Saturday, 21 January 2023

Nigerian Ghana based Afrobeats artist "Yung Eplus" premiers the much anticipated body of work, a 5 track extended play titled "Sound From South"


Nigerian Ghana based Afrobeats artist "Yung Eplus" premiers the much anticipated body of work, a 5 track extended play titled "Sound From South"

The afrobeat project expresses deep feelings, gratitude, hope and thankfulness as it sees "Yung Eplus" delivering great lyrics and vocals to serve his teaming fanbase worldwide a wonderful piece as earlier promised
All songs produced by Kwaku Zyme
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Friday, 20 January 2023



With the winding down of the administration of Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerians will not in a hurry forget the several pangs of pains which the appointees of Mr. President have inflicted on the lives of ordinary Nigerians.

For the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, this is not the best of time as a he contends with his conscience and hash verdict of history over several deliberate designs that have caused dark spots in the score sheet of the Buhari administration.
This is ranging from the provocative statements emanating from him in justifying the harrowing experience people go through over the increase in prices of petroleum products, the criminal importation of adulterated PMS under his direct supervision and the return of the dark days of long queues at filling stations, with the untold consequences of high cost of living and transportation beyond the reach of ordinary Nigerians.
In the area of oil theft, in spite of billions of naira sunk into providing private security for the upstream and downstream sectors of the oil industry in the name of surveillance service, the frightening and unbaiting  increase in statistics of oil theft under the watch of the defacto Minister of Petroleum Resources Chief Timipre Sylva is not only a worrisome legacy of President Muhammadu Buhari government but will remain a nightmare in the lives of Nigerians  .
In the political arena, the Bayelsa born politician, (Chief Timipre Sylva) is contending with political forces within and outside his party as he superintends over what has become the dubious revocation and re-allocation of the only prized asset of his own state to a company that was incorporated in 2019 with no technical and financial capabilities , despite having several others at his disposal. It is a common saying that, a property kept in the custody of a thief is safe as he will not do away with it but jealousy guard it. In this case the Bayelsa born politician spared all other oil blocs in the presidential order to reverse all planned revocation  of ten oil blocs , except the one he is supposed to guard jealously, which belongs to his state , the OML-46 also known as Atala Oil Field.
A source confided in this author and journalist that, “Timipre Sylva’s role was like that of the hand of Esau, the voice of Jacob”, who had a vested interest right from the stage of incorporation of HALKIN E & P in September 2019, by laying the foundation for Halkin to take over OML 46 to the revocation of the oil bloc.
To effect the revocation of OML 46, Timipre Sylva through his then Technical Assistant (Legal) at the defunct Directorate of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Dr Kelechi Ofoegbu , who was allegedly inspired  by his paymaster to author a letter to one Mr. Olaowei Indiamaowei who at no time was the Managing Director of Bayelsa Oil Company intimating him of the DPR intention to revoke OML 46 at a time the COVID-19 Pandemic was ravaging the entire globe with, deaths locked down economies and movements restrictions. The letter with reference MPR/TA/010/VOL1/010 dated 6th May 2020 and signed by one Engr. Auwalu Sarki, a Director/ CEO at the DPR on behalf of the Honourable Minister of State Petroleum Resources at the peak of the pandemic to an unknown identity was obviously part of the grand orchestration directly supervised by a man who ordinarily out of patriotism should protect an asset and patrimony of his home state. Curious persons who are within the Ministry of Petroleum resources  had cause to doubt Chief Timipre Sylva’s statehood. A man who can do such a thing to his home state can do anything for money they postulated.
Knowing fully well that Mr. Olaowei Ndiamaowei does not have the authority to respond to such a letter, the same syndicate authored another letter dated 28 February, 2021 to Chief Timipre Sylva recommending the re-award of OML 46 to Halkin E& P thus throwing due process into the air.
The said application with Ref No. DPR/1160/A/Vol.11/144 which was received on the 8th of March in the Office of the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and Chief Timipre Sylva curiously approved paragraph 6 recommending HE&P Nigeria Limited expressly. The justification was that Halkin E & P with RC 1611389 and registered on the 5th of September, 2019 has invested the sum of Sixty Million Dollars $60,000,000.00 as well as satisfied all relevant condition precedent for re-allocation. 
Also, in that letter, both Chief Timipre Sylva and his Technical Assistant (Legal), Dr. OFOEGBU claimed to be acting on Presidential directive leading to the revocation of the Atala Marginal Field  was not only discovered to be false but a criminal claim from the pit of hell. As God would make it they could not even cover their criminal track.
When pressed by the Senate Committee on Ethics, Privileges and Public Petitions during their public hearing which was witnessed  by this author , a visibly troubled Dr Ofoegbu knowing the consequences of perjury as a lawyer became aggressive to the committee and promised to provide evidence to that effect. The question  begging for answer is, Where is the so called  evidence of Dr Kelechi Ofoegbu and Sylva ? According to impecable source close to the Ministry of PetroleumResources, it took Sylva less than an hour to sign the approval while the DPR envoy waited like the hangman in his office to receive it for immediate execution.
Discreet investigation also showed and let me restate for the purpose  of application that:-
the letter written and signed by Dr Kelechi Ofoegbu to Engr. Olaowei Indiamaowei was not only faulty but a deliberate ploy to achieve their sinister agenda, as Mr. Indiamaowei was never a Managing Director of Bayelsa Oil Company Limited. 
Interestingly, President Muhammadu Buhari had earlier issued a directive to reverse all actions leading to the revocation of the ten oil blocs. The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and his men at the NUPRC (former DPR) complied with the presidential directive except that of the Atala Marginal Field owned by his state government.
 The Senate Committee on Public Petitions, Ethics and Privileges unequivocally asserted their recommendation as they presented their report in the red chambers over the revocation of OML 46 without due process and in breach of the presidential directive. 
During the public hearing, Dr Kelechi Ofoegbu who represented his boss, this time as an Executive Commissioner tried to no avail to defend the indefensible.
 When he was confronted by the Senate Committee to provide evidence of alleged directives by Mr. President who is the substantive Minister of Petroleum, Dr Ofoegbu rather took to his heels as the naked truth was dawn on them that they have no evidence to substantiate their hollow claims.
Dr. Ofoegbu and his team representing the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources was given ample opportunity running into weeks to show the Senate Committee the document where Mr President directed the re-allocation of Atala (OML 46) to Hakin E & P, which they are until now unable to provide. 
The senate in plenary, upon submission of report by the Senate Committee on Public Petitions, Ethics and Privileges totally condemned in unison, the criminal act of the NUPRC (DPR) and the Minister of state for Petroleum Resources, Chief Timipre Sylva and directed the compliance with the presidential directive to return Atala Oilfield to their original owners, which is the Bayelsa State government.
Our investigations further gathered that, a meeting of critical Ijaw men and women of concern was held on Tuesday 3rd January, 2023 Yenagoa,  the Bayelsa State capital,  in respect of the Atala Oil field.
An inside source disclosed in confidence that an action plan is being drawn by the host communities (Azagbene Federated Communities) and other critical stakeholders to deal with the revocation of Atala oil field ranging from mass protest to blocking the ever-busy East-West Road, to shutting down of oil installations as well as banning Chief Timipre Sylva from visiting his home state, Bayelsa . If no action is taken within the next few days to comply with the presidential directive. 

The stakeholders had vowed to tackle Sylva and any other persons involved in what they described as criminal conspiracy against a state that has been the epic centre of agitations against years of marginalisation of oil producing communities.  Therefore, this obvious act of broad day robbery of their property will not go unchallenged through every available means at their disposal. This is an avoidable danger signal particularly at this critical moment of the forthcoming general election which any public officer in his right senses should do everything possible to avert instead of compounding a nationwide security challenge. Any further delay in implementing the presidential directive will not only amount to official abuse of public trust but also uncharitable disservice to the country's quest for good governance and fair deal.
Atala will not go away until the right thing is done.


Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Listen to 'MBAH', new song by Theolee featuring Kushimore


[Music] Theolee ft Kushimore - Mbah
[Music] Theolee ft Kushimore - Mbah

Nigerian music artist 'THEOLEE', is back with a new banger for the fresh year, a song titled 'MBAH'. 

TRENDINGšŸ”„: MUSIC: Mr Boycute Ft. JTwarrior - Time

This is coming after so much anticipation, Theolee featured Kushimore on this song and urge fans to anticipate more hit songs, coming soon!.





Monday, 16 January 2023

“Atiku’s Five Point Agenda Is The Only Pragmatic Development Plan We Have At The Moment” – Prof. Cyprian F. Edward-Ekpo


In a recent interview with Channels TV, Prof. Cyprian F. Edward-Ekpo, who is the
Director-General, Institute of Law Research & Development of United Nations (ILAWDUN), Washington DC, USA; Registrar, International Institute for Humanitarian & Environmental Law ( ISHERL): and Principal Executive Officer, Universal School of Eclectic Analysis, Research & Legal Studies ( UNISERL), London, United Kingdom – talked about some of the problems that bothers Nigeria’s democracy. He also disqualified Tinubu’s Manifesto while calling it plagiarism.

During the interview he higjlighted some daring points from his recently published book titled, “SIX DECADES A MISSING PRESIDENT: The Untold Story Why Nigeria Fails, and Atiku Abubakar’s Rethinking of Link Between Governance Agenda and Nigeria’s Renaissance”

The book, Six Decades Of A Missing President, offers readers a series of pedagogic narrative and insightful reflections on challenges and prospects, power and politics, and vistas of development, including how ideological politics and governance mission could illuminate the path of a nation and potentials of the citizens revealing deeper truths about why Nigeria fails and opening new vistas for development.

The book is divided into two complementary segments on the sociology of Nigeria’s leadership. The first part is an epistle on all the political leaderships of Nigeria from 1960 till date while in the second part, which is solution engrossed, Cyprian Edward- Ekpo’s emphasizes and analyzes in a more substantive methodology, a presidential workplan that he finds apropos to the current maladies bedeviling Nigeria – in terms of finding a sustainable solutions to them.

Edward-Ekpo examines the system of development-driven politics as against the current trajectory in Nigeria, which constitutes the baseline of the country’s failures and her impending collapsed state status While acknowledging the importance of general political assumptions, he demonstrates how they are grounded in intellectual poverty and trivialities instead of scientific and legal norms, pragmatism, and law. He dives deeply into the classical tradition and elements of socio-political renaissance towards development with various influential objectives of international law, and illustrates how the pragmatic governance workplan christened “Five-Point Agenda” by Atiku Abubakar – Former Vice President of Nigeria, could be deployed by the citizenry and political leaders to build a better Nigeria.

The book should not be referenced to personality; rather, it should be regarded as a masterpiece that relates to issues espoused in Atiku Abubakar’s Five-Point Agenda, which strikes the author as the most viable pragmatic workplan towards the Nigerian renaissance, and each of the Agenda topics are analyzed in the most pedagogic sense – with emphatic reference to the principles of sustainable development.

Watch the interview below:

Thursday, 12 January 2023

Nigerian artist 'JABU BANTON', is here with his new year special, a song titled 'JEJE'.


[Music] Jabu Banton - Jeje (prod. Vaeto)

Ace talented Nigerian artist 'JABU BANTON', is here with his new year special, a song titled 'JEJE'. 

TRENDINGšŸ”„: Music] Tgee - Prayer Point (Amen)

dropped under ORG RECORDS, jeje by Jabu banton was produced by Vaeto. He looks forward to fully entertaining fans this new year, download and share this new masterpiece. 






The Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative (ASR Africa) – the brainchild of Industrialist, philanthropist, and founder of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu, and the BUA Foundation have awarded development grants worth N1.5 billion to Yewa Land in Ogun State comprising Ilaro, Igbogila, Ibeshe, Egua, and Igonade communities for key community, social, and infrastructural development projects. This was announced at the grant presentation and mutual accountability framework signing ceremonies held today in Ilaro, Ibese, and Igbogila. The grants will be channeled towards interventions in the areas of health, education, or social development initiatives that are identified for implementation.

Presenting the grants award letter to Oba Kehinde Olugbenle, the Olu of Ilaro and Paramount Ruler of Yewaland in Ogun State, Ubon Udoh, Managing Director, ASR Africa assured of more partnership with the people of Yewaland and reiterated that the vision of Abdul Samad Rabiu, Founder of ASR Africa and Chairman of BUA, is to provide concrete solutions for sustainable development in Nigeria, and Africa. According to Ubon, “What ASR Africa and BUA Foundation are doing here today, is planting a seed of sustainable problem-solving across Africa in line with the vision of Abdul Samad Rabiu, our founder – and Chairman of BUA.

“The first grant of N1 billion goes to all communities in Yewaland for developmental purposes to uplift the quality of life of the Yewa people, while ASR Africa and BUA Foundation are also giving additional specific grants of N250million each to Igbogila and Ibese Communities for already identified infrastructure projects to enhance community development through their traditional institutions. We have done our basic needs assessment in collaboration with the communities on their needs, and we are pleased to say we look forward to the commencement of the identified projects and a more robust partnership with Yewaland, as we have done in other parts of the country.

In his response, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle, the Olu of Ilaro and Paramount Ruler of Yewaland commended Abdul Samad Rabiu for his philanthropic gestures across the country and noted that indeed he is a true Nigerian. The monarch added that with the grants, Yewaland and Yewa people will witness rapid social and infrastructural development. “We are one of the largest sub-ethnic groups in Yoruba Land and these grants will go a long way in bringing sustainable development in line with the United Nations SDGs, to our people”, he added.

The Paramount Ruler of Ibese community, HRM Oba Rotimi Mulero, The Oboro of Ibese, also thanked the donors for their timely intervention in developing Ibese community. “May the Almighty bless Abdul Samad Rabiu, ASR Africa, and BUA Foundation for partnering with us to fast-track development in our community because we are still largely behind on the development curve. This partnership with ASR Africa and BUA Foundation will go a long way in ensuring even greater development for our people.”

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Popular Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin donates over 15 million Naira to youth empowerment, spends millions of naira to organize dance talent competition


Billionaire prophet and founder of Warri-based Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Jeremiah Fufeyin, has said that God is blessing his ministry because of his philanthropic gestures.

Fufeyin stated this in Warri, Delta State while empowering young Nigerians, women and other groups.

At the event, which was held at the church premises, Fufeyin supported the beneficiaries with over N15million to assuage the economic hardship in the country.

Fufeyin, known as a philanthropist aside from his pastoral assignment, is usually in the news for coming to the aid of the needy and feeding the poor.

The support done through his Foundation, the Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Foundation, the clergy is among famous pastors in Nigeria who invest heavily in charity and human development.

The popular man of God who is currently trending on social media and conventional news platforms over the development, has recently provided over N100 million and food items to ease the pressure of Yuletide on families across the country.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2023

[Music] Doc Franklin x Edimalo - Ha-Chee-Yah

[Music] Doc Franklin x Edimalo - Ha-Chee-Yah

Doc Franklin x Edimalo - Ha-Chee-Yah


Superstar singer "Doc Franklin" in collaboration with "Edimalo" unleashes his much-anticipated single as promised. Doc Franklin, the singer known for his energetic performances and catchy hits, has released his latest single, “Ha-Chee-Yah” This upbeat track showcases Doc Franklin's signature sound and is sure to be a fan favorite. Ha-chee-yah is an expression of emotions and anyhow you feel! Everything ha-chee-yah! Everywhere ha-chee-yah! It's a new trending slang that will take over the street. It serves as a follow-up to their past single "Big Up To Lagos". Its catchy hook and upbeat tempo make it the perfect addition to any party playlist.


Kindly Listen & Download "Ha-Chee-Yah" By "Doc Franklin" x "Edimalo".

Saturday, 7 January 2023

Serial Entrepreneur, Kika Good Hair Donates £10,000 to Small Business Owners Across London


Kika Osunde, co-founder of Good Hair Ltd and Brass & Copper Lifestyle Ltd, has donated the sum of £10,000 through “The Kika Osunde Fund” to help small businesses in the UK experiencing the cost of living crisis in the country.

The hair expert, who a few weeks ago, asked followers to send in their business plans and visions for the year 2023, thereafter picked only three winners and recipients of the fund.


In an Instagram reel that has now gone viral, Kika Osunde was seen visiting each winner and presenting them with their respective cheques after driving over 12.5 hours across London, Liverpool and Nottinghamshire to do the giveaway.

In an exciting mood, she said: “With The Kika Experience, it was important for me to create opportunities for small businesses to bloom and flourish. You guys have heard this story many times before but my mum gave me £800 to start Good Hair and now I stand here as a serial entrepreneur.

“We are currently experiencing a cost of living crisis in the UK and I was adamant about giving someone the same opportunity my mum gave me. We were inundated with well-thought-out business plans and fantastic visions for ventures but there could only be three winners and recipients of The Kika Osunde Fund.

“On 30/12/2022, I drove across the country with @ounoplus and visited each winner to present them with their cheques.

“It was also great to see them in their workshops and talk to them one on one and hear about their plans for the future. These girls are talented and have a good, financially sound vision for the future.

“I look forward to them turning their enterprises into million pound success stories. Well done ladies!”

The giveaway of the fund was highly scrutinised and researched by independent business experts she said.


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Friday, 6 January 2023

Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii Has All It Takes To Rescue Ebonyi State" - Amb. Pascal Oluchukwu


In a recent interview with Spice Media correspondence Janet Maruiri in Nairobi, the Chairman of The Association of Ebonyi Indigenes Socio-Cultural In the Diaspora (AEISCID), Ambassador Pascal Oluchukwu spoke about some of the issues bothering governance across all political specs in Nigeria.

“My dear, the Nigerian situation is critical, and we can not continue to pet things as if they are part of the norms. The economy suffers every day. Insecurity is the order of the day. Our kids can’t even go to school anymore without parents asking question and surveilling their every move. University students were home and idle for over eight months because of the strike. The deplicting economy is obvious even from afar. That is why you see millions of Nigerians clamoring for an Atiku Abubakar’s presidency. And down to state level, we can see what Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii is doing in Ebonyi State. The great people of the state really desire him as their governor. He is doing marvelously well in empowering a lot of women and children.”

Ambassador Pascal also pointed out why he is so confident with the future of the country and the hopes surrounding young people taking the helms of affairs. He further rained accolades on the Ebonyi State PDP Governorship Candidate Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, who got verdicts from the Supreme Court a few weeks ago to confirm his candidacy in 2023.

“The reason why i am an Atiku guy is because of his flexibility and perchance in working with young people. That is the same reason i am happy that young people are beginning to take hold of power. I am really so excited that at this junction, Ebonyi State will be witnessing a new sense of leadership in the person of Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii, the PDP governorship candidate.

“He is a pinup guy for plausible leadership. He has expressed it in various capacities, both in public and private sectors. He is a young man who knows his onions, and we can clearly see that in his scorecards. When i saw his plans for the state, i was blown away with the strength and dynamism of his Manifesto. It speaks deep volumetric approach to governance. His micro-economic templates are very clear to fit in every citizen of the state. Most importantly, i admire the fact that his security strategy for the state is cohesive and robust. He gives premium to human capital development. Some of the institutional reforms i saw in the manifesto give me hope. Industrialization is one of those mechanisms he intends to use in creating viable jobs for the youths in the state.” Amb. Pascal Oluchukwu asserted.

“I am not saying all these things to troubleshoot his capacities; no, but we can clearly see what he has done for the State. He has shown goodliness with the way he has treated his people through his philanthropic activities. He has empowered hundreds of women and young people across the state with The Ebele & AnyiChuks Foundation. He has shown leadership and made it pretty obvious that he can make Ebonyi State a major investment destination. Ebonyi has everything to feed Nigeria; all we need is a visionary leader like Dr. Ifeanyi Chukwuma Odii. He possesses the grit, tenacity, and unyielding spirit to get things done.” Amb. Pascal concluded.

Thursday, 5 January 2023

Get to meet 'BIOLA YAKUBU', a renown gospel artist


Get to meet 'BIOLA YAKUBU', a renown gospel artist, Mr. Biola yakubu has recently blessed fans with a new single titled 'VICTORY', which is currently hitting airways. Biola Yakubu's biography is up for people to read up and know more about the artist;

TRENDINGšŸ”„: Gospel music] Biola Yakubu - Victory


Abiola Oluwadare Yakubu 


Biola Yakubu


Bosom God's Will College


Keele University 

University of Lagos

Yaba College of Technology 


Biomedical Science at Keele (got my Masters from Keele University in UK )

Cell Biology and Genetics at Unilag

Science Laboratory Technology at Yabatech 





Management is Branded Youth Entertainment 


Lagos State


Epe Local government 




Gospel music/rock music


DUNSIN OYEKAN and Nathaniel bassy



15. AGE



Biomedical scientist/film making 


So many but like not to mention for now


Know and take God as your Father by all means.


Instagram/tiktok @officialbiolayakubu

Facebook page/Twitter /youtube


Branded Youth Entertainment act; 'BIOLA YAKUBU', drops first single for the year 'VICTORY'


[Gospel music] Biola Yakubu - Victory 

Branded youth Entertainment presents 'VICTORY', a new song by vocal blessed 'BIOLA YAKUBU'. the song is now available for download and streaming. 

The song Victory is a follow up to his widely spread song 'JESUS SAYS YES'. dropping the beginning of the year, beilen his first official music project for 2023. 

Mr. Biola yakubu is a graduate of Unilag , a seasoned scientist and his love for art is natural

Talking about his new song 'VICTORY', biola said 'This is to remind the people of God , that 2023 is a year of victory, it is finished and 2023 Will manifest that, go into the year with no fears, be courageous and it will all be 'VICTORY'.

download victory by biola yakubu and share;