Tuesday, 23 August 2022

Meet Kabiru Salawu: A Nigerian Photographer Using His Photos To Tell Many Stories


When you talk about critical approach to pursue excellence with your crafts; then Kabiru Salawu would be queued on the forefront. The Kogi States born Abuja-based photo enthusiast is an indigene of Okehi Local Government area of Kogi state.

Mr. Salawu had his national diploma in hotel and tourism management from federal polytechnic Kaduna and later proceeded for his HND in business administration in kogi state polytechnic.
As against his course of study KABIRU was nicknamed 'the star' by his peers in his school days, due to his unusual photographic styles.
He has served in various capacities; including Consulting for the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on youth empowerment, Josephine Woshima.

During the simmering first tenure of Kogi State Governor in Office, Kabiru served as official photographer to the energetic Governor Yahaya Bello. Excitingly, he got promoted to the position of the Senior Special Assistant on photography to the governor from 2020 up till date.

Checkout his beautiful works below...

Thursday, 18 August 2022

Winners Hub Nigeria — Is It Real?



Winners Hub Nigeria (Winnershubng), is a Nigerian base competition platform that offers weekly winning draws to competitors across the country. They guarantee to draw all the prizes offered within 1 week or more of being launched deepen candling on the allocated duration of the competition. Although some competitions may also sell out same day.

The Platform offers free humanitarian services by making donations to various charity homes and organizations across the country from the profits made through the competitions thereby spreading love to the needy and less privileged and creating a human striving environment in our society.

The Platform is said to have its foundation built on the dedicated team work of trusted business experts with many years research experience in business, marketing and quality customer service oriented for human sustainable and economical development.

Winners Hub Nigeria, is the only Nigerian competition platform and the first of its kind in Africa with live draws every week for Motor bikes, exotic cars, vans, home appliances, gadgets including phones, laptops & desktop computers, as well as all-expense paid vacation trips to several countries and many more for their winners.

Note: WinnersHubng is
. Not a ponzi scheme
. Not an online/Offline investment platform.

The platform is dully registered as WINNERSHUBNIGERIA under the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission with the following registration number RC:86557.


*Office Address*
2 Wali Azundah Street, Umuajoakwu Farm Road, Igwuruta, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Kindly visit their website @ www.winnershubng.com
OR follow them on all social media platforms @winnershubng

Good luck as you play!!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

CTVN (Cecils Television Network) is the Global TV Channel that Promotes Entertainment From The African Continent


 CTVN: The Global TV Channel that Promotes Entertainment From The African Continent

Cecils entertainment global just launched their Tv channel called Ctvn (Cecils Television Network) Ctvn is a global tv channel where you can stream Home videos, music videos, dance videos, comedy videos and live entertainment programs. 

Ctvn is an internet tv channel which is also on Roku tv with an estimated reach of 148 million people. 

Our TV channel is centered around African culture, dance, music, drama and lifestyle. 

To view our tv channel, visit www.ctvnglobal.com
Also, to get featured on our channel send your video links to:
info@cecilsentertainmentglobal.com (Terms and conditions may apply).

To get more information about our company, visit: www.cecilsentertainmentglobal.com

You can also follow us on Instagram at @ctvn.global

Monday, 15 August 2022

Album: Pastor Anointedmercy John – God’s Mercies


 Gospel Sensation Isolor Anita Anointedmercy popularly known by the stage name ”Pastor Anointedmercy John” has finally dropped his most anticipated debut album titled “God’s Mercies”.

The Album ‘God’s Mercies’ contains a total of 6 tracks

Tracklist of God’s Mercies Album Below

DOWNLOAD – Lover Of My Soul

Chosen generation music records present 'I WORSHIP YOU'; a song by minister onyeka and victor prince


GOSPEL : Minister Onyeka – I Worship You Ft. Victor Prince

Prolific Nigerian Gospel song artist, Onyeka links up with the talented song artist ‘Victor Prince‘ in this new single titled “I worship You

Minister Onyeka welcomes this new year with this scintillating, spirit filled song. The music minister signed under Chosen Generation Music Records, had this to say in an exclusive interview with him; “I Worship You” is a song I received in the place of prayers and worship at my home church, Dominion City. It’s a reminder that we are created to worship Him”

Download, listen and share your thoughts below!!




Lyrics for I Worship You By Minister Onyeka Ft. Victor Prince


You Are Who You Are

You Are The Great I Am

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You

You Are Who You Are

You Are The Great I Am

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You

Verse 1:

Echeta Obi Esike (My Confidence)

Dike Na Agha (Mighty In Battle)

Okosisi Na Eche Ndu (Ancient Tree That Guards Life)

Aka Na Agwo Oria (The Healer)

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You

Ikuku Amana Onya (Windthat Can’t Be Trapped)

Chukwu Oma (Good God)

Ebubedike (Glorious Warrior)

Agu Na Eche Mba (The Lion That Guards The Nations And Tribes)

Onoro Ihe Noro Enyi (Bigger Than The Biggest)

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You

Okorobia Dinma (Beautiful One)

Oji Obara Akpu Nwa (He That Forms Child With Blood)

Agu Bata Ohia Mgbada Agbalu Oso (The Most Feared One)

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You


You Are Who You Are

You Are The Great I Am

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You

You Are Who You Are

You Are The Great I Am

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You

Verse 2:

I Worship You

Chi Chi Ru Eze (God That Enthroned Himself)

Chi Anwu Anwu (Immortal God)

I Worship You

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Asopuru (The One Angels And Man Respects )

Chukwu Okike (God Of Creation)

Oke Mmuo Di Ike (Father Of All Spirits)

Ode Jim Jim (The Glorious One)

Agu Bata Mgbada Awara Oso ( When You Step In, Situation Changes)

Onye Okike Enweghi Onye Kere Gi The Creator That Was Not Created)

Oke Ifufe Nuru Olu Gi Dere Duu) The Whirlwind Bows At The Sound Of Your Voice)

Chukwu Yiri Oku Dika Uwe (The God Who Is Clothed With Fire)

Eze Ndi Eze N’eze Eze (The King Other Kings Revere)

Ozo Piata-piata N’elu Ogwu (He That Walks On Thorns)

Otiri Pharaoh Mmanwu ( The One Who Made A Public Show Of Pharaoh)

Oke Mmanwu N’eti Onwe Ya Jehovah (The God Who Glories In Himself)

Onye G’eme Ma Imesia (Who Can Do A Thing When You’re Done)

Onye G’ekwu Ma Ikwusia (Who Can Speak After You Have Spoken)

Obu Gi Bu Ezi Chi (You Are The Good God)

Chi N’enweghi Oyiri (Incomparable God)

Chi N’enweghi Ntupo (Spotless God)

Nwanyi Oruru Obara Meturu Gi Aka Di Ocha (The Woman With The Issue Of Blood Touched The Hem Of Your Garment And Was Made Whole)

Chukwu Nyere Nwanyi Aga Nwa (The One Who Gives Children To The Barren Woman)

Ojiri Nkata Kuru Mmiri (Impossibility Specialist)

Oke Mmiri N’egwu Ogwe (Oh Lord, You Are The Great Fountain)

Chukwu Oma M Ee Eh Eh (Good God)

Ji Esiri N’oku Ona Epu Ome (The Unshakable God)

Anu Ana Agba Egbe Ona Ata Nri (The Unmovable God)

Gaa Gaa N’ogwu (He That Walks On Thorns)

Agbanwo Dike Izu Agbagharia Ya Chukwu Eh (The Undeniable God)

Ogada-gidi Eluigwe (The Mighty One Of Heaven)

You Have The Power Of Life And Death In Your Hands* (Ike Onwu Na Ndu Di Gi N’aka)

Okwuru Onye N’amaghi Ekwu Okwu (You Are The Voice Of The Dumb)

Isuru Ofia Tua Mkpo (You Are The One Who Clears My Path)

Gi Eme Hi, Gi Mee Nta Mee Mo (You Did Everything And All)

Gi Para Utara Para Ofo, Gi Ji De Mac Ma Ji De Jii (In Your Hands Lies Everything)

Onye Odi Gi Nma

Gi Awanye Tu

Chukwu Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh…………(And To Whom It Pleases You, You Give Oh God)


You Are Who You Are

You Are The Great I Am

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You

You Are Who You Are

You Are The Great I Am

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu (The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You…

Onye Ndi Mmozi Na Mmadu Na Atu Egwu

(The One Whom Men And Angels Are Fearful Of)

I Worship You..

Saturday, 13 August 2022




Leading Nigerian Businessman, Industrialist and Philanthropist, Abdul Samad Rabiu, paid a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari today in Abuja, to update him and to thank him for creating an enabling environment for business to thrive, and also brief him on the strides BUA Group has made in the past few years.

Thereafter, Rabiu briefed the President on the activities of his foundation, The Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative (ASR Africa) during which he also announced the donation of a N10billion Nigeria Security Support Fund from ASR Africa towards the provision of some security equipment, medical and other supplies, upgrade of health facilities and other infrastructure for families of those on the frontlines.

According to Rabiu, the visit was in order to identify with President Muhammadu Buhari, during whose tenure BUA has built over 10 factories with two of the Group’s subsidiaries now amongst the top 10 largest publicly listed companies in Africa, and to further support the efforts of his administration in business as well as in the security space.

In his response, President Buhari said it was heartwarming to see and hear of Nigerian companies doing so much within Nigeria, and Africa especially in the area of production using locally available raw materials. He also expressed his elation at the achievements of BUA which had led to phenomenal growth within such a short time. “As a Government, we know we have done a lot in this regard, and we will continue to do more to support the aspirations of serious businesses, big and small, by providing an enabling environment as well as supporting value creation within Nigeria..”

Friday, 12 August 2022

Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq - ‘in the eye of the storm’


Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq - *in the eye of the storm*


A video has gone viral. A video showing Governor AbdulRasaq being booed and heckled at an Event at the Emirs Palace.


The narrative being sold is that this incident happened on the 7th of August, 2022 in a very lame attempt at throwing up a spurious narrative purportedly showing the Governor at the height of public disdain.


At first glance an unwitting bystander would be carried away with such work of ingenuity but on careful assessment, you begin to see the folly of the act.


Facts emerging shows that this event took place over three years ago and rightly so, it was at the Emir's Palace during an event hosted by the Ilorin Emirate Descendants Union (IEDPU) held precisely on the 26th of December, 2018 when His Excellency was but a gubernatorial candidate.


It was clear even then, that his candidacy was vibrant hence the need to disrupt its steady trajectory by throwing up a paid mob to disrupt and distract the candidate.


This did not work obviously as the Candidate was able to dislodge entrenched interest in the state while going ahead to instigate massive reforms that has thrown up many globally recognized initiatives especially in Health and Education.


With very relatable socio- welfarist policies like the Kwara Social Investment Programs (Kwassip)  which in partnership with the World Bank,  continues to provide employment opportunities amongst others to Kwarans on the back of the debilitating effects of the just receded pandemic.


As an independent observer of not only Kwara State under a reformist agenda but also States like Anambra and Adamawa amongst others, you begin to see Governance approaching the ideal - ethically strong  transparent processes in decision making and people driven initiative that immediately impact the masses.


It is no wonder therefore that we would be seeing this kind of a desperate attempt to dislodge and distract the incumbent candidate via a spurious Video carefully delivered with a warped narrative.


Trying to leverage on a fake video and pushing a wrong narrative at this point only goes to show the inability of the opposition to square up with the incumbent on the soap box using facts and verifiable data as veritable weapons of engagement.


Kwarans for the first time in a long while have witnessed an extended period of peace and security, have seen health care delivery brought closer home and have seen better infrastructural development which has led to the strengthening of the Otoge movement which brought the administration to power.


Kwarans by keeping the faith all seem to l be saying - Never Again - thereby strengthening the hand of the incumbent at the polls.


This election unlike others in the past would certainly be an assessment of probity, public accountability, transparency and clarity in purpose driven leadership and this is why the intended effects of a transcribed reel was immediately muted by a populace still heaving a sigh of relief three years on after decades of misgovernance.


 Joseph Edgar - is a public affairs commentator who writes from Lagos.


PR Source: GrossEarn Published by Oluwaferanmi Ogunsuyi

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Video: J. Jeff Ft. Pupa Orits Wiliki - I'm Blessed


 Fast rising Nigerian born and Japan-stationed Gospel Hip-Hop act, J. Jeff who is the Visioneer of Vision of Christ Entertainment (VCE), has officially pushed out the long-awaited official music video of a new joint, 'I'm Blessed' which featured the legendary and awards winning reggae giant, Pupa Orits Wiliki.

"I'm Blessed" a unit from his 'I Am Moving On' album directed by reggae gospel powerhouse, Righteousman was shot in Japan and Nigeria, courtesy of Bigtown International.

From all strong indications, 'I'm Blessed', is undoubtedly an interesting mix of the dancehall brand, where the hip-hop aptly met reggae in a classic love song, dedicated to J. Jeff's heartthrob.

I'm Blessed video now on YouTube is playing on television stations worldwide.

Kindly subscribe to vision of Christ Entertainment on YouTube.

Follow vision of Christ Entertainment on Instagram.


Saturday, 6 August 2022

'We will Rock #WWR, highly anticipated album by Dezzy NLE finally out now! - Benue to the world!

       [Album] Dezzy NLE - We Will Rock

Abuja based artist professional known as Dezzy NLE is now out with his most anticipated debut album which he titles “We Will Rock".

The 12 tracks album features other great talents such as RApizoShallow B and JJdebusta on track twothree, and seven respectively. And also have great sound engineers such Sound checkMr. Leki and Sydney on the beat worked on the production, mix and mastering of this project.

As the title goes “We Will RockRock" album is indeed a project the entire Benue and Nigeria at large will soon be giving to.

[Album] Dezzy NLE - We Will Rock

Track List

1. Together ~ Downloadmp3

2. E Go Better Ft. Rapizo ~ Downloadmp3

3. Shan Pepe Ft. Shallow B ~ Downloadmp3

4. Come Closee ~ Downloadmp3

5. Janelle ~ Downloadmp3

6. Shimakwe ~ Downloadmp3

7. So co Ft. Jjdebusta ~ Downloadmp3

8. It's Okay ~ Downloadmp3

9. Overdose ~ Downloadmp3

10. Grace ~ Downloadmp3

11. Am aka ~ Downloadmp3

12. For You ~ Dowloadmp3

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Zichat Emmanuel covers July Edition of Ebony Glamour Magazine



In an Exclusive interview with Mabel Dingwall, 20 year old Kaduna decent, Zichat says she has started doing alot advocating projects for the girl-child. She tackles critical areas nobody is talking about.

Other headlines on July Edition is the 2023 General Elections and the fate of Peter Obi's movement. Popular micro blog Gistlover was also ticked in the time bomb.

An OP-EDS was released by sudden absence of Nollywood goddess, Genevieve Nnaji.

Music: Beasy - Jeje Ft. Black C


 Upcoming Nigerian Igbo rapper singer Beasy comes up with a mind blowing jamz named life na Jeje.ft. another indigenous Nigeria singer black c..

Jeje is kind of mixed Igbo English and Yoruba stunts Jeje is a motivational song which is capable of igniting the fire or zeal to keep pushing and playable enjoyable to the old and young..

Black c started the song followed up by Beasy with his vocals prowes a combination of Igbo and English rap.. recorded at Ndoto studio India produced by Dj Eli.
Mixed and mastered by Dj Eli

Download and share below...

Thursday, 28 July 2022

The Unprecedented Story of Attorney Prince Nwakanma


The Unprecedented Story of Attorney Prince Nwakanma

“Being a lawyer is not merely a vocation. It is a public trust, and each of us has an obligation to give back to our communities”, this is a popular saying by Janet Reno the famous American Lawyer. Attorney Prince Uche Nwakanma has demonstrated over the years that he is a worthy ambassador of Successful Lawyers of African dependents in The United State of America.

Prince Uche Nwakanma attended the University of Houston-Downtown and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in 1999 as his first degree. He was inspired and had every reason to study medicine but for the love of Law he decided to go to law school. He attended Thurgood Marshall

School of Law from 1999-2002 where he came out in flying colors even with the switch from sciences to law, he excels in all his papers. He was licensed to practice Law by The Supreme Court of Kansas, Federal Court for the Southern District of Texas in 2003. Attorney Nwakanma was also licensed to practice law by the 5th Court of Appeals and other Federal courts around US.

The various contributions of Attorney Prince Nwakanma did not go unnoticed in USA as he was voted among top 50 Black lawyer in USA and received several awards. He represented over 6, 000 clients in all areas of federal law.

Attorney Nwakanma was very successful as a lawyer and later when he ventured into business, he owned and managed several successful multi million dollar businesses in USA, his brilliance caught the attention of the former President of USA, President George W. Bush as he was at his tenure appointed a member of the president’s Business Advisory members for Texas. This was published in The Wall Street Journal.

Attorney Nwakanma and his wife Stella were also honoured and were invited to attend the President’s dinner at the White House by Presidents George W Bush and President Barrack Obama.

Attorney Nwakanma is a devoted Christian and a lover of humanity, who experienced God’s favours in his life.

He trusts in God’s power to save, bless, and forgive sins. He loves God and God has given him several second opportunities in his life, he took the bold step of bowing out of legal practice to focus on being a full time business man, philanthropist and evangelist.

Attorney Nwakanma has touched so many lives through charitable givings. Attorney Nwakanma is married to his beautiful wife, Attorney Stella Andrews, who is currently practicing Law in the State of Texas and they have 3 beautiful daughters together. Attorney Nwakanma and his wife intend to leave law practice completely to focus on winning souls for the Lord.