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CWAI Stands With Stella Okotete’s Superlative Performance at NEXIM



The attention of a civil society group, Citizens Watch Advocacy Initiative (CWAI), has been drawn to the smear campaign, mudslinging, frivolous writings, ill-motivated petitions, self-serving and orchestrated mischief by agent-provocateurs and faceless group of disgruntled hatchet jobbers and has accordingly called on Nigerians and anti-graft agencies and security organizations to discountenance same.

This is informed by the fact that CWAI has discovered through its painstaking and thorough investigation that the group is only hell-bent on tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of Honourable Stella Erhuvwuoghene Oketete of the Nigeria Export-Import Bank (NEXIM). She is not just a woman activist, but one who has become a role model for the youths and women of this country. The organization has also discovered her to be a beacon of hope for the less-privileged in her community and across the nation.

It is in view of this that we have decided to respond to the Sahara Reporters publication on November 28, 2022, and the various petitions manufactured by self-serving law firm based on the orders of an ostensibly drowning political figure whom we discovered in the course of our investigation, is vexed with and envious of the rising profile of Hon. Stella Okotete as a humanist and administrator par excellence which warranted her appointment into the Board of the Nigeria Export-Import (NEXIM) Bank .

CWAI maintained that, ordinarily, the civil society group would not have joined issues with these perceived hatchet jobbers, but as champions of accountability, transparency and good governance regime in public service, CWAI has decided to investigate the merits of the issue at stake and therefore is in a position to state categorically that allegations concocted by the faceless group are hogwash, mischievous, malicious and deliberate lies orchestrated to malign the reputation of a bank executive due to her towering credentials in office and community she represents.

As a result of the mounting negative framing by the hatchet jobbers, NEXIM issued a statement recently on the Executive Director of its Bank in which it stated as follows: “Re: How Buhari Appointed ‘Unqualified’ Stella Okotete as NEXIM Bank Director Against Central Bank of Nigeria Act – the position of NEXIM Bank.” These are the contents of the Bank’s statement: “We hereby state categorically that the appointment of Hon. Stella Okotete was by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari in accordance with the Act creating the Nigerian Export-Import (NEXIM) Bank. The NEXIM Act Section 8(3), which was sighted by its Executives, provides that… “The Managing Director, two (2) Executive Directors and two (2) Non-Executive Directors representing private sector interest, shall all be appointed by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

The statement continued: “Furthermore, Section 14(1) sub-sections (a) (b) and (c) of the NEXIM Act states unequivocally that the Bank shall be exempted from the provisions of Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act (BOFIA) amongst others, particularly Section 47 of BOFIA and therefore, finds the publication of Sahara Reporters and others on the appointment of Hon. Okotete to NEXIM Bank to be baseless, malicious and a deliberate attempt to ridicule her person in the eye of the public,” as asserted in the Bank’s statement.

The Bank went further to allude that “Hon. Okotete has performed creditably in her capacity as an Executive Director of NEXIM Bank, which led to the growth of the Bank in profitability and drastic reduction of the non-performing loan portfolio since herself, and the other Executive Directors and Managing Director took over the reins of the Bank five (5) years ago. This is what led to the renewal by the President of the Federal Republic,” the Bank’s statement concluded.

A press release issued in Abuja by the Executive Secretary of Citizens Watch Advocacy Initiative (CWAI), Omoba Kenneth Aigbegbele, emphasized that CWAI stands on the authority of the Bank’s statement and affirms its resolution with the Bank, including standing upon the existing authority of BOFIA Act and NEXIM Bank to affirm that Hon. Stella Oketoto’s appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari followed due process based on all relevant authorities. CWAI therefore advised that “henceforth, all the mischief makers and smear campaigners should hide their heads in shame as their self-serving rantings are already dead on arrival.”

CWAI went ahead to state that, accordingly, “there is no provision in NEXIM Act that lays out the qualification for appointment of Executive Directors or any Director of the Bank. It is therefore at the prerogative of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and it was based on these provisions which are within his powers that President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Hon. Stella Okotete to the Board of NEXIM Bank.”

The CSO observed that Hon. Stella Okotete’s appointment by President Muhammadu Buhari on April 20, 2017, is meritorious and in conformity with extant rules and guidelines on appointment of Board members of NEXIM Bank and that she should go ahead and continue doing her job effectively, not minding the distractions from drowning politicians whose bidding is being executed by the jobbers.

Based on this, CWAI affirms that all the allegations levelled against the person of Hon. Stella Okotete are clandestine, pedestrian, malicious and mischievous, including being hate speeches, all orchestrated by disgruntled people who are self-serving and envious of the superlative work Hon. Stella Okotete is doing at NEXIM Bank. That the campaign of calumny carried out to disparage her person is based on falsehood and should be discountenanced by all well-meaning Nigerians. That this orchestrated blackmail and innuendoes by fifth columnists are laced with lies in order to bring her hard-earned reputation into public ridicule and odium.

CWAI also wonders why these people have to wait for five years before carrying out this campaign of calumny. “Why did they not act immediately when Hon. Stella Okotete was appointed in April, 2017? Why did they have to wait for this long before swinging into action?”

The CSO therefore warned in strong terms that “…liability of libelous publications or name-calling is not limited to the original author or publisher thereof, but that it also extends to and includes all those who, out of sheer ignorance, mischief or malice or all of the above, cause any libelous publication to be repeated, reposted or re-published, either personally or through any platform for which they have control” that we advise the so-called group to desist and be mindful of their utterances and cheap blackmail.

The statement added that: “As champions and propagators of transparency, good governance regime and accountability in public service in Nigeria, CWAI views these malicious ethnic coloration, casting of aspersions, campaign of calumny, witch-hunt and threats on the person of Hon. Stella Okotete as not only detrimental to good governance practice, but threats to her life and security.

“These publications should therefore be regarded as null and void and, as such, should be forthwith disregarded by all well-meaning Nigerians. This is because, as earlier stated, the said publications are politically motivated. The petitions/petitioners are vindictive, callous, wicked and repugnant to natural justice. They are also aimed at settling old scores by those who have an axe to grind and should be regarded as fake news/hate speech which intent is to distract and pull down the hardworking Executive Director of NEXIM Bank.”

At this juncture, after our thorough investigations, we call on Nigerians to disregard, disparage and discountenance these campaigns of calumny and blackmail against Hon. Okotete. We also repeat our call on the jobbers to be mindful of their language, as there is more to it that meet the eyes, due to their consistent use of different third parties to call the Executive Director names in the public domain due to her patriotism, excellence and transparency at the Board of NEXIM.

On this premise, CWAI avers that they have goofed, have become parochial, partisan, clannish and alien to the genuine efforts by Hon. Okotete to help stimulate the Bank and grow the nation economically and therefore be called to order to stop forthwith.

Without mincing words, CWAI is in tandem with the BOFIA Act, fully and purposefully stands by Hon. Stella Okotete, as according to our investigations, she is innocent of all the allegations. It is based on this that we call on all well-meaning Nigerians to disregard all the innuendoes in public domain as they are concocted to smear her image.

For all we know, Hon. Stella Okotete represents the Nigerian women, the girl child and South-South people on the Board of NEXIM. And, the different groups, over time, are proud of her role model and mentorship since she was appointed as an Executive Director of NEXIM in April 2017

Meet Destiny Asen: Another Young Nigerian Defining The Political Space


ABUJA – The criticality of the Nigerian Political space cannot be undermined across Africa. One can clearly say Nigeria is integral in any first hand discussions across the Continent; not just in Politics – both in the Entertainments where they have vast amount of creative heads.

You also cannot forlorn her strength in Sports and science. Despite the spiralling security and economic crisis, Nigeria still defines the pace in every ambits.

Amidst these many conversations about how the country has been buffeted by Crisis, they still offer themselves possibilities for what their forthcoming 2023 General Elections would bring to the pattern they want Governance to go in Nigeria.

The past several years have seen a marked increase in young people getting involved in politics and running for office in Nigeria. A couple of them have been remarkably exciting; and one of such young Nigerians is Destiny Asen.
Destiny Asen is a Senior Special Assistant to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State, and a Vice Presidential Candidate of the opposition Party in the country. A State situated at the Niger Deltan part of Nigeria.

He is in his mid-twenty and currently occupying an office that seems to drive mass exodus of youths across board.
He said he is giving no gap.

He want to drive a new stretch of Youthful appeal in the political space.

He is a pragmatics and he is dexterous in his approach.

“For me, I am more concerned about driving a new narrative. As we can clearly see, the youths are getting more involved in the whole processes. It is quite obvious that Nigeria is at the crossroads.

The country is looking for moments of functionality. As a Senior Special Assistant on Entertainment to HE, Dr. Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa – I am particular about the ideas that will create diverse approaches to use Entertainment as a Vehicle to drive the right messages to Nigerians.

“Between Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido – they have a combined 2.6billion impressions globally. The numbers are quite obvious and Afrobeats is the element used in transporting the Nigerian culture these days.

We mustn’t ignore the strength of our crafts, and the number it can generate. I am happy that we are beginning to take charge of the possibilities and power of the Entertainment here.

That is why I am going to be doing the first-of-its-kind Socio-political Musical Concert.

The concert is a thrill to inspire more youths to get involved in politic, and further articulate the values of voting for Atiku/Okowa come 2023.”

He seems tenacious in his approach to muscle every bits of his office, and Mr Asen doesn’t want to give gap in galvanising support for his Principals.

He said his appointment is a milestone of what Atiku Abubakar and Ifeanyi Okowa’s government would bring to bare If elected as President and Vice President in 2023.

“Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Europe, young people are rising up through the ranks of government, and making history.

It gives me hope when I see the energy these young people are putting into governance. It actually transcends just politics alone.

It is a combination of all elements that brings calm and development in the society. My appointments only gives me a clear picture of how the PDP intends to govern the country when the party takeover government in 2023.

The pictures are clear – the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and Dr Ifeanyi Okowa knows what they are doing. You can clearly see it in the President’s Manifesto.

That document syndicated a Five-Point Agenda and Nigeria’s Renaissance to the global economic growth opportunities.

They know how to pull Nigeria out of all these problems that has bedevilled the country.”

Destiny Asen is joining that rank of Young Africans creating new dynamics in the System of things. He is not just tuned to the political areas of operations, he is Director with two emerging companies in Nigeria.

He fancies the chance of using Politics as a frontier in shaping the society.

“I am a Director with Southstar Energy Group and Adrex Properties. These are emerging Companies holding their stake in both the Oil and Gas, Real Estate Industry respectively.

These companies can only grow from Indigenous brands to the global fronts if there are viable business policies that can project genuine ease to doing business in Nigeria.

Thus there should be mechanisms to boost our Foreign Direct Investment; and i can see all these in Atiku Abubakar’s manifesto for 2023. I have sheer hope for the future that my country will be great again.” He concluded.

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Giant F. Ventures Capital to Host First-of-its-kind ‘Virtual Hedge Funds Summit’ in Africa


CEO – Mr Paz Majano Sanchez

As the Investment space hit new grounds, especially at a period that the world is flexing into Digi-economy. Hedge funds is one of numerous possibilities that is fast piercing into the capital market. It is a partnership of private investors whose money is managed by professional fund managers who use a wide range of strategies to earn attractive returns for their investors.

In a bid to Reshaping the Hedge Funds industry across Africa, Giant Venture Capital will be hosting the first-of-its-kind Virtual Hedge fund summit in Africa titled “AFRICA AT YOUR DOORSTEP”. The event would be graced by top Industry stakeholders, renowned investors, Financial policy makers, and p

President - Mr Francisco Sarabia

President – Mr Francisco Sarabia

Giant F. Ventures Capital is a American-based Hedge Funds Investment Company with principal Protection Policy or Programme (PPP) AKA Investment Insurance. The prime value of the Company is to provide investors with attractive profitability and growth opportunities at the same time. Giant Venture F. Capital has it offices in Beverly Hills, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.

According to the Company’s Africa Representative, Julie (Ladycoin) confirmed that the Africa Hedge Funds Virtual Summit is a new transition for the market.

Julie (Ladycoin)

Julie (Ladycoin)

“We are very well aware of the possibilities that comes from this. It is a moment to invests in a diverse range of exciting investment opportunities that exist across Africa. So we focused in creating vitality that the market needs. Our Company’s CEO – Mr Paz Majano Sanchez and President – Mr Francisco Sarabia has set the pace in the United States.”

She also remarked how Africa can be leaders in the Investment Market.

“At Giant Venture Capital, We’re very focused on protecting client capital, and we are doing it with aggression so we can redeploy capital into the market. For us, Hedge Funds in Africa is currently taking a new dynamics. That is why are are hosting Africa At Your Doorstep Virtual Hedge Funds Summit. We see it as opportunities in institutionalizing the digital frontier. We will be releasing further information about the summits. We have some Global Market Stakeholders in the summit as keynote speakers. I am sure it will be a wonderful and gainful experience.”, Julie (Ladycoin) concluded

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Most popular Lagos State Candidate in the 2023 general elections; Grassroot Politician, Serial Entrepreneur, Businessman, Philanthropist and Leader of the highly famous political group (Team Aeroland) in the Lagos State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Otunba Segun Adewale widely known as AEROLAND relishes his captivating stories of his early days, political journey, business success, service to God and humanity as well as his ever-standing pledge to the people of Lagos West Senatorial District.

Here’s a pictorial presentation of his noble persona:

Atiku will invest in Nollywood unlike Peter Obi, Tinubu- Kazeem



The founder of Atiku 100 percent and Nigeria Young Entrepreneur, Tanimu Kazeem has said the Presidential Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party Atiku Abubakar will support the Nollywood Industry by making it thrive and be at Par with America’s Hollywood.

According to Kazeem in Abuja, the President Buhari-led Administration hasn’t been fair to Nollywood.

He said the All Progressive Congress APC Presidential Candidate Tinubu and the Labour Party Peter Obi will do more harm to Nollywood if elected as president considering their actions towards Nollywood.

Kazeem noted that Atiku being a lover of Nollywood will build film villages across the various Film Locations in the Country like his running mare Governor Ifeanyi Okowa has done in Delta State.

“As a Consummate Businessman, Atiku understands the huge impact of Nollywood and it’s attendant benefits to the economy.

“Nollywood, Nigeria’s resilient and omnipresent film industry, has become a global powerhouse with an enormous following in Africa and among the African diaspora.

“It is the second-largest film sector globally with a projected worth of $6.4 billion in 2021, and the continent’s largest in terms of value, number of annual films, revenue, and popularity.

“Nigeria produces around 2,500 films annually and this is something a serious Government should build on.

“With Atiku as President, Nollywood will be given the necessary support to make it Thrive and be at Par with America’s Hollywood, by giving the Industry the necessary Subventions and helping facilitate the Building of film villages across the various Film Locations in the Country.”

“Under an Atiku Presidency, Nollywood will be one of our biggest exports, it will be given the necessary support and subventions, piracy Will be fought to a standstill and loans will be made available to filmmakers, so as to enhance creativity and make them be at par with their More advanced, Foreign Counterparts

“I hereby call on all Movie practitioners to rally round and support the Candidacy of Atiku Abubakar, for a more viable Nollywood and most Importantly, for an Economically Prosperous Nigeria,” he said

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

Viral Post: Lekki get Ready, Prophetess Rose Kelvin Ministries, Mummy Prophesy is coming like a TSUNAMI (Watch Video)

Popular Nigerian Prophetess Rose Kelvin is coming with a Holy Ghost Lekki Crusade on December 4th, 2022.

While #GeneviveNnaji made a social media comeback and gave an incredible speech in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire.

#RitaDominic was having a royal-like wedding in North Yorkshire and, afterwords added Anosike to her name on all her social media handles. 

#ProphetChristianShola trending on Twitter for his humility and humanity towards the poor and needy,

who was warmly welcomed, received by Bayelsa State Governor Douye Diri, IJAW Youth Congress, Olu Of Warri, Attah Of IGALA and many top dignitaries.

#Wizkid and baby mama drama, #Tems living life on her own terms.

Amidst, all these rocking the top stories,

Popular Nigerian Prophetess Rose Kelvin is coming with a Holy Ghost Lekki Crusade on December 4th, 2022.

This is the fifth program the powerful prophetess of God will be having this year in Lagos this year, but this promise to be the biggest, with a bigger venue, and more awareness, it's a must-attend kind of church prophetic gathering you don't want to miss, it sounds like everyone will have a prophecy this Sunday noon.

 The program "Mummy Prophesy" as she's fondly called is the talk of town. Lekki must be shaking by now because it's the talk on Twitter tweeps and other netizens, everybody seem to be getting prophecy this weekend with our classy amiable prophetess rose kelvin and her billionaire bishop husband, Bishop Dr Kelvin Nwafor.

Miss this at your own risk, It promise be an unforgettable encounter with the holy spirit. experience Jesus and Prophecy.

The Venue is at 

KFA Event Center.

Beside New Elevation Church.

KM 15, Lekki-Epe Expressway, 

opp. Nicon Estate, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.

*YouTube link*

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Audio & Video : Peculiar Raphael - Sound Of Abundance |@peculiarRaphael



Peculiar Uwaoma Raphael is a Nigerian Gospel music minister (Artist) and song writer. She ministers the gospel of Christ through songs.
She started singing from her prime childhood as the youngest in an adult choir, where she developed deep passion for God in worship. 
She officially started her music career in 2008
Her latest single “SOUND OF ABUNDANCE” is a spirit-filled song of prophecy and declaration that speaks to the spirit of the man in Christ who’s ready to receive a turn around… Be blessed as you listen.Facebook: Peculiar Raphael 
Instagram: @therealpeculiar
Twitter: @peculiarRaphael
YouTube: Peculiar Raphael

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[Music] Donna Adja - Mariana Ft. Cesar Bornstar


Mariana”: Donna Adja’s Hot New Single is the Vibe of Summer
Take in a lungful of “Mariana” from multi-award-winning Afropop recording artist Donna Adja. Her newest banger, “Marian,” infusing danceable African sound with the latest American-style pop, has hit the airwaves. Donna is sure her new Afrobeat single will take you higher!
Donna Adja is a multi-talented Afropop singer-songwriter hailing from Delta State in Nigeria, whose work has appeared on radio as well as MTV Base and Africa. Her sensational singles include “Breathe,” “Super Love,” “Wakanda Forever,” “Oghene Do,” “I Like Your Body,” and many more. Top Nigerian newspaper The Sun counted her among the 100 Most Influential African Women in the Music Industry. She’s now based in Los Angeles, California, where she dispenses medicinal hits like “Mariana.”
Social media

Music: Donna Adja - Ganja Reloaded |@realdonnaadja


 Ganja”: Donna Adja’s Hot New Single is the Vibe of Summer 

Take in a lungful of “Ganja” from multi-award-winning Afropop recording artist Donna Adja. Her newest banger, “Ganja,” infusing danceable African sound with the latest American-style pop, has hit the airwaves. Donna is sure her new Afrobeat single will take you higher!

Donna Adja is a multi-talented Afropop singer-songwriter hailing from Delta State in Nigeria, whose work has appeared on radio as well as MTV Base and Africa. 

Her sensational singles include “Breathe,” “Super Love,” “Wakanda Forever,” “Oghene Do,” “I Like Your Body,” and many more. Top Nigerian newspaper The Sun counted her among the 100 Most Influential African Women in the Music Industry. 

She’s now based in Los Angeles, California, where she dispenses medicinal hits like “Ganja.”

Social media

Youtube / Donna Adja



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MIXTAPE || DJ Segxywin - More Love Less Ego Mixtape (Official)


Here comes the official mixtape body of work to Nigerian blessed Africa first son, Starboy Entertainment Boss and RCA signee singer & songwriter, show ablazer, Ayodeji Balogun better known as "Wizkid", 2022 official album, entitled "More Love Less Ego" mixtape mixed by most gifted Nigerian disc jockey, "DJ Segxywin".

You won't stop putting this on repeat.

Soooooo! DOPE!

Check playlist below....




- Everyday

- Balance

- Segxywin - Always In

- Money & Love

- Highman Ray - Sunpa

- Flower Pads

- Slip N Slide Ft. Skillibeng & Shenseea

- Frames

- Segxywin - Always In

- Wow Ft. Skepta & Naira Marley

- Bad To Me

- Pressure

- 2 Sugar Ft. Ayra Starr

- Special Ft. Don Toliver 

- Deep

- Highman Ray - Sunpa




Get in touch with DJ Segxywin below.





IG @

Twitter @

TikTok @

FB @



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Flood Victims: Billionaire Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin dissolves Mercy City IDP camps blessed returnees with #5million Naira cash (Watch Videos)

The founder Mercy City Warri, Delta state Nigeria, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has ordered the dissolution of the IDP camp opened in the city at the peak of flooding on the country. 

This is not however without a mouth watering cash gift to the tone of N5 million to all the IDPs as they were leaving the camp. They left the happier and richer than they were courtesy of Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Foundation. 

The IDPs who spent about three weeks in the camp were rescued by the foundation team which was personally led by Prophet Fufeyin himself. 

While in the camp, they were provided with all they needed to live their normal lives, including a constant power supply, recreational centre, and more. 

Their experience was described as home away from home, even better as they did not need to work before they could feed. 

The revered man of God had personally visited them in the camp, prayed for them encouraged them and served them good to their excitement. 

All the victims testified to a memorable stay as they had all they wanted in the camp. 

While departing the camp, every individual was properly accounted for as they were all documented. 

He released heavenly blessings of protection on them and prophetically prayed for their children to be greater in life. 

The revered man of God also expressed gratitude to the partners of Mercy TV globally who have made the project a reality. 

The rescue team also took them to their various homes as the flood has receded and normal daily activities in its full swing. 

The IDPs could not hold their joy for the nice experience they had in the camp. They thanked Prophet Fufeyin, Mercy City and its partners for giving them succour at a moment of need. 

It is believed that the cash gift will support them in living their normal lives in their ancestral homes.

Reporting from ViralNEWS AFRICA 🌍

*Youtube link*

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Video|Audio: Carol Cee - Testimony Time


Gospel sensational, Carol Cee returns with a brand new thanksgiving song and video titled "TESTIMONY TIME" a follow up to JEHOVAH NA YOU.

All of eternity still wouldn't be enough time to share the testimony of what God has done for us. If we were to write a book about it, it would be the longest book ever written. If we were to put all in a song, 3:53 minutes is so short a time to testify, it would be a never ending one. Trust no other than Carol Cee to summarise it in this amazing new single.

TESTIMONY TIME... a time to shout a loud Hallelujah.

Produced by K-Solo

Video Directed by Multi Award winning Reggae Gospel Powerhouse and Label Owner, Righteousman.

Available for streaming and downloads on all digital platforms.

Listen To Audio below..

(The Lyrics)

Hallelujah - llelujah
Hallelujah - Hallelu - llelujah

He has done so much for me
I Just can't tell it all
Join me sing Hallelujah
And praise Him forever more

Hallelujah (3x) 3x
Praise God for He has done me well

Look around me look around me
You'll see the glory of the Lord around
Lord, I'm so grateful
For making me a shining light
Look o look o
Endless goodness everywhere
Lord, I'm so grateful
For making me a shining light
My part keeps shining brighter and brighter
My strength is growing stronger
My boast is in your name

Hallelujah 3x
Praise God for He has done me well

My part keeps shining brighter and brighter
My strength is growing stronger
My boast is in your name

Hallelujah - llelujah
Hallelujah - Hallelu - llelujah