Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Music: Shady Blue – StandBy Ft. Whytepatch


After a long break from music and a Master’s degree from Univ of Oxford, Business guru, CEO of Aroposse Nigeria, and also UK based Afrobeats and dance producer, ‘Whytepatch’, is making a comeback into music with his unique style, ‘slick bar rap’ performed in Shady Blue’s ‘Stand By’ Single which is now available on all popular music and his soon to be release single ‘Rid Dat Attitide’.
Whytepatch is known for his house anthem, See You Dance, which peaked at number 2 across in Europe in the 90’s and his recent 2017 stint in Ejijo which showcased Nollywood greats, Jide Kososfo and Maureen Okpoko
As we anticipate his coming single, let us first enjoy the sounds of ‘Stand By’ with  Whytepatch


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