Wednesday, 9 August 2017

GOGF Launches ‘Save The Girls Anti-rape Campaign’ Across Nigeria Campuses

After bringing it to the consciousness of the public, a host of top International Organizations has put it to the forefront of the Federal Government to take drastic actions in the Nefarious acts being practiced by Universities lecturers and other senior officials.

There is an ongoing campaign to stop academical abuse amongst University Feminine students by their lecturers and other institutional officials. Over the years, female students have complained bitterly on how they get pummeled mentally, emotionally, and psychologically if they fail to adhere to Lecturers, HODs, Course Advisers, and DEAN of Students sexual advances.

In a recent survey done by Godspower Oshodin Global Foundation across federal and state universities, some female students complained profusely on how lecturers and other officials frustrate them in school, by withholding their results or failing to allow it pass the usual grounds. These exposes some students to start writing carryover courses and spending more than the usual years in school.

Some of these students emotions have been murdered and locked inside a frustrating dungeon. A young girl even confirmed her elder sister committed suicide after realizing that her 100 – 300 level result was misplaced by her course adviser because she refused to sleep with him.

In a recent interview with the National Coordinator of CANN, senior educationists and social commentator, Olukayode Salako gave no appraisal to the system, and how it has lost its moral ethics, he also urge the public to seat up and implore parents to keep a close eyes on her their wards are faring in school.

Senior lawyer and advocate, Uche Dominic also condemned the present system of things, and gave out a verdict that ‘such academic perpetrators should be brought to book’.

They also gave props to Godspower Oshodin Global Foundation for bringing such moral advocacy approach to the forefront of the Federal Government.

The foundation is presently commencing a Nationwide campaign tagged as “Save The Girls Anti-rape“. It is a free campaign that’ll be held in a lot of campuses in Nigeria to help sensitize the girl-child and educate them on budding issues that abuses their essence in all ramification, and not allowing their academic future being raped by any lecturer or school official because the fail to adhere to their sexual advances.

You can visit and send a message if you’re being abused sexually, academically, and taunted by any school officials; the organization havd 10s of federal lawyers on ground ready to give you a soft landing. It is totally free!

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