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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Don't Let VIO Catch You, Check If Your Car Has A Fine!!!


Many traffic offenders in Lagos State remain in default of paying their traffic offence penalties. 

The LASG is therefore currently putting in place IT mechanism that will collate and publish the list of offenders and deploy appropriate sanctions.

 In showing understanding of the current economic situation of its citizens and to show fairness and good faith, the LASG has therefore announced a 50% rebate on these existing unpaid traffic fines from  January 1 to 31st January 2021. 

After this deadline, the full 100% penalty would be payable, with VIO tasked with apprehending offenders and bringing them to book.

Check the portal to see if your vehicle is listed. 

All of this is geared towards not only ensuring safer & saner roads, but a greater, better, more desirable Lagos for us all.

Announcer: Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service PRO.

Friday, 24 July 2020

Video: Again, Prophet Omale Delivers Woman Suffering From 4years Kidney Failure and Paralysis

General Overseer of the Abuja based Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale has delivered a woman from a 4 years Kidney Failure and paralysis. 

The Prophet in one of his communion services has deliverd one Mrs Nancy Madugu from kidney failure and paralysis which she has spent millions of naira over 4 years. This condition got her paralyzed and was using a wheelchair.

During the communion service Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale casted out evil spirit from Mrs Madugu’s sister who confessed that she was a python and that she spiritually infected Mrs Nancy Madugu with kidney failure. She further confessed that she did the evil deeds because she was jealous that her sister was too beautiful and also because she had left her to marry.

In a Testimony Service on July 9, 2020 in the church, Mrs Nancy Madugu testified about how Prophet Omale had been used by God to free and heal her from kidney failure and paralysis of over 4 years. She explained that she had been on life supports for over 1 year and that after a sister of hers donated one of her kidneys and transplant done, the transplanted kidney still failed. She also testified with pictures that she had been on wheelchair for 2 years. She was accompanied to the testimony service by her sisters and other family members who authenticated Mrs Madugu’s claims.

For further confirmation of new medical results confirming that she had been healed, Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale seeked the help of two doctors to interpret the result, the male and female doctors from the auditorium read and interpreted her result, confirming that she had been miraculously healed from kidney failure. The doctor said eeverything was on ‘normal level’.

Mrs Nancy Madugu said she first heard about the great work God has been using Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale to do through the Divine Hand of God TV, before a friend took her to the Abuja based church from Kaduna.

She thanked God and danced vey happy to the glory of God.

Watch the full communion service video and get blessed.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Diri Will Govern Bayelsa With Bitterness Of Heart - Timi Frank

Diri Will Govern Bayelsa With Bitterness of Heart - Timi Frank
...Condemns governor for rejecting Alaibe's congratulatory message

A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Comrade Timi Frank, has condemned governor Douye Diri of Bayelsa state for rejecting a congratulatory message sent to him by his challenger and former Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Chief Timi Alaibe, after the Supreme Court judgement.

Frank said the attitude of the governor has clearly shown that he (Diri) will govern the state with a heart full of bitterness, for the sleepless nights he had while the case against him was ongoing.

Alaibe, who contested the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship ticket with the governor had challenged Diri's candidacy to Supreme Court but lost. The former had, however, sent a congratulatory message but the later rejected the message publicly.

Responding to the development through a statement on Tuesday, Timi Frank said governor Diri has proven his inexperience as a politician "and not worthy to hold a public office."

Frank described as a sad development for a sitting governor, who should have rather called on those who opposed him to support his administration but decided to take an unpopular decision.

The Bayelsa born political activist declared that Diri's action will surely hunt him for the rest of his tenure.

Frank believes that it is never a crime for Alaibe to contest his right in Court, adding that if not for the same Court Diri wouldn't have become a governor.

While commending the former NDDC boss Alaibe for his political maturity and consistency, Frank said governor Diri has portrayed himself as a non-accommodating leader.

"Jitry governor Diri became the governor through a back door. Instead of him to appreciate God's faithfulness in his life, he has turned himself to the Biblical Bayelsa's Nebuchadnezzar by openly rejecting a hand of fellowship extended to him by the much loved Timi Alaibe.

"Governor Diri should not forget so soon that Bayelsans did not Vote for him as governor because he was not their choice but Court and providence did.

"Diri has forgotten that four years will end before he knows it. The governor's proud heart will soon dissapoint him. If Diri was not jitry, how come he couldn't appoint his Commissioners months after Court declared him governor?

"By this singular act of ungratefulness, Douye Diri should prepare to give account of all his steps and policies everyday. The Bayelsans will hold him accountable for each step he takes henceforth."

Frank, however called on Alaibe not to be detterd or pay evil for evil as a much loved politician in Bayelsa state.

Comrade Timi Frank
Political activist and ex-APC spokesman.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Akpabio Vs Nunieh: NDDC Releases Official Statement

The attention of the Honourable Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio, CON has been drawn to a cornucopia of false, malicious, and libellous press interviews granted by Ms. GBENE JOI NUNIEH, the erstwhile Acting Managing Director of the Interim Management Committee, of the Niger Delta Development Commission, (NDDC) in some news and social media platforms and a series of concerted vicious campaigns of calumny deviously orchestrated by her against his person ranging from allegation of corruption, sexual and workplace harassments, pipelines bombings, secret cult activities, abuse of office, amongst other lies peddled by her.

The Honourable Minister's initial attitude was to allow his lawyers and the judicial system vindicate him of the false allegations against him, but he is compelled to react to some of the wayward allegations levied against his person by Ms. Nunieh, especially the one bothering on sexual harassment.

To start with, let it be known that there is no scintilla of truth in all the allegations peddled around by Ms. Nbnieh. They are simply false! The Honourable Minister did not at any time, place or circumstance make any form of sexual advances to Ms. Nunieh, not even to put himself in a position or posture suggestive of sexual advances towards Ms. Nunieh, or any female staff of his Ministry or the NDDC.

For the records, the Honourable Minister, Senator Godswill Akpabio, CON is happily married and contented with his wife. Together they are blessed with children, four (4) of whom are young women. The Honourable Minister is an avid believer of the Affirmative Action and that was visible in the appointments he made as a two (2) term Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State between 2007 and 2015. Under his watch, he • appointed several women into various high level positions as
Chairpersons of Local Government Councils, Magistrates, Judges, Heads of Parastatals, Directors, Permanent Secretaries, and Commissioners.

He is the first Governor in Akwa Ibom State to have a female Deputy Governor, was also the first to appoint female Chief Justices of the High Court, recommended women for ministerial appointments one of whom was the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, and supported for appointment the first female Vice Chancellor of the only Federal University in the State etc. He has always championed and still champions the cause of women and young children.

Whilst the Governor of Akwa-lbom State, the Honourable Minister summoned the political will and effrontery to stop modern day slavery in his state, where young women and children were ferried away from the State to other states in Nigeria to be used for all sorts of menial chores as house maids and most suffered unimaginable unethical trade malpractices and maltreatments. He ensured that anyone caught in that trade was severely punished. He signed the Child Rights Law to protect children, especially the girl child from stigmatization and punishment by ordeal where some were executed or banished on allegation of witchcraft. The Child Rights Law also made primary and secondary education in Akwa Ibom State free and compulsory; educating the girl child was his topmost priority.

The Honourable Minister has never tfden his admiration and respect for his wife, Mrs. Ekaete Akpabio, Chi,dren and sisters, he therefore felt compelled to react to the malicious attack on his person by Ms. Nunieh bothering on allegations of sexual harassment. The Honourable Minister therefore finds the said allegation nauseating and a very cheap blackmail, for Ms. Nunieh to suggest or insinuate that he sexually harassed her, while she was the Acting Managing Director of the NDDC.

The Honourable Minister also finds it appalling that, Ms. Nunieh, never deemed it fit to report the alleged incident to the police at the earliest opportunity she had, before, during or after her tenor as the Acting Managing Director on 17th February, 2020, if indeed the allegation was true. Waiting till July 10th and 13th 2020 when the National Assembly appears to be probing some of her actions as the Acting Managing Director of the Interim Management Committee ("IMC"wink exposes her motive, especially at a time when the momentum for the Forensic Audit
Investigation of the NDDC is heating up and the truth is about to be unveiled for all to see? The critical question is who is afraid of the Forensic Audit at the NDDC? Who is Afraid of the Truth?

There is no doubt that Ms. Nunieh's attacks are both personal and sponsored. Those afraid of the truth, and who wish to bury it from seeing the light of the day, are strenuously behind Ms. Nunieh's vicious campaign of calumny.

The Honourable Minister has a mandate from Mr. President, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR to unearth alleged looting and financial misappropriation that had gone on at the NDDC since its inception in 2001. He is committed to that mandate through the forensic audit of the NDDC and will not be deterred or distracted from that goal. The aim of this campaign of calumny is simpler get Senator Akpabio out, kill the forensic audit, and continue business as usual at the NDDC.
On the allegations of the Honourable Minister's involvement in contract racketeering, bombing of oil pipelines, corruption/diversion of funds, the Honourable Minister has stated several times and at various fora that since his assumption of office, he has only awarded three contracts till date- the appointment of the lead forepsic auditors which was approved by the Federal Executive Council the emergency procurement contract for COVID-19 intervention in the Niger Delta Area which due to its urgency had his interim approval and Presidential approval in line with the Bureau of Public Procurement Act and the award of Vehicles procurement duly approved by the Bureau of Public Procurement and the Federal Executive Council but yet to be consummated. It is noteworthy, that all these contracts went through due processes.

On her allegation that the Honourable Minister directed her to change the Dollars in the NDDC's Account; for the records, it should be noted that NDDC's Account is domiciled with the Central Bank of Nigeria. Every inflow and outflow is known and traceable. NDDC gets its revenue in Dollars which is paid directly to its Treasury Single Account (TSA) with the Central Bank of Nigeria. The Dollar is then converted to Naira by the CBN and paid into the NDDC Naira Account still domiciled with the CBN upon a written application from the NDDC. It is therefore impossible for any sum of money belonging to the NDDC with the CBN including the several figures bandied around as missing to be missing.

It is important to state, that unlike in the past where the NDDC had over three hundred (300) bank accounts in different commercial banks, that practice had since changed under the President Muhammadu Buhari's administration, which gave full effect to the application of the Treasury Single Account and the NDDC now has its accounts with the CBN. The Honourable Minister does not give verbal instructions to anybody, all instructions are in writing and in response to a request from the Commission.

On the allegation that the Honourable Minister directed Ms. Nunieh to remove Mr. Kaltungo, same is false. His track record marks him out as a totally detribalized politician and one of the best friends of Northern Nigeria. The Honourable Minister was informed by the NDDC management that over twenty three (23) top Management Staff, from various part of Nigeria including the Niger Delta region, who have evaded leave in the last ten (10) years or had the tendency to influence negatively the ongoing forensic audit were recommended for mandatory leave by the lead forensic auditors. They are still staff of the Commission currently receiving their monthly salaries and benefits.

The Honourable Minister has taken s├ęps to instruct his lawyers to seek necessary redress in a Court of competent Jurisdiction on his behalf over the defamatory statements made by Ms. Nunieh.

On a final note, while encouraging all Nigerians to hold their leaders to account, he urges them to take their time to sift between the chaff and the substance before embarking on far reaching allegations, opinions and views.

Anietie Ekong
SA Media

Photos: Akpororo Officially Becomes FIL Ambassador

It was an evening of delight as the management and staff of Fedan Investment Limited, owners and manufacturers of FIL electrical and mobile phone accessories endorsed popular comedian, vocalist and actor Jephthar Bowoto popularly known as Akpororo as the company's brand ambassador.

The event which was held in the conference room of the company's corporate head office in Lagos on friday 13th of July 2020 was kicked off by the company's Admin Manager Mr. David Agbede who seized the moment to welcome guests and members of the Press present as he also introduced the management and staffs of the hallowed electro company before calling on the company's General Manager Mr. Joel Agba who welcomed the house as he proceeded with briefs about the company and the essence of the gathering.

The G.M stated that the day will remain remarkable for the company as the company has taken a step further in its quest to maintain her top position and standard in the electrical and mobile phone accessories market, he added that as a result of the top quality FIL brands are known for, the company resolved to add an extra touch to add splendour to their essence by adding a new member on board in the person of Akpororo as the company's brand ambassador with the primary goal of spreading the gospel of FIL range of products accross the globe. He concluded that he is assured beyond doubts that this association will yield incredible results as well as properly address the issue of customer to company relationship.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Fedan Investment Company FIL, Mr. Stephen Amechi Chinemelum in his brief while addressing the house stated that this is one of the step amongst the company's several plans which is soon to be revealed to maintain their standard as well as return excellence to their teeming consumers, He added that the company has made the issue of quality paramount in their objectives and as such thought of the need to replicate it in their choice of Akpororo as the company's official brand ambassador, in his words:

The brand ambassador represent and share same ideology with the company which is God-first, here in FIL, we place God first in all of our undertaking and the result is our top and leadership position in the market today.

After the official signing of the ambassadorial contract papers between Akpororo, the company MD and DMD under the supervision of the company's Legal Adviser, FIL brand ambassador Akpororo took his time to relay his appreciation to the management and staff of Fedan Investment Limited FIL for finding him worthy of such investure, he assured the company of his readiness to work and discharge his duty effectively to the company, In Akpororo words: 

I am ready to work, work, work and work.

Responding to the Press, the FIL ambassador told members of the Press that he shall use all necessary avenues as well as his personal capacities to affect his duties as the company's brand ambassador, he added that he had the right number of audience as a top comedian to actualise progressive fetes for the company.

FIL Chairman and Managing Director Mr. Stephen Amechi Chinemelum also informed the Press that the company's products remain number one in the electronic market and that the standard of their products is what they intend to maintain as electronic dealers in Nigeria and Africa generally, He concluded that there are only two electronic and phone accessories companies in Africa, FIL and others.

The event was brought to an end with with the closing remark said by the company's Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Tony Emeka Chinemelum, He appreciated the house for time and adored the day for being vital in the history of Fedan Investment Limited, He stated his assurance in the service and choice of the brand ambassador Akpororo as he included the company has a good and existing relationship between the brand and the company as he has no doubt that Akpororo will deliver his ambassorial duties effectively.

He concluded that the company's standard which is to remain in the No 1 is priceless as also displayed in their choice of brand ambassador who maintains and shares the company's primary ideals which is the service to God and humanity.

From Left: FIL Chairman/MD Mr. Stephen Amechi Chinemelum, Akpororo and the DMD Mr. Tony Emeka Chinemelum.

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Adeboye, AJ Boxer, Prophet Emmanuel Omale, Tonto Dikeh Others Hailed as ‘Covid-19 Celebrity Champions’ in July Issue of Apple’s Bite International Magazine

Adeboye, AJ Boxer, Ajanaku, Tonto Dikeh Others Hailed as ‘Covid-19 Celebrity Champions’ in July Issue of Apple’s Bite International Magazine

The midsummer issue of Apple’s Bite International Magazine identifies certain distinguished Nigerians across multiple sectors, who have lent various support in the fight against the ravaging covid-19 pandemic.

These individuals are Pastor E. A. Adeboye, David Adeleke (Davido), Asiwaju Rotimi Ajanaku, Tonto Dikeh, Archbishop Designate Isaac Idahosa, Anthony Joshua.

Others are Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome (Ali Baba), Bankole Wellington, Otunba Femi Davies, Prophet Emmanuel Omale and Williams Uchemba.

These individuals are hailed as Covid-19 Celebrity Champions on the merit of their various contributions from donating health facilities to the government as isolation centers, making monetary donations to support the fight, championing awareness campaigns, sponsoring researches to find a cure for the virus and supporting thousands of indigent Nigerians who have suffered economic hardship as a result of the lockdown.

Get a copy of the July Issue of Apple’s Bite International Magazine to scoop all the details and visit for commentaries and news.

Monday, 29 June 2020

Prophet Dr Omale delivers A man from Spirit of Stagnation, Gifts him #500,000 For Empowerment

Founder and General Overseer of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry, Prophet (Dr) Emmanuel Omale in one of his deliverance services delivered a man from the spirit of stagnation. During the deliverance, the man vomited a cowry. 

After the deliverance, the man testified days later, that he had been miraculously blessed as God sent a helper who rented a shop for him and paid a two years rent of #400,000.00. And also goods worth #2,000,000.00 was given to him to commence his business.

Prophet Dr Omale who is known for his enormous philanthropy told the Congregation that he heard the voice of God saying to him ‘my son, my son, you will be given #1,000,000.00, divide it into two, #500,000.00 each and give it to the man you had just delivered’, without doubt, the Man Of God hackened to the voice of God by gifting #500,000.00 to the man.

God has been using Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale to do wonders. The Abuja prophet is not just a blessed Man Of God, he is also known for his philantrophist activities across Abuja and Nigeria in general. His name and ministry, are household names. He is a blessing as God has been using him to do miraculous wonders and ministry upliftment.

Testimonies are flowing everywhere about how God has been using him to do deliverance and ministry development, winning souls to God and changing lives.


Watch this recent video of deliverance and testimonies session, to see how God has been using this Prophet. Amazing is God’s miraculous works and how he has been using this Man of God to change and uplift lives

Saturday, 27 June 2020

MISPLACED JUSTICE: Plot to Take Out Magu For Corruption To Thrive Uncovered – Dan Nwanyanwu

The National Chairman of the Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) Chief Barr Dan Nwanyanwu live on DMI tv made his opinion heard about plans to oust Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Acting Chairman Ibrahim Mustapha Magu by corrupt Nigerian politicians and business individuals in Nigeria.

Nwanyanwu said there are plots to remove Magu as EFCC Chairman, so that the status quo can be maintained i.e, supporting corruption to thrive uncovered.

Nwanyanwu denied the fact that Magu had been selling all recovered properties. He vouched that all properties that were sold, were the ones recovered before Magu became Acting Chairman of EFCC. He said those trucks in Port Harcourt were sold after the Federal Ministry of Works was called to access the trucks which they attached ridiculous prices hoping that they(fed min of works) will be contracted to sell them off. But in the end, the trucks were sold. Nwanyanwu vouched that those events were monitored by them as anti corruption settlers.

According Nwanyanwu all those properties and vehicles recovered by the Magu led EFCC are all in Zone 6 EFCC headquarters, Abuja. SUV cars, brand new buses are rusting in zone 6 without sales and you will see all there. “About 40 to 50 vehicles were recovered from one compound and all of them are still in the different offices of the anti-graft agency scattered all over the country.” “These vehicles are rusting away at the various EFCC offices, they have not been sold.

“As we are supporting Magu, we are also monitoring him.

“Magu has not sold anything under his reign as Acting Chairman of EFCC.

“Magu is victim of ”corruption fighting back, No more, no less.

“The truth is that, those who have been investigated and are due for court, are the ones putting these monies together so that they can influence top government functionaries close to President Muhammadu Buhari to remove Magu.

“Those people who have been investigated and due for court, are the ones fighting back, they are ready to take their own pound of flesh.

“And i will always give you my proverb, ‘the witch cried last night, the child dies today, who does not know that it was the witch that cried yesterday that killed the child.

“Let them prove it, if they do, i will come back to you to say, i am sorry and i will face the man that i have put my integrity on the line for.

“Let them prove it, we are waiting for them to prove it items by items.

“The allegations against Ibrahim Magu are unfounded and of no moment, and they are looking for ways to convince the president but the president knows that the fight against corruption is the only thing he has now, they want to truncate it.

“My advice to president Muhammadu Buhari is for him to invite Magu to a private meeting so that Magu can confide in him about the ideas of all the funds scattered all over Nigeria banks that are on the Post No Debit(PND), including funds in foreign currencies.

“These people will look for people to help them, they go to government functionaries or business people to negotiate the percentage that will be accruable to them , if the money is released. But Magu becomes a stumbling block to them with regards to the PND. They are all in the banks of the Federation.

“They are also using the press now to influence Magu’s removal. This is why you see all sorts of fabricated corruption stories about Magu on different media and social media platforms.

“A prominent Nigerian called me that he wrote something about the implication of the president removing Magu as EFCC Chairman. He said they have pulled down the article from the system. He did not know who pulled it down. I am even sure that this video and press statement might be pulled down. You might not see this again.

“I am from Imo state, and billions of naira have been stolen from our money and it is painful and bleeds my heart. These are the assignments that Magu must complete, unless the president says, ok, all of you have stolen enough, go and sin no more. Then we will say bye to the fight against corruption. I have just use my state as an example, which is one state.

“In all the states where money have been stolen and hidden, Magu can pinpoint them, Magu have completed the investigations of former ministers,  governors etc and are due to have a date in court with the EFCC.

“When i say corruption is fighting back, corruption is really fighting back, i am not trying to say anybody is indispensable, Magu has really gone too far, he has recorded successes and he is not listening to corrupt politicians.

“Magu has achieved over 1000 convictions and has recovered over #800bn cash which President Buhari acknowledged innhis June 12 speech. Once they remove Magu, all these achievements will be reversed. That is what they want to achieve, that is why i said ‘corruption is fighting back’.

“All the corrupt politicians under president Buhari will be taken to court after we must have mounted pressure on them. On this struggle, i Chief Dan Nwanyanwu is on the same page with President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Ibrahim Magu for now, is the best man for the EFCC Chairman job. The president in a democracy must join hands with concerned citizens who have believe for this country to move forward.

“However, it is left for the President to succumb to corrupt politicians he has been fighting since 1984 as a military Head of State,  so that it will now be Uhuru, it is left to the President.

“And if the President want this fight to yield expected results, Ibrahim Magu should be confirmed as EFCC Chairman by the Senate.

“It should be noted that we do not have personal interest, our interest is that we have too much money in the hands of very few that did not work for it. The only opportunity they have was because they found themselves in power which gave them the unchecked privileges to steal public funds. For those that will be attacking us, this is our reasons.

“If you believe in this country, that this is the time we need all the money for development, we must come and plead with president Buhari not to listen to to them.

“During the last time, i called them, enemies of Nigeria, and they remain the enemies and enemies to the fight against corruption.

Nwanyanwu was asked if he thinks President Muhammadu Buhari will bow to pressure to remove Magu or from been approved as EFCC Chairman, “Nwanyanwu said president Muhammadu Buhari will not bow to any pressure to remove Magu, acknowledging that president Buhari has been known for fighting against corruption since 1984.

“President Muhammadu Buhari will not kill his anti-corruption agenda.

Nwanyanwu acknowledged that Nigeria may not have arrived at ending corruption now, he said that, those who were not touched in the past government are been touched now. The corrupt politicians in the President Muhammadu Buhari’s present administration wil be touched later. And all the monies they have stolen will be coughed out.

Nwanyanwu concluded by saying that the President Muhammadu Buhari we know, is known for the fight against corruption and nothing in this world will change his agenda, which Magu is capable of good fit for as EFCC Chairman.

“God help the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He dropped.”

Monday, 22 June 2020

Video: See How Prophet Omale Healed Essien Emem Princess From 5 Years Seizure

During a Prophetic Deliverance Service at Divine Hand of God Ministry in Abuja last week, a Lady named Essien Emem Princess who had been afflicted with seizures for 5years was delivered and freed from the sickness.

The Young Lady was healed by Prophet Emmanuel Omale, who heads the Ministry. The Lady’s story can be corroborated with many other persons who had received healings and delivering in the past from the Prophet.

You can watch and stream Live Services of the Ministry on

Friday, 19 June 2020

#ReleaseIkenga: Political Activist, Kazeem Tanimu Condemns Arrest Of CUPP Spokesperson Ikenga Ugochinyere

#ReleaseIkenga: Political Activist, Kazeem Tanimu Condemns Arrest Of CUPP Spokesperson Ikenga Ugochinyere
#ReleaseIkenga: Political Activist, Kazeem Tanimu Condemns Arrest Of CUPP Spokesperson Ikenga Ugochinyere

The DG Atiku 100% and a foremost mouthpiece to the entire Nigerian Youths, Tanimu Kazeem has raised his voice against the arrest of CUPP Spokesperson, Ikenga Ugochinyere.

However, Ikenga who was arrested yesterday has been venting fire against the Leadership of President Buhari, and by extension he has blamed it on the indecisiveness of the 9th Assembly.

Also, Kazeem Tanimu expressed his anger in a series of Instagram post and tweets this morning.

Read below:

Injustice has long been Nigeria’s plight since Buhari’s administration strolled into the helms of running this country’s affairs.
It’s such a shame that those who speak out are those who bare the brunt for being truthful.

I hereby condemn the arrest of CUPP Spokesperson, Ikenga Ugochinyere. He hasn’t stopped speaking against bad governance, and he has continued to speak for the good of Nigeria.
He is a man of unassuming strength and fearless wit to ensure Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians. Arresting Ikenga will never stop our Fight.
I, Kazeem Tanimu stands with Ikenga!!! #ReleaseIkenga #iStandWithIkenga

Furthermore, Kazeem is a political activist

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Kika Osunde: Luxury, Finesse And Brand Reputation

Kika Osunde is a beauty and luxury hair enthusiast. Widely known as KikaGoodHair, the openly passionate Kika’s product and service credibility have earned her a place in and outside of Nigeria. The Guardian Life speaks to her on luxury, kindness and discovered talents.

Who is Kika Osunde?
My name is Kika-Ose Osunde and I’m the co-founder of Good Hair Ltd and Brass & Copper Lifestyle Ltd. I was born and bred in the UK with a degree in Business and Marketing. I’m the last of four children and am from Agbor in Delta State. I shuttle between Nigeria and the UK where I run my businesses simultaneously with my business partners. I consider myself as a fun, assiduous ‘BE’ (beauty enthusiast).

What has been your coping mechanism at this time (lockdown)?

I’ve stayed very close to my family. We all decided to quarantine together which was the best decision we made as we went through all the mental and emotional turmoils of a global pandemic together.
I’ve also been exploring my new found hidden talent in cooking, where I create different cuisines daily and share the processes and recipes with my followers. This has been an unexpected hit actually.
I also stay busy by creating content for both Good Hair and Brass & Copper as well as attending to clients online and ensuring that all orders are prepared and dispatched on time given the crisis.
My partner Chioma and I are also actively working on some new ideas which we will be releasing soon so stay tuned!

How do you see the future of luxury fashion and beauty post-pandemic?
I think that the future of luxury fashion and beauty, contrary to what most people predict, is pretty bright. That largesse has ultimately trickled down to fashion and beauty brands which most women have unknowingly occupied their time reacquainting with this period. As we can imagine, luxury fashion & beauty houses will continue to invest heavily in digital and e-commerce initiatives. I believe we will see a surge where existing brands may look to diversify more than ever. It won’t be just about connecting with influencers and social media but more to do with streamlining their supply chain and back end logistics for unforeseeable circumstances in the future.

What are your sales strategies to still keep your global customers?
To maintain and boost sales this period, we have upped our online presence as well as digital marketing strategies. Constant content is churned out daily to ensure that we are at the forefront of people’s minds, connecting with our audience and getting involved in challenges that are uplifting and light-hearted.

There is a global audience and what you decide to do with them is your choice. I’ve not only entertained my followers with hair, beauty, life hacks and cooking tips, but I’ve also organized a few educative webinars to acquaint them with a better understanding of the industry and processes behind the success of our brands.
Post-pandemic, we will implement new strategic methods of digital marketing as well as continue to rise to the new demands of society. We will also ensure that we put all necessary measures in place to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients whilst offering new and improved services to their satisfaction.

A lot of brands are embracing the use of social media to market their products. How are you using social media as a monetization tool?
Both Good Hair and Brass & Copper have quite a following on social media and whilst we put out content to sell, we also ensure that we entertain and educate our followers in the process to keep them engaged. Social Media has actually been a blessing during these times as we had to physically shut down the entire Good Hair space due to the nationwide lockdown.

Do you see a comeback of the traditional methods of running a business?
I honestly think that eventually, things will neutralise to a large extent. Unfortunately, some business will suffer more than others (airlines and hotels) because more and more people are becoming reliant on online meetings and interactions as opposed to the usual travel meetings & conferences. However, for most other businesses, I believe things will return to status quo alongside a safer, more stringent means of a physical interface. Take Good Hair, for instance, luxury personalisation has always been part of our business model. During the period where we see the lockdown being lifted, home service will be more popular than ever.

What is your favourite quote and why?
My favourite quote is by Socrates, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
I came across this quote very early in life and based my morals and principles around this. This quote is extremely relevant through these uncertain times, but more importantly, it is how I build myself and my empire.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Alhaji Ismaila Isa Funtua Covers Apples Bite International Magazine May Edition

Renowned Second Republic Minister, Statesman, Magnate and Administrator Alhaji Ismaila Isa Funtua, has been revealed as the May Edition cover personality of popular society and culture magazine, Apple's Bite International Magazine.

The May edition which was dubbed the 'Covid-19 Edition: Creating Shared Inspiration in a Fractured World', featured Alhaji Funtua in the Leadership 360° segment.

The exceptional leadership qualities of the national hero were brought to fore, and his journey through humble beginning, and rise to the zenith were spotlighted.

He is celebrated as a rear breed worthy of inspiration, for the crop of emerging leaders, in a society that is riddled with fractured integrity.

Article: Seunmanuel Faleye

Read full text:


The Chinese have a common illustration they make about how rear it is to find a distinguished general among a battalion. Although, an English rendition might not do justice of interpretation to the Mandarin aphorism, notwithstanding, I’ll attempt a literal translation.

'Thousand army easy obtain; one general hard request,' a simple translation of this would mean, although, it is easy to find thousands of soldiers, however, there is difficulty spotting an outstanding leader among them.

For ardent political observers in Nigeria, you will bear me witness that the name Alhaji Ismaila Isa Funtua is an ivory institution in the country’s political parlance, having seen more days with political antecedents spanning over 50 years, and still relevant in the current scheme of things, you will agree that the crop of green horn politicians the country currently boast should sit by Alhaji Funtua’s feet by moonlight to learn the ropes of politics.

Alhaji Funtua is a political veteran, and we have decided to celebrate this statesman of character and admirable personae, whose life both in the private and public sphere beams exemplary leadership on all front.

His achievements as a businessman, media patron, administrator and nation builder par excellence stands him out exceptionally from a mammoth crowd.

While the country is bedeviled by statesmen with leadership deficit, Alhaji Funtua is one of the few that the Chinese proverbial military general describes as hard to come by.

Regarded as one of the most powerful men in the country today, who is not only friends with President Muhammadu Buhari, but also one of the trusted elites in the president’s inner circle.

Donkey’s years ago, as a young man, garbed with his aspiration and tenacity to defy the odds, Funtua picked his first work appointment at the Katsina Native Authority, and stayed on the job for about seven years.

Between 1979 and 1983, a phase in Nigeria's history known as the second republic, Funtua served the country as Minister of Water Resources under the Alhaji Sheu Shagari regime.

With political antecedents and public service life, Alhaji Funtua has made choices believed to be in the best interest of Nigerians collectively.

One of such audacious decisions informed his establishment of the Democrat Newspapers during military dictatorship in the 80s.

The newspaper would refuse to be intimidated or quiet down by the tyranny and decrees restraining freedom of speech.

Alhaji Funtua's unwavering resolute for the good of society informed his stance against the numerous acrimonious plots to silence the voice of reasoning of the people during the regime of the Late General Sani Abacha.

His perceived stubbornness would go to put his life on the brink back then, when he became tipped for Late Abacha's hit-list.

He was number 13 on the list of targets of the late head of state.

The Katsina State born political gladiator, between 1994-1995, was among the eminently selected 37 man committee for the Constitutional Conference that charted a direction for the country on numerous national issues, including establishing the zoning and rotational presidency between the North and South and ensuring it gets entrenched in the constitution.

Unlike run off the mill politicians, who consider personal gains, and ensure their longevity in public office was protected while taking decisions of public concerns, Alhaji Funtua, through the years, has proven to be a true statesman who holds national objective and public interest highly above anything else in decision making.

It might interest you to note, that the last name of this rear breed is the same as the name of his native local government of origin, Funtua, which happens to be one of the premiere local governments of Katsina State.

Funtua Local Government Area was created in 1967 and is under Katsina South senatorial district. The predominant occupation of the people of the community are animal rearing, trading and agriculture.

On that account, it is not out of place to say the popularity of this esteemed Nigerian made his native local government popular, as most people would likely not have heard of that place but for him.
In his academic pursuit, Alhaji Funtua was a pioneer student of the Federal Training Centre, in his home state, and went on to earn a degree as an Administrative Officer at the Institute of Administration, Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria. He proceeded to earn another degree as an Administrator from the Manchester University, UK.
He was the Monitor General of the Course 9 of the prestigious National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies, NIPSS, Kuru.
He would then move to be appointed by the Northern Region Government as Personnel Manager of the 10,500 strong United Nigerian Textile Company, Kaduna.
It is safe to allude that his career path in industrial production broadened his interest in business, he then rose to become a serial multi-sectorial investor and successful entrepreneurial.
Funtua is the founder and chairman of Bulet International Nigeria Limited, a full fledged indigenous construction company, that is responsible for building most of the iconic edifices and public holdings in Abuja.
He is the founding Managing Director of the New Africa Holdings, the mother company that was responsible for publishing the defunct Democrat newspapers.
Funtua became Vice President to late MKO Abiola, as President of the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria, NPAN. He however could not succeed MKO as president at the time, because he was incarcerated by General Sani Abacha.
He however would later ride on his antecedents to become president of the association later. He is the Publisher of Blueprint Newspaper, one of the few media outlets that still upholds the sanctity of forthright news reporting.
Malam Funtua, who was the youngest minister in the Shagari regime, is a life patron of the NPAN, a staunch defender of free press and freedom of expression, a philanthropist, humanitarian, chairman and director of many successful companies.
The chronicles and legacies of this titan are enduring and would out live him. For the crop of emerging leaders in Nigeria, I present to you Alhaji Ismaila Isa Funtua, he is a 360° leader, a leader by every standard of the word. He is worth emulating.

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Music: Dellfire – Oh My God

DELLFIRE. Daniel Effiong,(born 18 September,1993) is a Nigerian singer and songwriter..He’s one of nigeria’s fast rising reggae/dancehall musician that you can put your money on anytime any day,
In 2017 he won THE CREAM PLATFORM owned by one of Africa’s biggest musical artist D’BANJ.
He’s songwriting skills and style of music caught the attention of another big name in Africa ICEPRINCE,
HE(DELLFIRE) Just released what we call a Certified Banger( OH MY GOD)
here DELLFIRE proved again that he is a prolific songwriter and also a dynamic Singer
Oh my God is a sing-along song
I assure you he (DELLFIRE) Is going to be a brand to be reckoned with in the nearest possible future


“Ebonyi State House of Assembly is a rubber stamp assembly” — Pascal Oluchukwu

President of the Ebonyi State Diaspora Indegenes, Amb. Paschal Oluchukwu has labeled the state House of Assembly as a rubber stamp assembly that allows the state governor, Dave Umahi to ride on it as he likes.

This assertion is given by the president of the association in a statement he signed and made available to newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday.

According to Oluchukwu, no members of the state own assembly is speaking against the bad deed of the governor in the state as he approves money to himself from the state purse anyhow he want it.

"The Ebonyi State House of Assembly has been a rubber stamp assembly because no one is speaking about the wrong of the governor, the governor wakes up and approved any amount he want for himself.

"Ebonyi treasury is empty, in the purse, we have nothing, Umahi is a Yahoo yahoo governor, he has finished the state, he has rendered more than 1,500 families homeless in the name of construction of white Elephant project, the so call International Airport.

"Governor Umahi denied the victims of his demolition adequate compensation, today those families are sleeping under the tree, Ebonyi State is in trouble; people should not be deceived by the two flyover the governor constructed with his personal company.

"This is a governor where four years of his regime, the state has no permanent secretary, this is a governor that approves money in a state without the consent of the state House of Assembly," Oluchukwu said.

He said that during this period of COVID-19, the state House of Assembly approved N200 million adding that, the governor change the figure N1.5 Billion all in the aim to satisfy him.

According to him, gov. Umahi has imposed hardship on the people of the state by going ahead to ban the operation of Okada rider knowing fully well that, that is one of the means majority of the state are feeding on.

Oluchukwu however call on the governor to be caution, adding that he would account for every of his spending at the end of his four years tenure.

"The governor should have it in mind that whatever he is doing now, he will give account of it at the end of his four years tenure, every naira and Kobo spent in the state by the governor will be accounted for," he stressed.

Friday, 3 April 2020

Governor's Wife Dancing & Celebrating The Loot Of Ebonyi People Amidst COVID-19

The Wife to the Governor of Ebonyi ,  Rachel Umahi was spotted dancing and celebrating amidst the COVID-19 pandemic the world.

Coronavirus also know as COVID19 is one of the deadly viruses in the world in which it has affected 204 countries in the world.

Madam Rachel was spotted dancing to songs from Nigerian artist like Naira Marley, Rema and Ric Hassani.

Currently in Nigeria, we are having 190 coronavirus cases and 2 death while 20 has recovered d from this virus.

Watch Video Below....

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

COVID-19: Nigerian Poet, Yakubu Babangida Releases An Inspiring Poem To Heal The World

Major Yakubu Babangida is a member of the Nigerian Army. He’s a poet who has been tagged as one of the best poets to ply his trade in Northern Nigeria. He seem to have shapen the Literary World via his universal flow.
Enjoy this free verse from him while he inspires the rest of the world to find solace in solidarity.
See Video Below:

Saturday, 21 March 2020

PHOTOS: Kika Osunde Finally Break Silence On Yutee Rone Blackmail Scandal

As the Yutee Rone blackmail story that saw veteran journalists Abiola Aloba and Sunday Adebayo arrested takes a surprising turn, top businesswoman and CEO of Kika Good Hair Ltd,  Kika Osunde has responded to the allegations labelled against her being involved in the whole scandal.
Recently Abiola Aloba and Sunday Adebayo were arrested and charged to court for publishing damaging stories about Yutee Rone, the fashion designer behind Yutee Rone Atelier is married to billionaire businessman Julius Rone and shares 3 kids with him.
Kika Good Hair who was allegedly accused as the source who fed Abiola Aloba with false information about Yutee Rone and pressured him to put the stories out has released a disclaimer via her snapchat loop; and has promised to take further Legal Actions.
The London-based Business Magnate has also promised to unveil the other side of the story. See her disclaimer below:

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Temi Thompson Set To Drop You Made A Way

Temi Thompson is a Christian Music Worship Leader who burns with a passion for the manifestation of The Supernatural presence of God Almighty. During Worship Sessions, he plays the guitar, piano and drums and delivers a powerful message that resonates among fellow worshippers.
Looking for additional ways of expressing his love for God, Temi Thompson now presents his single You Made A Way, which will be available on all digital stores and streaming platforms on February 16th, 2020.
You Made A Way is a beautiful song that grows in intensity as it progresses. You will feel surrounded. It will lift your spirit and lighten up your soul.
Fans of Hillsong UNITED, Elevation Worship, Mosaic MSC, Leeland and artists of the like will fall in love with Temi Thompson's You Made A Way.
Connect with him and one of his ministrations and you will never be the same again.

Monday, 2 December 2019

2019 Christmas: Tonto Dikeh set to show love to 10,000 less privileged in Abuja

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh via her foundation is set to feed 10,000 people in Abuja during the yuletide period.
Tonto Dike in a statement with said, The festive season of Christmas is around the corner and it’s a time to spread love and positivity to our family and friends, but more than this, it should be a time that we also show love to the less privileged and physically challenged who in most cases have nobody to make them experience what love is. Looking around, I see a lot of less privileged people and physically challenged, and I am always moved to give because true wealth is not all you have acquired for yourself, it’s how much of you that you deposit in others. God has blessed us to be a blessing; He has manifested his love to us so we’d be an epitome of love to the needy, physically challenged and those with special needs. God is trusting on us to help them, and that’s why Jesus likened himself to the poor, needy, and physically challenged amongst us, and when we fail to show them love, we practically fail to show Jesus love. For this reason, THE TONTO DIKEH FOUNDATION has organized a Christmas/New Year Carnival Celebration for internally displaced persons, physically challenged, and less privileged in Abuja. It is themed: “10,000 smiles for Christmas.” We’d be giving out 400 wheelchairs, 300 canes for the blind, 400 party packs for kids, 300 bags of rice and provisions, etc. The event will take place on 15th of December 2019 12 Noon at Jabi Lake Abuja, The goal is that while we merry, the needy, less privileged and physically challenged will also have a reason to smile, and it’s so beautiful being the reason why they should smile. Everyone deserves to be loved. @t_d_foundation #10,000SMILESFORCHRISTMAS THETONTODIKEHFOUNDATION @t_d_foundation @kingandre_dikeh

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Hustlersquare Reveals Why she gets Romantic attention and Sexual attraction wherever she goes

In the social media world , there are only few influencers who have kept topping the chart
with remarkable exploits and one of them is the Jagaban of Instagram, Hustlersquare. In
this interview she opens up on entrepreneurship journey plus she also just launched her
new perfume line & Jaggy Scents"
Enjoy the excerpts of this interview:

Tell us about yourself

My name is Lily Oluchi Diyemowei. The founder of Hustlersquare. I am from Delta state and a
graduate of Delta State University, Abraka. I am a Business blogger and social media influencer.

Why did you choose the perfume business?

I have always had a sensitive nostril. When I meet someone for the first time, the first thing I
notice is how good or bad they smell. A lot of people do not smell nice. Some don't even know
that they need to smell good and not put people off with bad body odour. Some use perfume that
is not long-lasting, so they are back to square one after a couple of minutes. I decided to create
my line of perfume that is not only long-lasting but laced with pheromones and fixatives.
Pheromones that make you suddenly attracted to the opposite sex. My line of bottled sex appeal
is guaranteed to increase the romantic attention gotten from the opposite sex.
Very thoughtful I must say, it wouldn't be easy being the CEO of different enterprises.

How do you intend to handle?

I have the necessary structure in place. My team is equal to the task.

Do you intend going global or Nationwide first?

Africa first then we can explore other options and eventually take over the world.

Are you looking to target the General public or are they for the VIPs only?
Everyone can afford it. It is just N10,000 per bottle.

Have you come up with a name for your company?

Yes. Jaggy scents

How long have you been an entrepreneur?

Since 2014. 5 years to be precise.

What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?

My favorite aspect is the fact that you can determine how well and fast you grow your business
via rendering excellent services. I also provide jobs to others, which is so thrilling.

Giving back to the society, very good. So what key activities would you recommend
entrepreneurs to invest their time in?

Any activity that centers around their Business growth is key. Not forgetting the place of
mentorship and upgrade programs related to their area of specialization.

Can you describe/outline your typical day?

The fact that what I do is online, I'll say I work for roughly 15 hours, I dance Salsa/Kizomba for
3 hours and I sleep for 6 hours daily.

Back to Jaggy Scents, when should we be expecting a launch?
Before the end of October.

Do you have a pick-up point for customers or just online?

Strictly online for now

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?
My most satisfying moment was when I employed and started paying the salaries of people
working for me thereby reducing the rate of unemployment in the country. That's me
contributing my quota to our National development. Very satisfying I must say.

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful

I do not believe in any pattern or formula. I believe that if you want to achieve something great,
look for someone that has already achieved that thing and get them to mentor you. It's a sweet
short cut. In 1 year you can achieve what it took your mentor 10 years to achieve.
Kindly tell us about your other enterprise, Adorable Shapers.
Every woman loves to look gorgeous and curvy. I started a product line(Adorable Shapers) to
enhance and give them that beautiful banging body. We have waist trainers, power belts, thongs,
panty trainers, arm shapers and even gym wears. All to make women look ADORABLE.

How many business lines are you running currently?

Multiple...Jaggy scents, Hustlersquare Estate, and Adorableshapers.
Our readers who may want to contact you on any of those products or for consultations on
any platform online

Yes, on Instagram @hustlersquare
Call: +(234)8155713606