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Thursday, 25 November 2021

A Response To Lai Mohammed’s Callous Attack on the Integrity of the Lagos #EndSARS Panel Report


I watched Lai Mohammed’s press conference where he tried to punch holes in the Lagos #EndSARS Panel Report.

Before I destroy the seven grounds raise by Lying Lai in his futile attempt to cast aspersions on the courageous work by the Panel, let me first state that Lai Mohammed is the fly that follows the corpse to the grave. Even Buhari could not deny the Lagos #EndSARS Panel Report in his meeting with the United States Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, at the Presidential Villa, Abuja on November 18, 2021.

Buhari left the ignoble and dishonourable task to Lai. It is Lai’s destiny to Lie all the way to his father, satan’s, home.

The #LekkiMassacre occurred and #BuhariForPrison2023 must happen. And I will not counter each of the seven grounds raised by Lai today.

1. Lai Mohammed said the Lagos #EndSARS Panel report is “fake news” because the panel said it found bullets and bloodstains even after saying the army and police cleaned up afterwards. Didn’t Lai’s colleague, Raji Fashola, also find a camera even days after the clean up? The fact remains that the military and the police attempted their shoddy clean up at night, and could therefore not have cleared everything. They left traces of their massacre, which were found on the subsequent hours and days.

2. Lying Lai Mohammed quoted a so called ballistic ‘expert’ that favoured the Buhari junta. He however failed to address the fact that bullet casings of ammunition that is ONLY available to the Nigerian Army were found at the scene of the #LekkiMassacre. How did they get there in such number that even passers by were able to pick them up?

3. Lying Lai Mohammed then quoted a so called forensic evidence that claimed only three corpses were from the #LekkiMassacre and said that that contradicted another area that said nine persons died. Lai failed to mention that that forensic expert did not examine all the bodies. But even at that, Lai just unwittingly admitted that there were three bodies from the massacre. He had previously said there were no such deaths.

4. Lying Lai faulted the eye witness testimony because it was done via video, and not live. It was done via video because the Buhari regime was seeking to kill that witness and prevent him from testifying. I ask the public to see how another witness was attacked yesterday and how they threatened thr life of yet another Panel member.

5. Lying Lai further said that “The panel was silent on the family members.” Why should the Panel expose the identities of the families of the victims? So the Buhari administration can try to kill then they way they attacked a witness and panel member yesterday? We are talking of a government that killed 347 Shiite men, women, children and infants during the Zaria massacre of December 12-15, 2016.

6. Lying Lai Mohammed asked how the Lagos #EndSARS Panel is not sure that the names of #LekkiMassacre victims “are not fictitious names?”. If Lai has evidence that they are fictitious names, let lie produce the proof. He who alleges must prove!

7. Finally, lying Lai said “The report didn't make any recommendation on the innocent people whose businesses were attacked.” My response is to ask Lai to cure his ignorance by studying the terms of reference of the Panel

The truth is that Lai Mohammed is a dishonourable and dishonest man, which is why on July 5, 2021, the Kwara State House of Assembly (Lai is from Kwara state) said in an official statement that (and this is a quote) Lai is a ‘liar who lies every day.”

Their testimony was further corroborated on October 18, 2021, when Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara State called Lai Mohammed a liar and a thief. I remind the public that Lai is yet to sue Governor Abdulrazaq

#EndSARS #BuhariForPrison2023 #LekkiMassacre

Reno Omokri

Monday, 20 September 2021

Mohammed Bello-Koko: A coat of many colours, walking the talk already


By Dr Godspower Oshodin

It is less than six months,  that in a bid to reposition the Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) for better efficiency and service delivery, President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Mohammed Bello-Koko to head the agency in acting capacity.

First of all, it is a fact not to be contested that the tasks on the shoulder of who the Managing Director of the Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) is, per time, is enormous.

The NPA is a strategic revenue generating agency of the Nigeria Federal Government, hence who occupies the position of MD of the agency must be one who knows his or her onions and who is daring enough to walk where others dread to step.

That is the highlight of 52-year-old youthful Mohammed Bello-Koko, a banker-turned-administrator. Most of the times, looking at the sterling records of Bello-Koko even in the banking industry alone, one cannot but say that indeed, he is the man who the cap of who presides as the MD of NPA, fits.

As tasking as the banking industry is, Bello-Koko walked through it and got to the peak of his career as a banker during his days in the banking industry.

He commenced his work career with FSB International Bank Plc, Port Harcourt, Rivers State; as Executive trainee-banking operations in 1996 and was there till 2004. Bello-Koko would later rise to various positions such as Banking Officer-Credit and later Senior Banking Officer, Senior Treasury Officer and later position of Manager.

In furtherance of his banking career, he later joined one of Nigeria’s banking giant, Zenith Bank, where he became the Deputy General Manager, Zonal Head and member, Zenith Bank management team. 

In 2016, Bello-Koko embarked on a leave of absence from the bank to take up his appointment as NPA Executive Director, in service to dear nation, Nigeria.

Bello-Koko as a go-getter indeed has his footprints in the sands of time in as much as the banking sector in Nigeria is concerned. In fact, there is no writing the Nigeria banking sector story for good, without mentioning the name “Mohammed Bello-Koko”, the man that did wonders in terms of bringing the needed reforms to bear in the banking sector, especially in his days as one of the heads of Zenith bank. 

In his days as Executive Director (Finance and Administration) of the Nigeria Port Authority (NPA), he was outstanding. He was never missing in action when the roll is called on his desk. He was constantly up to the task regardless of the burden involved. As a Management staff during his days as Executive Director (Finance and Administration) of the NPA, he was very loyal to his oath of office and he was very loyal as a patriot, to his nation, Nigeria.

He turned down inducements of any sort, he was honest to a fault, he stood firmly against acts of corruption and he stood for what is right regardless of whose ox was gored.  

He discharged the duties of his office in terms of best global practices. He was indeed a standard for perfection and for what defines the life of a perfect public servant.

Little wonder, in May when the seat of the Managing Director of the agency became vacant, it was him President Buhari saw to be best fit to sit on the chair to carry on the duties of that such higher office.

Doubtless, the Kebbi-born banker, immediately swung into action, repositioning the agency for better results.

For Bello-Koko; prudence and accountability are non-negotiable.

Now than ever before, the agency is better in terms of performance, thanks to the ideas and leadership style of Bello-Koko.

 With Bello-Koko at the helm of affairs, Nigerians can be rest-assured of nothing less than the best possible that the NPA can offer the country.

The vision and mission of Bello-Koko since he took charge as the MD of NPA has been all about how the agency will be able to improve the revenue base of the nation, improving the maritime sector and yet also ensuring that the nation is not shortchanged in anyway by anybody in the agency.

Bello-Koko is an embodiment of what makes a hardworking civil servant. His humility as a leader is another ingredient that has thus far helped him succeed where his predecessors failed. Bello-Koko has distinguished himself as a servant-leader and a major driver of the polices and vision of the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration, in as much as the Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) is concerned.

In just four months in office thus far, even in acting capacity, Bello-Koko has done much to reposition the country’s seaports for greater efficiency, safety and accountability. This and many more account for what he has achieved thus far since taking charge of the Nigeria Port Authority and doubtless, he is determined to do more and more till the Nigeria Port Authority does not only actualize its full potentials as a major revenue source for the country, but also till it becomes even a standard for world class comparison and studies.

For Bello-Koko, there is no better yesterday, as everyday is another day to make yet more great things happen for our dear nation Nigeria, courtesy of the Nigeria Port Authority (NPA) under his watch.

With Bello-Okoko in office, the coming days would definitely exchange brighter glitz for the NPA and Nigeria. And ofcourse, his efforts in office would further create a new frontier for revenue generation, as Nigerians peep into a drill for growth.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Joana Gyan Cudjoe: A Defining Statement In The Mining Sector


Nelson Mandela once said, “Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.”

The wise sayings of the late sage, have remained timeless, considering the rate with which emerging Young African Leaders are coasting uncharted waters, making sacrifices, and driving their people to the land, they hitherto, once dreamt of, but had become far reaching, holding to the hostility and insensitivity of the failed system the continent has been plagued with in the past.   

One of such emerging African young bloods that have honed up to the spec, of creating a new era for the continent, where all will be free from poverty, for the rebirth of wealth in the continent, is Dr Mrs Joana Gyan Cudjoe.

Joana Gyan Cudjoe is an emphatic young Ghanaian philantropist, business magnate, and a heartwarming humanitarian that takes pleasure in giving succur to the inporevished.

Born out of the cloak of survival in Dunkwa Ghana, Joana quickly tick the test of times and created some of the biggest business companies in Africa.  

A multi-award winning entrepreneur, Gyan has been tagged by many home and abroad as the 'Queen of the Golden Revolution'.

She stands tall as an Artisanal Miner, Licensed Gold Miner, Licensed Gold Seller, Licensed Gold Buyer, Licensed Gold Exporter, and still leverages on other sectors, including Entertainment, Media, Farming, Education, Real Estates, and Health care. 

Joana has displayed a sense of Emphaty at everything she does. She founded The Joana Gyan Foundation primarily to reach out the the under privileged and needy. She has championed hundreds of Humanitarian projects across Africa, with an unalloyed desire to always touch lives. She hasn't stopped echoing the need for every African Countries with gold to understand and know the value of their Gold, while using it to pull Africans out of poverty.

She wasn't far from the truth when she said - 'I think it is necessary we start embracing more of Humanity,  because Humanity is the true religion. We need to stand up for one another, if we must take Africa there. The continent has suffered alot and long been hiding under the dinning table. It is time we wakeup and build the Africa we desire, through some calculated social activities that will empower every Africans, with no one excluded amidst race, religion, culture, or languages.'

Joana has created jobs for Hundreds of Africans in all ambits, especially in the mining sector where she shone so bright. Her passion and success in the Mining Sector saw her birthed 'Golden Empire Legacy Limited', one of the World's fastest rising Mining Company. 

Without doubt, Joana leverages on her flexibility in creating new opportunities for talented Arts across Africa and also giving them a podium to stand on in pushing their talents. Her Record Label, Golden Empire houses some of Africa's most defining Artists, including top Ghanaian music group, Kache Global.

No doubt, she is indeed a visionary leader and Pan-Africanist with poise for genuine leadership to shoulder the challenges of taking Africa to the promise land. 

Police indict Lanre Suraju — after probing Adoke’s petition on ‘forged’ email, phone tape


Olanrewaju Suraju, chairman of the HEDA Resource Centre, has been indicted of falsehood in the probe of an allegation that an e-mail and phone conversation attributed to Mohammed Bello Adoke, former attorney-general of the federation, were forged.

Suraju was indicted by an investigation carried out by the inspector-general of police (IGP) monitoring team.

In a series of press statements by HEDA earlier this year, the not-for-profit organisation said Adoke had communicated with JP Morgan in June 2011 over OPL 245 transaction between Malabu Oil & Gas Ltd, Shell and Eni.

Adoke was accused of using the email address of a company owned by Aliyu Abubakar, who was on trial in Italy over the OPL 245 affair.

The email was intended to support the claim that there was corruption in the deal, that Adoke — who was not on trial in Italy — and Abubakar “worked together” to fleece Nigeria in the deal.

Adoke had disowned the email, saying he was no longer minister as of the date it was sent and had no reason to use another person’s e-mail address.

The former AGF also debunked claims he had a phone conversation with an Italian journalist in 2017 where he was said to have acknowledged that the OPL245 deal was a scam.

Adoke said the phone conversation was state-managed, adding that he was on self-exile at the time and had stopped using a Nigerian line since June 2015.

The former minister, through his lawyers, had petitioned the IGP requesting for a investigation of the allegations levelled against him.

In a letter addressed to Adoke and dated September 2 which was seen by TheCable, Ibrahim Musa, head of IGP monitoring team, said an investigation had been conducted on the claims.

The police said Suraju did not verify the phone tape and email before sharing on social media.


It accused the HEDA chairman of falsehood, saying his act is “a calculated attempt to resort to media trial and to falsify relationship” between Adoke and Abubakar.

“A thorough investigation was carried out and in the course of investigation, it was evident that Mr Olarenwaju Suraju of Human and Environmental Development Agenda, an unregistered organisation, without verifying the authenticity of the purported telephone interview and email proceeded to use the social media handle of @HedaAgenda on Twitter and @HedaResourceCentre on Facebook to disseminate same,” the letter reads.

“And when invited by the Police to substantiate his claims, he feigned sickness, jumped bail and resorted to issuing press statements maligning the Police, writing frivolous counter petitions and filing civil suits in Court against the IGP Monitoring Unit, Force Headquarters, Abuja and the Police, aimed to undermine the investigation and to evade the course of justice.

“That the claims made by Mr. Olarewaju Suraju that, his foreign partners, national and international media agencies are the authors of the information he shared is misleading as he was the one issuing the press statements that were published by these media agencies.

“That the totality of the conduct of Olarewaju Suraju is a calculated attempt to resort to media trial and to falsify relationship between Mohamed Bello Adoke, SAN, and Aliyu Abubakar while their cases are still ongoing in Court, thereby misleading the public, of which elements of a prima facie case of cyber-stalking, giving false information to misled public officer, injurious falsehood and criminal defamation with intent to incite exist.”


When contacted, Suraju told TheCable that he is not aware of the report from the IGP monitoring unit.

The HEDA chairman described the police report as “fake”, saying the monitoring team is still conducting its investigation.

“I was still with the IGP monitoring unit two weeks ago and the unit is still conducting its investigation. I am completely unaware of that so-called report.”

When asked about his encounter with the police and a part of the probe which noted that the HEDA chairman could not substantiate his claims during investigation, Suraju insisted that the report cannot be true.

“I can tell you authoritatively that the report is fake. I can assure you that it did not emanate from the IGP monitoring team,” he said.

“The monitoring unit is still conducting its investigation and I can assure you that there is no official report coming from the IGP monitoring unit.”

While the IGP report describes HEDA as an “unregistered organisation”, Suraju said such claim is “a lie”.

“In my presence, the police confirmed our registration on CAC website and they saw the registration of my organisation on the website,” he added.

Culled from THECABLE

Monday, 5 July 2021

Pantum Groups Ltd Eyes Africa, Set To Open Office In Ghana, Nigeria Among Others


Barring new changes, UK-based conglomerate, Pantum Groups Ltd is set to extend its services to Africa. According to a statement from the management, on Monday, the company is set to launch its services first in Ghana before expanding to other parts of Africa in the near future. Other African countries it plans to spread its tentacles to, include Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Nigeria.

Pantum Groups Ltd is a UK based conglomerate company that provides bespoke services in the UK and internationally in the sectors of Sports, Real Estate, Interior design and recently launching a construction company in the UK.

Mr. Festus Mansaray, Founder & CEO of Pantum Groups Ltd while unveiling this plan, said he has his vision and focus in Africa and he is determined to see the company brand expand in the UK and also in Africa.

Mr. Festus Mansaray a former footballer himself who has played & had trials for clubs such as Watford Football club academy, Leicester city football club academy, Hendon football club and also in Holland for Ado den haag football club and due to health problems and injuries he had to stop playing football and focus on his business career.

He has sold few high end properties especially to professional footballers and his first property he sold was sold for £1 million to a professional footballer who plays in the English premier league and he has gone to sell a few more to top professional footballers.

He is very well connected within the football industry as he knows alot of professional footballers and his aim is to help create financial stability for these professional footballers ahead of life after football.

“We looking forward to the challenges ahead of us in Africa and we are also excited about this journey we are about to embark in Africa,” Mr. Festus further added.

For inquiry about the services of the company, visit:

Saturday, 26 June 2021

[Extended play] BRT Shadow - Blogger Singer EP 6 track project


[Extended play] BRT Shadow - Blogger Singer EP 6 track project

Popular blogger and hitmaker 'BRT shadow' is finally here with his long anticipated Extended play titled 'Blogger Singer EP'. The music work which comprises of a whooping 6 songs has production credits from Slow G, Beka, O'twenty and Sik one.


This marks a mega milestone for his fanbase as the artist never backs down. EP details below

For Booking & Distribution

TEL: +2348036572438



1. CONFAM (prod. O'twenty) ..............DOWNLOAD

2. KNACK (prod. Slow G)..............DOWNLOAD

3. LANDLORD (prod. Beka)..............DOWNLOAD

4. VINE & VIBES (prod. O'Twenty)..............DOWNLOAD

5. FOR YOU (prod. Slow G)..............DOWNLOAD

6. WIRE (prod. Sik one)..............DOWNLOAD


Saturday, 12 June 2021

STATE OF THE NATION: Okorocha speaks to BBC Hausa



What’s happening with IPOB it is something we took like a child’s play.

Like young men’s and women who have no jobs and are acting to be recognized but now it has become something worrisome but the truth. I cannot say that there is any leader or any important person in politics that is inciting these youths.

These youth are our children and most of them are hawkers, street traders, taxi drivers. Initially we took them as agitators but we never believe it would come to this level.


What you must know is that these children have never fought battles before. Some of them were not born when the war took place. The truth is that there is no leader that is behind this in the whole of Igbo land. The issue of Biafra doesn’t really come up. Biafra has become an old story. We are thinking of how to build a strong Nigeria, a United Nigeria.

What is there to be divided? Is it bread or salt? No one can say let’s divide a country.

For instance; I, Rochas who has schools in the northern part of this country in Socoto, Bauchi, Zariya, Yola, Jos,kano, Bauchi

The children are up to 15,000 where will I take them to? Why would I want to divide the country.

For me I stand for Nigeria and for the unity of Nigeria!


The reason. Is because people are afraid when they speak out they might go and kill members of their family. That’s the major problem but the leaders are talking.

We have problem with our leaders all over the country. The careless talk they make, the children take it very serious. Leaders will say Igbos don’t like Hausa, Hausas don’t like yorubas, yorubas don’t like Igbos and so on…. these kids are hearing it & sometimes when politicians want to be voted they also tell their youth that this tribe doesn’t like that tribe so they can gain cheap popularity.


Whoever says this doesn’t love the country. Some leaders want people to clap for them when they say their backing the Hausa or Muslims so they can gain the support of their people.

Where will that take us to as a nation? Nobody’s should talk in this way if we can come together as people it will be better for us.


In the first place, you should ask what is the problem of our country

Our problem is poverty and injustice and deceit that accompanies politics… that is our problem.

If we don’t do anything concerning this. You have not started. If you buy all the war equipment in the world and fill Nigeria it will not work unless you solve the issue of hunger and injustice. These young men are full of energy and all young men are full of energy if they don’t dispose it positively they will dispose it negatively.


There is no problem with APC if it’s by going with the name APC but there is a problem with the people in APC. APC is just a name like any other party. You can change the name to PPC and TPC.

The problem we have now is that APC never believed they can have this kind of problem. Our major challenge now is that the issue of Boko haram which did not start today – it has been a problem that we neglected over 40 years ago; where children are not going to school and they turn around to become Boko haram members – But now we have over 13.4 million children not going to school and nothing is being done about it. In the next 20 years, if nothing is done it will become a major problem for the president

That’s why I’m saying to Nigeria. Make hay while the sun shines.

Where this is not done we might have challenges in future. Let us carry along traditional rulers in the affairs of our nation because every young man comes from a community and the traditional ruler has the capacity to dictate and identify a good or bad youth in his community.

Attached is the Facebook link to the video:

Sunday, 6 June 2021

We prefer Okorocha to other Igbo politicians, says Northern group



The Arewa Progressive Front, a political pressure group, has urged the Igbo to rally round Senator Rochas Okorocha, a former Imo State governor, to actualise the ambition to produce Nigerian President in 2023.

The group said Okorocha’s disposition as a detrabalized Nigerian, puts him at advantage over other Igbo contenders, adding that the North will throw it’s weight behind a candidate that puts the unity of the country above ethno-religious sentiments.

According to the group, the former governor, has pursued a united Nigeria, far before he joined partisan politics, which it said is evidenced in his free education programme that is open to all indigent children, irrespective of their ethnicity or religion.

Spokesperson of the group, Alhaji Ahmed Bawa, told reporters in Abuja, that Okorocha remains the best ticket that can guarantee the Igbo’s push for the presidency in 2023.According to him,  “If the Igbo must make any cogent push for Nigerian presidency, then, they must be ready to project their best and most acceptable leaders. We are aware of campaign of calumny against the former governor, especially from his state, but we’re more comfortable with him than any other Igbo politician.

“No politician of Igbo extraction has assisted the North to solve the major challenge of out of school children as much as Okorocha has done through his free education programme. We have the records and the North will not ignore such huge investments”.

Bawa, who is also a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC),  hinged the choice  of Okorocha on the fact that he is “the most widely acceptable candidate from the pool of Igbo politicians angling for the Presidency at the moment.

“When you look at the potential or assumed aspirants for the presidency from the Southeast or the entire Igboland, you would agree with me, that none of them can boast of the kind of acceptability enjoyed by the former governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha.”

“Okorocha’s free education, his longstanding affinity with the North and his visible human capital investments across the length and breadth of Nigeria cannot be rivaled by any of those conspiring for the presidency from among the Igbo”.

The APC Chieftain, advised key Igbo groups and stakeholders to unite behind Okorocha in order to enhance the chances of an Igbo man becoming Nigerian President by 2023.

“I think the Igbos need to bury their political differences and pursue this project with a common front, else they may as well perish the thought of making an Igbo man President in 2023”, he stated.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Don't Let VIO Catch You, Check If Your Car Has A Fine!!!


Many traffic offenders in Lagos State remain in default of paying their traffic offence penalties. 

The LASG is therefore currently putting in place IT mechanism that will collate and publish the list of offenders and deploy appropriate sanctions.

 In showing understanding of the current economic situation of its citizens and to show fairness and good faith, the LASG has therefore announced a 50% rebate on these existing unpaid traffic fines from  January 1 to 31st January 2021. 

After this deadline, the full 100% penalty would be payable, with VIO tasked with apprehending offenders and bringing them to book.

Check the portal to see if your vehicle is listed. 

All of this is geared towards not only ensuring safer & saner roads, but a greater, better, more desirable Lagos for us all.

Announcer: Lagos State Vehicle Inspection Service PRO.

Friday, 24 July 2020

Video: Again, Prophet Omale Delivers Woman Suffering From 4years Kidney Failure and Paralysis

General Overseer of the Abuja based Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministry Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale has delivered a woman from a 4 years Kidney Failure and paralysis. 

The Prophet in one of his communion services has deliverd one Mrs Nancy Madugu from kidney failure and paralysis which she has spent millions of naira over 4 years. This condition got her paralyzed and was using a wheelchair.

During the communion service Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale casted out evil spirit from Mrs Madugu’s sister who confessed that she was a python and that she spiritually infected Mrs Nancy Madugu with kidney failure. She further confessed that she did the evil deeds because she was jealous that her sister was too beautiful and also because she had left her to marry.

In a Testimony Service on July 9, 2020 in the church, Mrs Nancy Madugu testified about how Prophet Omale had been used by God to free and heal her from kidney failure and paralysis of over 4 years. She explained that she had been on life supports for over 1 year and that after a sister of hers donated one of her kidneys and transplant done, the transplanted kidney still failed. She also testified with pictures that she had been on wheelchair for 2 years. She was accompanied to the testimony service by her sisters and other family members who authenticated Mrs Madugu’s claims.

For further confirmation of new medical results confirming that she had been healed, Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale seeked the help of two doctors to interpret the result, the male and female doctors from the auditorium read and interpreted her result, confirming that she had been miraculously healed from kidney failure. The doctor said eeverything was on ‘normal level’.

Mrs Nancy Madugu said she first heard about the great work God has been using Prophet Dr Emmanuel Omale to do through the Divine Hand of God TV, before a friend took her to the Abuja based church from Kaduna.

She thanked God and danced vey happy to the glory of God.

Watch the full communion service video and get blessed.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

Diri Will Govern Bayelsa With Bitterness Of Heart - Timi Frank

Diri Will Govern Bayelsa With Bitterness of Heart - Timi Frank
...Condemns governor for rejecting Alaibe's congratulatory message

A political activist and former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Comrade Timi Frank, has condemned governor Douye Diri of Bayelsa state for rejecting a congratulatory message sent to him by his challenger and former Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Chief Timi Alaibe, after the Supreme Court judgement.

Frank said the attitude of the governor has clearly shown that he (Diri) will govern the state with a heart full of bitterness, for the sleepless nights he had while the case against him was ongoing.

Alaibe, who contested the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship ticket with the governor had challenged Diri's candidacy to Supreme Court but lost. The former had, however, sent a congratulatory message but the later rejected the message publicly.

Responding to the development through a statement on Tuesday, Timi Frank said governor Diri has proven his inexperience as a politician "and not worthy to hold a public office."

Frank described as a sad development for a sitting governor, who should have rather called on those who opposed him to support his administration but decided to take an unpopular decision.

The Bayelsa born political activist declared that Diri's action will surely hunt him for the rest of his tenure.

Frank believes that it is never a crime for Alaibe to contest his right in Court, adding that if not for the same Court Diri wouldn't have become a governor.

While commending the former NDDC boss Alaibe for his political maturity and consistency, Frank said governor Diri has portrayed himself as a non-accommodating leader.

"Jitry governor Diri became the governor through a back door. Instead of him to appreciate God's faithfulness in his life, he has turned himself to the Biblical Bayelsa's Nebuchadnezzar by openly rejecting a hand of fellowship extended to him by the much loved Timi Alaibe.

"Governor Diri should not forget so soon that Bayelsans did not Vote for him as governor because he was not their choice but Court and providence did.

"Diri has forgotten that four years will end before he knows it. The governor's proud heart will soon dissapoint him. If Diri was not jitry, how come he couldn't appoint his Commissioners months after Court declared him governor?

"By this singular act of ungratefulness, Douye Diri should prepare to give account of all his steps and policies everyday. The Bayelsans will hold him accountable for each step he takes henceforth."

Frank, however called on Alaibe not to be detterd or pay evil for evil as a much loved politician in Bayelsa state.

Comrade Timi Frank
Political activist and ex-APC spokesman.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Akpabio Vs Nunieh: NDDC Releases Official Statement

The attention of the Honourable Minister of the Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio, CON has been drawn to a cornucopia of false, malicious, and libellous press interviews granted by Ms. GBENE JOI NUNIEH, the erstwhile Acting Managing Director of the Interim Management Committee, of the Niger Delta Development Commission, (NDDC) in some news and social media platforms and a series of concerted vicious campaigns of calumny deviously orchestrated by her against his person ranging from allegation of corruption, sexual and workplace harassments, pipelines bombings, secret cult activities, abuse of office, amongst other lies peddled by her.

The Honourable Minister's initial attitude was to allow his lawyers and the judicial system vindicate him of the false allegations against him, but he is compelled to react to some of the wayward allegations levied against his person by Ms. Nunieh, especially the one bothering on sexual harassment.

To start with, let it be known that there is no scintilla of truth in all the allegations peddled around by Ms. Nbnieh. They are simply false! The Honourable Minister did not at any time, place or circumstance make any form of sexual advances to Ms. Nunieh, not even to put himself in a position or posture suggestive of sexual advances towards Ms. Nunieh, or any female staff of his Ministry or the NDDC.

For the records, the Honourable Minister, Senator Godswill Akpabio, CON is happily married and contented with his wife. Together they are blessed with children, four (4) of whom are young women. The Honourable Minister is an avid believer of the Affirmative Action and that was visible in the appointments he made as a two (2) term Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State between 2007 and 2015. Under his watch, he • appointed several women into various high level positions as
Chairpersons of Local Government Councils, Magistrates, Judges, Heads of Parastatals, Directors, Permanent Secretaries, and Commissioners.

He is the first Governor in Akwa Ibom State to have a female Deputy Governor, was also the first to appoint female Chief Justices of the High Court, recommended women for ministerial appointments one of whom was the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, and supported for appointment the first female Vice Chancellor of the only Federal University in the State etc. He has always championed and still champions the cause of women and young children.

Whilst the Governor of Akwa-lbom State, the Honourable Minister summoned the political will and effrontery to stop modern day slavery in his state, where young women and children were ferried away from the State to other states in Nigeria to be used for all sorts of menial chores as house maids and most suffered unimaginable unethical trade malpractices and maltreatments. He ensured that anyone caught in that trade was severely punished. He signed the Child Rights Law to protect children, especially the girl child from stigmatization and punishment by ordeal where some were executed or banished on allegation of witchcraft. The Child Rights Law also made primary and secondary education in Akwa Ibom State free and compulsory; educating the girl child was his topmost priority.

The Honourable Minister has never tfden his admiration and respect for his wife, Mrs. Ekaete Akpabio, Chi,dren and sisters, he therefore felt compelled to react to the malicious attack on his person by Ms. Nunieh bothering on allegations of sexual harassment. The Honourable Minister therefore finds the said allegation nauseating and a very cheap blackmail, for Ms. Nunieh to suggest or insinuate that he sexually harassed her, while she was the Acting Managing Director of the NDDC.

The Honourable Minister also finds it appalling that, Ms. Nunieh, never deemed it fit to report the alleged incident to the police at the earliest opportunity she had, before, during or after her tenor as the Acting Managing Director on 17th February, 2020, if indeed the allegation was true. Waiting till July 10th and 13th 2020 when the National Assembly appears to be probing some of her actions as the Acting Managing Director of the Interim Management Committee ("IMC"wink exposes her motive, especially at a time when the momentum for the Forensic Audit
Investigation of the NDDC is heating up and the truth is about to be unveiled for all to see? The critical question is who is afraid of the Forensic Audit at the NDDC? Who is Afraid of the Truth?

There is no doubt that Ms. Nunieh's attacks are both personal and sponsored. Those afraid of the truth, and who wish to bury it from seeing the light of the day, are strenuously behind Ms. Nunieh's vicious campaign of calumny.

The Honourable Minister has a mandate from Mr. President, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR to unearth alleged looting and financial misappropriation that had gone on at the NDDC since its inception in 2001. He is committed to that mandate through the forensic audit of the NDDC and will not be deterred or distracted from that goal. The aim of this campaign of calumny is simpler get Senator Akpabio out, kill the forensic audit, and continue business as usual at the NDDC.
On the allegations of the Honourable Minister's involvement in contract racketeering, bombing of oil pipelines, corruption/diversion of funds, the Honourable Minister has stated several times and at various fora that since his assumption of office, he has only awarded three contracts till date- the appointment of the lead forepsic auditors which was approved by the Federal Executive Council the emergency procurement contract for COVID-19 intervention in the Niger Delta Area which due to its urgency had his interim approval and Presidential approval in line with the Bureau of Public Procurement Act and the award of Vehicles procurement duly approved by the Bureau of Public Procurement and the Federal Executive Council but yet to be consummated. It is noteworthy, that all these contracts went through due processes.

On her allegation that the Honourable Minister directed her to change the Dollars in the NDDC's Account; for the records, it should be noted that NDDC's Account is domiciled with the Central Bank of Nigeria. Every inflow and outflow is known and traceable. NDDC gets its revenue in Dollars which is paid directly to its Treasury Single Account (TSA) with the Central Bank of Nigeria. The Dollar is then converted to Naira by the CBN and paid into the NDDC Naira Account still domiciled with the CBN upon a written application from the NDDC. It is therefore impossible for any sum of money belonging to the NDDC with the CBN including the several figures bandied around as missing to be missing.

It is important to state, that unlike in the past where the NDDC had over three hundred (300) bank accounts in different commercial banks, that practice had since changed under the President Muhammadu Buhari's administration, which gave full effect to the application of the Treasury Single Account and the NDDC now has its accounts with the CBN. The Honourable Minister does not give verbal instructions to anybody, all instructions are in writing and in response to a request from the Commission.

On the allegation that the Honourable Minister directed Ms. Nunieh to remove Mr. Kaltungo, same is false. His track record marks him out as a totally detribalized politician and one of the best friends of Northern Nigeria. The Honourable Minister was informed by the NDDC management that over twenty three (23) top Management Staff, from various part of Nigeria including the Niger Delta region, who have evaded leave in the last ten (10) years or had the tendency to influence negatively the ongoing forensic audit were recommended for mandatory leave by the lead forensic auditors. They are still staff of the Commission currently receiving their monthly salaries and benefits.

The Honourable Minister has taken séps to instruct his lawyers to seek necessary redress in a Court of competent Jurisdiction on his behalf over the defamatory statements made by Ms. Nunieh.

On a final note, while encouraging all Nigerians to hold their leaders to account, he urges them to take their time to sift between the chaff and the substance before embarking on far reaching allegations, opinions and views.

Anietie Ekong
SA Media