Friday, 10 June 2022

Amazing Boys Records CEO Frosh Amazing releases a street anthem titled Brake Fast ..

      [MUSIC] Frosh Amazing - Brake Fast

 Amazing Boys Records CEO Frosh Amazing releases a street anthem titled Brake Fast ...The song taking over the streets, you heard it on here first
Stream and enjoy good music 

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Iyare Uwaifo - Reggae Star EP


A lion cannot beget a goat.

There's no better way to describe Iyare Uwaifo, the first fruit of the Late Professor Sir. Victor Uwaifo of the joromi fame.

Iyare Uwaifo is a multi-talented Nigeria-born, US-based musician and the Chief Responsibility Officer of YAFOGENERAL ENTERTAINMENT USA.

The Nigerian music industry is about to inhale a new fresh breath as Iyare Uwaifo comes hot with the release of REGGAE STAR, an EP of 3 songs. NATTY BONGO, DEVILS FUNERAL AND LADY.
All songs were recorded at Mercy Studio USA and produced by Keville Rodney.
With his wealth of experience, music can never be a stranger to him as he was born into it and had the privilege to learn from the best.
It's safe to say without a doubt that after many years of working underground, the multi-instrumentalist has done his homework and is ready to serve all lovers of good music some sweet Reggae music.

He studied music and Graduated from JOROMI ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND THEATRE ARTS founded by his father at the age of 19 years old, he was already a master of all the major instruments as he was the bass guitar player for his father, that was after he formed his first band called the SUSPECT in the early 90's

He and his siblings traveled everywhere with their father and it was one of those tours that took him to the United States of America where he decided to stay and study for more knowledge.

In his words, even as a son to Prof. Sir. Victor Uwaifo, one of the greatest musicians out of Africa, growing up to become a big star in the city of Benin was still very rough and tough.
One of my best friends, the reggae powerhouse,  Righteousman can testify how the journey through thick and thin from villages to cities all over Nigeria playing music together was not a comedy show before finally he followed his father's band on tour to the US in 1995.

For those wondering why reggae music instead of following his father's successful brand. Iyare Uwaifo has this to say, music is a universal language and an expression of life experiences.

The EP "REGGAE STAR" by Iyare Uwaifo is ready for streaming and downloads on all digital platforms.


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Thursday, 26 May 2022

[Music] Ori Banks - Money No Dey (MND) Prod by Blackbeat


[Music] Ori Banks - Money No Dey (MND) Prod by Blackbeat

Nigerian multi talented artist 'ORI BANKS', premieres a song from his Album , the song is titled 'MONEY NO DEY', while his album is titled 'YA YOUTH ANTHEM / LOVE'. 

TRENDING: 🔥Music] Shedy Adams - Cruise (prod. Willzbeat

The vibe 'Money no dey' is hashtagged #MND and and was produced by award winning producer BLACKBEAT. download and share . 






Monday, 23 May 2022

[Music] Celebrate – Officialplug

Nigerian Top Notch upcoming artist, Officialplug comes through with a lovely entry dubbed Celebrate

The lovely debut was produced by Wizzypro.



Wednesday, 11 May 2022



Nigerians look at this dispassionately. 

A Chinese Company, owner and brothers have since 2014 been in the business of forging Nigerian official documents, economic sabotage, and producing fake products. 

Mr Chen xiao ming, his brethren colluded with some Nigerians to carry out these criminal activities. Mr Chen  and his cohorts forged Trade Mark Certificate Rtm 96385 and this forgery was discovered in a Nigerian court. Not relenting in his criminal activities, he blatantly forged more certificates in this order:
Rtm 99716
Rtm 99717
Rtm 99718 

Chen proudly boasts of his capacity to quietly cover up his deeds in Nigeria with money. He has Been pushing money to all quarters, buying time subsequently boasting that 'nothing can happen to him in Nigeria and that after all, Nigeria has a cordial relationship with China, therefore he will go free if he commits' any crime'.
He had in different occasions deployed state resources to arrest real Trademark owners in Nigeria. In 2014, it is on record that Mr Chen deceived a Nigerian court with forged Trademark Certificate,  to secure Exparte Order, subsequently evaquating his goods. 

His criminal activities of which he had been previously detained in Nigeria include but not limited to:
Deceiving Presidential Committee on Trade Malpractice etc.
He has been arrested severally but somehow frees himself by throwing money around. To him, Nigeria is a lawless society where one can get away with crimes by spending money. 

Chen and his criminal gang further forged so many other Nigerian certificates in order to circumvent and have their way with the Nigerian Quality Control systems. Their Money laundering and economic sabotage activities were unrelenting, using Nigerian workers as slaves. It was also gathered that they don't pay their Nigerian workers   
These Nigerian workers at the Chinese whare house, were evidently seen pleading with journalist to help them. 
The Chinese whare  house being used by Mr Chen is located at a water jetty in Lagos, to hide their criminal  activities, day and night. This same whare house is used to store imported lamps and various low quality products. 

A recent occurrence that took place in Lagos at the same warehouse in April 2022 is very disturbing. A court order was given in Abuja, to evacuate all AKT products to a safe place, pending completion of court process, Mr Chen in his prevalent evil way, rented  hoodlums to frustrate this exercise.
Mr Chen is still importing fake  AKT products. They are also selling to unsuspecting Nigerians, poor quality products such as Ecomin, Goodxom, Lomi etc which they imported with forged Trademark Certificate, denying the rightful owner (Nigerian) of the Original AKT Trademark Certificate a right to do his business without hindrances. 

In his mischief, he had changed his Company name to 'Mega Benjamin and Eric limited'. 

We want Nigerians to be aware of this.
We also want Nigerians to be aware that all  these incidents are still taking place today. 

Indeed, no Chinese can try this in Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo, Abidjan all in Africa, without facing the law of the land and punitive measures being taken against such person or organization. Likewise, no Nigerian business man or woman in China can go free, as legal actions would be taken against such individual or organization. 

Chen and his collaborators cannot be above the law in Nigeria. 

BTTG Mixtape - Dj Gucci


 It's been a hard road but I'm not giving up As the lights fade to black Hear the roar of the crowd Ten thousand loud It's good to be back

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Jeff Taylor a Nigerian Lagos based artist Drops new collaboration with Micmagic


[Music] Jeff Taylor ft Micmagic - Mile Away
Jeff Taylor is a Nigerian born song writer , singer and rapper from Lagos Nigeria with a unique and wonderful sound , Jeff Taylor approach to music has been proven to be influential in his hometown and subsequent distant scenes indebted to the city's innovative Afro and drill movement. Last year, he was featured on a Afro fusion/ Afro beat track with Mic magic , He has a diverse musical style mix of hip-hop, R&B, Trap and Afro fusion.

On the remix, the rapper features his longtime friend and collaborator, Mic Magic.

TRENDING🔥: Music] Kellypaper - Aye (prod. Teemzybeatz

He deconstructs his creative process, “’MILE AWAY’ redirects flowing positivity into empowerment allowing my listener to feel confident and blossom upon hearing such an inspirational song. The writing process was instantaneous. On my first-listen, I could feel the energy along with emotion which helped me create the lyrics and melody which helped to give a direction for the song.

Speaking on working with Mic , he disclosed “My collaborator, Mic shared the same energy as mine. On hearing the song, he could automatically connect to it. It was pretty smooth for him to write his part to such a beautiful music and with great message.”

This presents an opportunity from the talented artist and we are confident you will love this track by Jeff Taylor featuring Mic Magic . Enjoy 🔥🔥

Song is being promoted by George Israel Father (GEORGE THEPLUGG)




Tuesday, 3 May 2022



Bitcoin, also called BTC, is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world with the highest value. It was created over a decade ago and served as a decentralized, cheaper, and time-saving alternative to sending and receiving money through the blockchain. While some countries are still yet to adapt to Bitcoin and its shiny characteristics, others have accepted it and started using it as a means of payment. Ghana is one of those countries in which bitcoin has made a big impact.

As time passes, more Ghanaians have become aware of the amazing benefits of owning bitcoins. Not only does it make the transfer of funds easy, but it is also a means to make easy money. Hence, you must be informed on how to buy BTC not only with cash but with mobile money.

Buying BTC with mobile money in Ghana

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the easiest way to buy and sell bitcoin worldwide using mobile money in Ghana. Ghana supports a variety of mobile money providers, including AirtelTigo, MTN, and Vodafone. Several platforms have been created to make the venture easy in Ghana. 

With the increase in demand for bitcoin in Ghana, the number of platforms for its sales and purchases using mobile money has increased exponentially, thereby leaving room for scammers to exist. Hence, before you settle on any platform to purchase bitcoin, ensure to conduct thorough research on the platform. Before patronizing a platform, ensure that it is secure, reliable, and customer friendly. 

In this vein, because we have your best interest at heart, we have put together three of the most efficient, reliable and secured platforms for you to purchase bitcoin in Ghana.


Binance is one of the most popular bitcoin exchange platforms in Ghana. In 2020, Binance launched an additional feature that allows mobile money payment for GHS peer-to-peer (P2P) trading. Hence, you can now buy bitcoin in Ghana through Binance P2P and pay using mobile money payments. 

Binance is intuitive and user friendly in its entirety. Apart from BTC, you can also trade other cryptocurrencies on Binance that includes Ethereum, USDT, BNB, NFTs, BUSD, and EOS without incurring any extra charge.

Buying bitcoin with mobile money on Binance involves a few simple steps.

        Create an account if you have none on the Binance mobile app or web app. 

        Log into your account after ensuring that you have completed the level 2 identity verification (for securing your account from rippers and scammers).

        Click on buy with cash and then select P2P.

        Select the Buy tab, select BTC, and click on the filter icon at the top of your screen.

        Select mobile money as your payment method and the currency to buy the crypto. Click on confirm.

        Select the best offer from the listed offers and input the quantity you want to buy. 

        Select the preferred mobile money payment method and click on buy BTC.

        Transfer money to the seller based on the seller's payment information by simply clicking on transfer.

        Click on confirm, and the transaction status will be updated to "To be released."

Congratulations! You have successfully bought bitcoin using mobile money on the Binance platform.


Paxful is another popular, secure, and reliable exchange platform to buy bitcoin using mobile money in Ghana. It is intuitive in itself and can be easily navigated. Paxful also has a bitcoin exchange peer-to-peer feature that allows you to buy bitcoin using mobile money without the involvement of a third party. The only downside to this platform is that you'll need to find buyers that accept mobile money as means of payment. 

To use the Paxful platform, you will have to create an account first via email and verify the account using your email. After creating your account, follow the steps written below to buy bitcoin.

        Sign in to your account.

        Click on buy.

        Choose bitcoin from the myriad of other cryptocurrencies.

        Select mobile money as the payment method and choose from either MTN mobile money or Vodafone cash.

        Enter the amount you want to spend in GHS. 

        Click on search offers and browse the list of offers to pick the offer that suits your budget. Ensure to make a careful selection by paying attention to the verification requirements, bitcoin rates, trade limit, and buying limit. 

        Click on buy when you find the best offer. 

        Input the amount you want to buy in GHS, and the corresponding bitcoin amount will be displayed immediately.

        Click on "buy now." Paxful allows you to have a live chat with the seller to discuss trading agreements.

        The seller will validate your payment and send the bitcoin. Paxful will credit your BTC wallet in less than one minute.

Selling bitcoin for Cedes in Ghana using the DartAfrica platform

Apart from buying gift cards using mobile money, you can also convert your bitcoin to GHS by using DartAfrica. DartAfrica is the best cryptocurrency trading platform in ghana. It is a highly intuitive and user-friendly platform that allows you to sell your bitcoin for cash without any hassle. Transactions done on DartAfrica are always seamless and fast. They also sell bitcoins at amazing rates in order to satisfy all their customers with mouthwatering profit. 

Even more, DartAfrica has a cryptocurrency rate calculator feature that sets it apart from other platforms. With the rate calculator, all their customers are constantly updated on the current rates at which BTC, ETH, and LTH are sold.

The platform is secured, reliable, and fully automated with the best features. Their customer service is topnotch with representatives that work round the clock to attend to all customers. To get started, kindly log on to their website or contact us to have a chat with one of our representatives.







Wednesday, 27 April 2022

The Unprecedented story of Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye


The Unprecedented story of Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye

The Unprecedented story of Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye.

Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye is a serial entrepreneur, building magnate and financial expert with over 10 years’ experience in finance. He’s the current chairman of Zylus Group international. Zylus Group International is a privately owned and internationally recognized conglomerate with interests in Real Estate Investment, Property Sales, Human Capital Development, Agriculture, Infrastructure and General Construction, Property Valuation, Designs and Printing, Media, Transport and Logistics, Traveling and Tours, Property Management, Financial Services and many more.

Zylus Group International is the parent company of “Oga for Property” a company he founded in 2018 which has today metamorphosed into Zylus Homes and Property Limited. It also house subsidiaries such as Zylus Investment Limited, Zylus Transport and Logistics Limited, Zylus Property Development Limited, Zylus Travels and Tour Ltd, Zylus Designs and Prints Ltd, Zylus Media Hub, Zylus Multipurpose Cooperative Society, Zylus Farmvest Ltd; Zylus Property Management Ltd and Zylus Advertising Agency Ltd.

Among his numerous educational qualifications, Dr. Oluwatosin also studied Accounting at Lagos State Polytechnic in 2009. He is an alumnus of the School of Estate, where he learned the fundamental and comprehensive aspects of Real Estate. He earned himself a certificate in entrepreneurship from the Metropolitan School of Business and Management, UK. Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye is a fellow of the Institute of Credit Administration. He has attended and participated in numerous local and international seminars and summits in his quest for greatness.

He started his career as a sales representative at American International Insurance Company (AIICO) in 2007 where He began his journey and rose up the ladder to become a branch manager with over 13 years’ experience.

Over the years, he has acquired skills that have been instrumental to the growth of his career. Being an astute entrepreneur, he has about two decades of Sales and Marketing, Negotiation, Public Speaking, Management, Human Resource; Project Management, Development, Sales, and Marketing experience. He also carried out various researches to learn about the Real Estate industry and came up with solutions to solving the housing deficit problems in Nigeria.

Hence, due to his vast research, he founded Zylus Group International and as a real estate expert, Oluwatosin Olatujoye has tireless pursued his vision to help individuals own a classy, modern, luxurious yet affordable homes. This is ultimately targeted at aiding the government’s effort in addressing housing deficit in Nigeria. Under his leadership as the Chairman of Zylus Group International, Zylus Homes have successfully developed over 16 estates in Nigeria that is Lagos, Ogun, Enugu, and Abuja while the mandate is to develop estates in all states in Nigeria.

In recognition of his contribution to the society at large, he has won prestigious awards like; ATICO’s Best Unit Manager (2016), AIICO Top 10 Agency Manager in Revenue (2017), Nigeria Achievers Award (2020), Top 50 Entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Icon of Humanity Award, and Nigeria Property Merit Awards. As a young, dynamic and youth entrepreneur, he was named the West Africa Man of the Year by ECOWAS Youth. As recognition of his contribution to the industry within a limited time, Dr. Oluwatosin was recently recognized with the Under40
Ceo Award,the Next Bulls Award, (2021) by Business Day, and City People Real Estate Award.

He is a member of several professional bodies including the Project Management Professional Institute (PMPI), International Strategic Management Institute (ISMI)-UK. Over the time, he has acquired himself several certifications, Among which are; Professional Post-graduate certificate in Real Estate & Asset Valuation Management, Proficiency in Human Resources Management, Certified International Strategic Management (CISM), Proficiency in International Strategic Management (PISM) and Certificate in Entrepreneur Management (CEM), by Enterprise Development Center, PAN Atlantic University & Lagos Business School, he is also a member of the Nigerian-British Chambers of Commerce.

Dr. Oluwatosin Olatujoye is a philanthropist and a devoted humanitarian, he has keen interest in giving back to society; raising help for the needy and youth capacity development. Under his leadership, his company, Zylus Group International carried out several Community Social Responsibility initiatives during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through his foundation: Oluwatosin Olatujoye Foundation, he has contributed to feeding over 1000 less privileged in Abeokuta, Lagos, and Oyo respectively.

Monday, 25 April 2022

Between Peter Obi And Yemi Osinbajo

 Election year is a few months away governance has been put on hold as many governors, ministers, etc have stopped working to focus on the coming election.

Peter Obi &Yemi Osinbajo


They were seen traveling to London to meet with Buhari when he went on a medical journey (as usual) and now that he's back, Abuja is their new home.


For the forthcoming coming election, many have declared their intention to run for the office of choice but I'll be focusing on the Presidential ticket now. There are two main political parties as we all know, the ruling party ALL PEOPLES CONGRESS (APC), and the opposition party PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP).

Without trying to pamper words or deceive ourselves, we all know that either of these parties will produce the next president of Nigeria. There are several other parties though, according to INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION (INEC) there are 18 registered political parties. For this writing, only 2 parties will be focused on.


In the APC, After months of speculation, the national leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on January


11th, 2022, formally declared his intention to run for the country’s number one office in 2023, immediately after that, we have other members of the party and members of other parties declare to run. One thing that surprises me however was the fact that when Tinubu left the country or whenever he is not rigorously campaigning, no one seems to want to campaign. There were so many permutations as to if the National Chairman of the party was zoned to the North, the presidential ticket automatically will be zoned to the south. This only means one thing, the presidential candidate will either come from the Southwest, south-south, or southeast. So, if Tinubu was seen to have been very loud about his ambition to become the next president, under the party, it's safe to say he would be given the ticket as the custom of APC is, always by consensus. Also, there were no worthy candidates at that time.


On the 23rd of March, AtikuAbubakar declared to run under the umbrella of PDP. It was expected. PDP however, was in a long hurdle as to whether to Zone the presidential slot or just leave it open. While this was going on, on the 24th of March, Peter Obi, an ex-governor of Anambra state declared his intention to run under PDP also. People online were quick to switch to his side.

Peter Obi


On April 11th, 2022, Vice president YemiOsinbajo declared his intention to run for the seat of the president. This caused a lot of back and forth as some quarters called him a betrayal because he'll be competing against his boss, AsiwajuTinubu who had earlier declared.

Yemi Osinbajo


As far as this writer is concerned, the best candidate for the office of the president of this country is Peter Obi and YemiOsinbajo.


Peter has been tested and trusted. He did wonders in Anambra and even left over N7Billion in the state's treasury.

For Osinbajo, we know whenever is boss, Buhari is incapacitated to work and allowed to catch on, he always performed wonders.

Peter Obi and Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo


The main questions now are:

1. Can APC give the ticket to Osinbajo?

2. Can PDP support OBi and make him the candidate for the party?

3. Can both Peter and Yemi come together to work as President and Vice President respectively?


These and many more questions are running through my mind and the minds of millions of Nigerians.



What is your take?




Writers Details:

 Idowu Adetokunbo Taiwo. a freelance writer with an interest in sports, politics, music, movies, fashion, food, dogs, cars, etc.

You can follow him.




Thursday, 21 April 2022

Music: J Jeff Ft. Pupa Orits Wiliki - I Am Blessed


 I'm BLESSED is more than a love song.

On the strength of his first impressive single, "I will praise His name" featuring gospel sensation, Carol Cee, our fast rising Nigerian born and Japan stationed gospel hip-hop act, J. Jeff who is the Visioneer of Vision of Christ Entertainment (VCE), has officially pushed-out a new joint, 'I'm Blessed' which featured the legendary and awards winning reggae giant, Pupa Orits Wiliki.

I'm Blessed is a unit from his 'I Am Moving On' album produced and packaged by reggae powerhouse, Righteousman, courtesy of Bigtown International.

The Vision of Christ Entertainment (VCE), in collaboration with Bigtown International have mapped out strategies for a Nationwide radio tour.
Plans to hit locations in Japan and Nigeria for the video shoot are also in top gear. The completed work according to Righteousman would be out hopefully before the end of May.
From all strong indications, 'I'm Blessed', is undoubtedly an interesting mix of the dancehall brand. where hip-hop aptly met reggae in a classic love song, dedicated to his heartthrob.
This song and other powerful ones are on all digital music platforms and the Vision of Christ Entertainment YouTube channel.

There's no doubt that the attendant result of J. Jeff moves must have been obviously so visible, tempting him to be so excited and happy too.
He ascribed these to divine assistance and the powerful musical input of reggae icon Pupa Orits Wiliki who has been his idol over the years.

Jeff, who was in high spirit, threw open his VCE record company to musically gifted gospel acts for them to actualize their dreams through the J.Jeff Gospel Music Talent Hunt.
Jeff reiterated that his company is out to be a blessing to many in Nigeria and beyond by involving highly talented, experienced and innovative productive producers in the exercise.
The overall winner and others would automatically be signed in to the VCE label. This will be done in concert with some great icons at the grand finale, where all will do a well packaged collaboration.
He stated that to make this epoch-making move in view thick, the VCE has signed an MOU with the CEO of Bigtown International and Reggae powerhouse, Righteousman who will groom professionally, produce and manage these talents as the next gospel superstars from VCE.

To be a part, follow vision of Christ Entertainment on Instagram and DM your names and whatsapp number", Jeff submitted tacitly.

Checkout his recent pictures below..

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Music: Ese Dj - Woruno


 A brand new Thanksgiving song from Ese-Dj to celebrate the death and resurrection of the Saviour of the world.

The song WORUNO meaning "You've done well" is a song of gratitude for the Lover and Bishop of her soul.

Eseoghene Gift Djorhogba also known as ESE-DJ
Is another great voice from Delta State, Nigeria.
A Graduate of Osisa Polytechnic, Enugu.

ESE-DJ is thankful for God's blessings in her life.
What are you grateful for?

Add this song WORUNO by Ese-Dj, produced by Kizzy Keys to your Worship playlist and see more of Gods blessings.

Available on all digital platforms.

Kindly Stream, download and share to everyone.


For more uplifting songs and new releases.
Follow Ese-Dj on Instagram @eseoghenedj


WORUNO. by Ese-dj

e e eh yah
Hallelujah to the Lamb
The perfect sacrifice
The lamp that was slain for me
He paid it all for me
And I've come to give you praise
eeeh yah
Woruno do

What else can I say
What more can I give
Woruno, Oghene we kobiruo
You brought me out of darkness
You made me your special one
Woruno, Oghene we kobiruo

Woruno, miyeruwe do
Woruno, Oghene we kobiruo

Lord I worship you
And Lord I give you praise
For everything and anything
Oghene, we kobiruo
Lord I worship you
Forever I give you praise
For everything, everything and anything
Oghene we kobiruo

Woruno, miyeruwe do
Woruno Oghene we kobiruo

We kobiruo ooo
We kobiruo ooo
We kobiruo ooo
Oghene we kobiruo