bad belle

Bad belle o oh

And e don hooke you

Shey dem still be bad belle, bad belle 

Bad bell oo



 Anything you sow, mmmmm

Na him you go wear

Soldier come soldier go

We still dey dere,

As you wan stab me for back

No forget say!

another person dey your back o

Cos if you live by the sword!

You go! U go kpai by the sword o

When them tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you

You go just dey call them 

Bad belle, Bad belle

Bad belle o oh

And e don hooke you

Shey dem still be bad belle, bad belle 

Bad bell oo

Omo I dey tell you

If you like you hear

If you like you no hear

Nothing goes for nothing

The man you fall today

You no go see am fall tomorrow

Now Na Morning

You cant outshine your master

Friday, 24 February 2023

Niger Delta Congress (NDC), Select their presidential candidate for 2023 General Elections



Our Ref: NDC/PS/003/2023

Thursday 23rd February, 2023

Greetings all,

I want to on behalf of the NEC and members of the Niger Delta Congress begin offer

my unreserved salutations to the millions of Niger Deltans from across the six South

South states who have paid keen attention to the ongoing political contest with the

hope that with their votes freely cast, there would emerge a president who will truly

respond with the full capacity of his office to the legitimate socioeconomic and

sociopolitical concerns of Niger Deltans as well as the various other peoples within

this geopolitical space called Nigeria.

#Nigeria2023: Niger Delta Congress (NDC), Endorses Obi and Datti for presidency 2023

For the past eight years under this tone deaf administration, the Niger Delta has

experienced some of the worst sociopolitical and socioeconomic attacks; the Federal

Government started off by auctioning over 80 oil wells belonging to our people with

no regard to our calls for inclusion; the Federal Government using an Executive Order

circumvented the fraudulent Nigerian Constitution to grant Northern Nigeria resource

control and the freedom to harness its gold and other mineral resources while also

depriving us of those same rights; the Federal Government bungled the flagship Ogoni cleanup which would’ve been a test case for the cleanup of the entire Niger Delta so

bad that today the United Nations is threatening to pull out completely; the Federal

Government passed a denigrating Petroleum Industry Bill which simply harmonizes all

existing subjugative legislations governing resource exploitation and paying no heed

to our concerns.

it did not end there; the Federal Government set in motion numerous policies which cumulatively have today made our region the poorest region in the entire Southern

Nigeria, the most food deprived in the entire country, the lowest life expectancy in the

country, the highest out of school children in Southern Nigeria, and the most lacking in

access to health facilities in Southern Nigeria. Comparing and contrasting with our

contribution to this country, we have been paid evil for good and it is unacceptable to

our people As an organization which has as its ethos, justice, equity and fairness, we believe the

forthcoming Presidential elections is coming at a crucial point in the history of the

Nigerian Federation and gives us an opportunity to start again on a more just note. We

believe that there can be no peace without justice, and that injustice to one should be injustice to all. This prevailing cloud of injustice has brought about an increase in despondency and a near hopelessness of the Nigerian masses, leading to a heightened call for justice from different sections of this country. These different calls for justice have manifested in different forms; calls for the restructuring of the

Federation, and in extreme cases an outright call for secession of its constituent parts.

In the process leading to the emergence of the different political party candidates, it is clear that justice, equity and fairness were set aside for expediency and selfish

interests. If it were not for those, there wouldn’t be a Muslim-Muslim candidature

paying no regard to the religious composition of this country, or the presentation of a Northern-Fulani candidature which completely disregards the ethnic composition and

sensibilities of this country.

It is on record that every section of this country has at one point or the other since the end of the Civil War in 1960 produced the Head of State or President, whether via the

barrel of the gun, or the ballot; except for one region, the South East. 

As has been stated in previous paragraphs, injustice to one should be injustice to all, and there can be no peace without justice. We believe that it’ll be morally wrong for the NDC as a non-partisan Organisation and movement of our people to be silent in what is shaping up to be a decisive election which will make or mar this country’s future. We believe

that by being silent, we also lose the moral right to speak up against the injustices

which our people have suffered and continue to suffer within the Nigerian Federation.

Bearing all these in mind, the NDC as a representative group of the ethnic nationalities of the Niger Delta, and cognizant of the wishes of our people, stand solidly behind the candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi. 

We therefore use this medium to call on all Niger Deltans and the rest of the country to shun partisan politics and stand for what is right, just and fair, by also supporting and coming out enmass to cast their

vote for Mr Peter Obi. We do not believe Mr Peter Obi will miraculously turn Nigeria

around, but we believe him to be credible, of good character and devoid of the

baggage of corruption plaguing other front runners. We have an opportunity to lay a new foundation, and we must do so on the altar of justice, equity, and fairness and

heal festering wounds that have contributed to our continuous decline as a country.

Mudiaga Ogboru

National Spokesperson, NDC

+ 2 3 4 8 1 4 3 6 4 6 0 5 6 | N I G E R D E L T A C O N G R E S S P R E S S

Tuesday, 21 February 2023

[Music] Diane Splash - Promise Keeper (prod. E-mandy)


[Music] Diane Splash - Promise Keeper (prod. E-mandy)

[Music] Diane Splash - Promise Keeper (prod. E-mandy)

Well decorated gospel artist; 'DIANE SPLASH', got a very special tune for the people of God, a new song titled 'PROMISE KEEPER'.

TRENDINGđŸ”¥: GOSPELMUSIC : Watch Man Ft. Karma – Born Again

The new song which was produced by E-mandy , is an Exceptional worship to God, for being so faithful and keeping to his promises. Diane Splash; over the years have being a channel through which God send message to his people. Stream this and repost.






uuu uuu uuu uuu uuu

uuu uuu uuuu uuuu digide n’ezie 

Jehovah promise keeper 

You are the covenant keeping God

Ih’ikwuru chim,n’adigide n’ezie

Jehovah promise keeper 

You are the covenant keeping God

Ih’ikwuru chim,n’adigide n’ezie 


Jehovah promise keeper (promise keeper)

You are the covenant keeping God

Ih’ikwuru chim, n’adigide n’ezie (o n’adigide n’ezie)

Jehovah promise keeper 

(Promise keeper)

You are the covenant keeping God(covenant covenant keeping God)Ih’ikwuru chim n’adigide n’ezie 


What you said is what you do

What you do,you’ve said it all

You are forever faithful to your word JESUS 

You are the agbanwe agbanwe n’okwu gi

Onadigide n’ezie

(Promise keeper)


Jehovah promise keeper (promise keeper)

You are the covenant keeping God

Ih’ikwuru chim n’adigide n’ezie(onadigide n’ezie)

Jehovah promise keeper (Promise keeper aa)

You are the covenant keeping God(covenant daddy)

Ih’ikwuru chim n’adigide n’ezie 


Men will fail you 

Forsake you abandon and reject you buh JESUS will never let you down (ooo)

He’s a friend indeed,anytime of day

My God is agbanwe agbanwe n’okwu ya

Jehovah promise keeper 

You are the covenant keeping God

Ih’ikwuru chim n’adigide n’ezie

Jehovah promise keeper 

You are the covenant keeping God

Ih’ikwuru chim n’adigide n’ezie (promise keeper)


Jehovah promise keeper (promise keeper)

You are the covenant keeping God

Ih’ikwuru chim n’adigide n’ezie (o n’adigide n’ezie)

Jehovah promise keeper 

You are the covenant keeping God(covenant covenant keeping God)

Ih’ikwuru chim n’adigide n’ezie 


Sin’ebighiebi ebighiebi rue ebighiebi okwu gi n’adigide o n’adigide n’ezie 

Oh ebighiebi ebighiebi rue ebighiebi okwu gi n’adigide o n’adigide n’ezie 

O sin’ebighiebi ebighiebi rue ebighiebi okwu gi n’adigide o n’adigide n’ezie 

Ebighiebi ebighiebi igwe ebighiebi okwu gi n’adigide o n’adigide n’ezie (promise keeper)


Jehovah promise keeper (promise keeper)

You are the covenant keeping God

Ih’ikwuru chim n’adigide n’ezie (onadigide digide digide)

Jehovah promise keeper (promise keeper)you are the covenant keeping God(eyeeeaa)Ih’ikwuru chim o n’adigide n’ezie (digide digide digide)

Jehovah promise keeper 

You are the covenant keeping God(covenant covenant covenant)

Ih’ikwuru chim n’adigide n’ezie 

(Okwu gi n’adigide)

Jehovah promise keeper (agbanwe agbanwe m eee)

You are the covenant keeping God(eze ebighiebi)Ih’ikwuru chim (chioma muooooo,

Onadigide n’ezie

Monday, 20 February 2023

How Mele Kyari, NUPRC CEO Komolafe Received kickbacks and Awarded Multibillion Dollar Oil Bloc to Indian Fugitive


How Mele Kyari, NUPRC CEO Komolafe Received kickbacks and Awarded Multibillion Dollar Oil Bloc to Indian Fugitive

A preliminary report has revealed the how CEO of NNPC Limited, Mele Kyari, and the CEO of NUPRC, Gbenga Komolafe, conspired together and awarded the Kolmani oil block to Nitin Sandesara, the Indian fugitive who duped Indian banks of over $2.1billion and took refuge in Nigeria.

This is according to Jackson Ude, publisher of Point-Blank News, in a post on Twitter. According to Ude, during the scheme, NNPC, pushed aside an indigenous company that had founded the oil field, preferring to award the Kolmani bloc in Bauchi/Gombe to the crooked Indians who recently paid $35million to senior officials of the APC Government towards the 2023 Presidential elections.

Ude further claimed that the indigenous company had been given a license to explore the oil field and had made significant investments in the project, only to be sidelined by NNPC in order to award the bloc to the Indian company. This, according to Ude, is a clear case of corruption and cronyism by the APC government.

This revelation has major implications as it raises questions about the integrity of the APC Government and the awarding of oil blocs to non-indigenous companies.

The goal of this investigation is to uncover the corrupt practices of the officials in NUPRC, who are using front companies and a lawyer to purchase marginal fields, and then using a lady to store the proceeds of the transactions. The investigators will soon be releasing the names of the lawyer and lady involved in the scheme.

IMG 20230220 WA0007

IMG 20230220 WA0008

Friday, 17 February 2023

'Listen to 'GISHI-GISHI', biggest Amapiano record by; Yamayama, DJ kaybee and Kentee


[Music] Yamayama ft DJ Kaybee & Kentee - Gishi-Gishi (prod. Razzmix)
[Music] Yamayama ft DJ Kaybee & Kentee - Gishi-Gishi (prod. Razzmix)

Nigerian born record label owner and artist; 'YAMAYAMA', just as promised got something special for fans, before the second month of the year runs out.

Yamayama featured two music maestros to aid him on this, he featured; 'DJ KAYBEE', and 'KENTEE". 

TRENDING: đŸ”¥Music] Songstar - Ifedinma + I like woman

Still feasting on the amapiano wave, this new song is titled; 'GISHI-GISHI'. A new Amapiano rhythm for fans, all filled with professional and catchy rhymes. 

Yamayama spoke on the inspiration to this song and said; 'its one of those hits, we will use to prepare the road for putting the yamayama records on the map'. 

 A careful search for quality production , got INFAMOUX', in the chosen sooty, infamous over the years is a flexible producer and can fit properly into any trending genre, he did justice to this Amapiano piece, which was mixed by; 'RAZZMIX'.

Yamayama soon, becoming a house to house name, after you listen to this!! Certified hit!! Download and share;



Follow on social media

 Whatsapp: 09092313151

Twitter : yamayamarecordsofficial 

Facebook: yamayamarecordsofficial

Snapchat: yamayama_r

Tik tok @yamayamarecords

Thursday, 16 February 2023

Naira Redesign: Timi Frank accuses APC of fueling crises to force election postponement


 Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, Comrade Timi Frank, on Thursday, accused the APC of fueling agitations and riots over the scarcity of new Naira notes to heat up the polity, make the country insecure and cause election postponement.

Frank who made this assertion in a statement in Abuja, however called on President Muhammadu Buhari, not to bow to APC’s pressure and blackmail through ongoing sponsorship of riots to trigger election shift.

He insisted that the ruling party is fueling the crisis to enable them perfect their vote buying and rigging strategies ahead of the elections. 

He said: “It is unfortunate that the APC has chosen a dangerous route to retain power by instigating killings and destruction of property by paid irate mob protesting scarcity of new Naira notes. 

“I dare say that the country is bigger than any political party or party candidates. Instigating crisis to provoke a postponement of the elections is least expected of the APC.”

Frank, who is the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) Ambassador to East Africa and Middle East, called on President Buhari and INEC to be resolute in their commitment to conduct the elections notwithstanding the evil machinations of the APC to get the polls shifted. 

He called on the international community especially election observers already deployed by statutory bodies to monitor the elections to put pressure on the nation’s election management body to hold the election as scheduled. 

He insisted that if elections are being held in countries in worse security situations or experiencing full blown war, there is no justification to postpone the forthcoming elections on the basis of protests over scarcity of new Naira notes. 

He added: “Even though the riots seem localized in the southern parts of the country, we have information that very soon APC will cause it to spread to states in the North.

“This to enable them sustain their blackmail and pressure on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and Buhari to postpone the elections under the guise of widespread violence. 

“We condemn this resort to violence being masterminded by the APC and we call on all well meaning Nigerians and international development partners not only to condemn this shenanigans by the ruling party but to hold it responsible for all deaths and properties being destroyed at this time as well as any postponement of the election.”



Comrade Timi Frank
ULMWP Ambassador to East Africa and Middle East

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Photo Story from Charly Boy’s Event ‘Fixing Nigeria with Area Fada’


These are first photos from Charly Boy Area Fada’s event themed, ‘Fixing Nigeria with Area Fada’, which was held, Tuesday, February 14, at Merit House Maitama, Abuja.

The event was held in conjunction with Diasporans For Good Governance (DGG).

Diaspora for Good Governance, is a group dedicated to promoting transparency, accountability, and responsible leadership in Nigeria.

See photos from the event.

IMG 20230214 WA0067 IMG 20230214 WA0071 IMG 20230214 WA0069 IMG 20230214 WA0065 IMG 20230214 WA0064 IMG 20230214 WA0066

IMG 20230214 WA0070

Image courtesy of Seunmanuel Faleye - ApplesBite International Magazine

'Boy Alone', New EP by Fearnot Broka and Kenny Kansas is a masterpiece; Listen now


[Extended play] Fearnot Broka x Kenny Kaspas - Boy Alone EP 

Lagos based music artists; 'FEARNOT BROKA' Just dropped his first project for the year featuring a foreign based producer and singer 'KENNY KASPAS', The EP is titled 'BOY ALONE'.

TRENDING: đŸ”¥Music] P.K (Danj) - You know (prod. Big tunez)

Boy Alone EP is a motivational and inspirational project that consist of 4 tracks, 

It portray the struggle of a young hustler, talks about love , reality and life in general.

With all tracks produced by Kenny kaspas, it is safe to say, an artist off the EP produced their project and definitely it will have that best feel.

Four tracks from the Boy alone EP, a versatile body of music, ranging from Afrobeat to Afropop.

Download and share


1. LONDON ..................... DOWNLOAD HERE

2. LIFE I CHOOSE..................... DOWNLOAD HERE

3. BOY ALONE..................... DOWNLOAD HERE

4. ONLY YOU..................... DOWNLOAD HERE



follow him in all social media @fearnotbroka

Monday, 13 February 2023

Creator Of Orisa Beat Sets To Release New Music Project


Oba Ogunlano, King Of Orisa Beat is set to release a new music project, Daily Independent reports.

The musical talent will also be embarking on a media tour in the UK, Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries to preach the gospel of “Orisa Beat”

Born into a lineage of traditional arts and entertainment, Oba Ogunlano’s fast-paced career advancement as a multi-talented African artiste cannot be over-emphasised.

His journey into music began when he made his first musical performance at the age of three after his Jazz singer mother, Omialadora Adjamu and percussionist father, Olomide Ogunlano brought him on stage for a performance meant to open the stage for Afrobeat king, Fela Kuti at a music concert.

Just like the Kuti family, music runs in the blood of the Ogunlanos and Oba is one big talent currently making the family proud both in Nigeria and the international music scene where core African Music is hugely appreciated.

As the Founder, CEO and Artistic Director of OrisaBeat music company, Oba Ogunlano is an all-round entertainer with huge expertise in drums, eye-catchy dancing skills and fantastic vocal delivery.

Over the years, Oba Ogunlano has taken giant steps towards exposing another model of African music different from Fela’s Afrobeats to the outside world and he named it “Orisa Beat.

He has toured many European and American countries with African entertainment doing fully stacked live musical performances to the delight of his international audience.

He is not a mere entertainer, his musical contents are always characterised by substantial messages mostly delivered with story-telling and African culture education. Little wonder Oba Ogunlano excelled with television and movie appearances. 

He has been featured on movies and TV series like; “The Originals”, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, and HBO: Bessie Smith to mention but a few.

Meanwhile, after the success of the “Orisa beat” genre of music in America and far away Europe, Oba Ogunlano is seeking to establish the genre in Nigeria and other parts of Africa as he will be releasing a new music project soon while also embarking on a serious media tour in UK, Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries to preach the gospel of “Orisa Beat”.

“It’s best to anticipate another dimension of Afrobeat from the King Of Orisa Beat himself, Oba Ogunlano.