Thursday, 30 July 2015



"KELVIN ABONEJE" popularly known as "KUDAKIDD" is a Afro-/dance hall artists(Musician) who hails from warri the heart land of delta state. He was born in the year 1995,August 11th.He was 14 years old when he started singing but he never thought of being a musician then,but as time went on he discovered is passion for music and at 16 he started acknowledging music as something that was meant for him .
He began writing his own song at 16 anyway.Later on in 2011 he drop his first song popularly know as "OMO TO FRESH" a song featuring two of is friends produced by Don Drain.later on in 2012 he droped is second single tittle "OTUTUMUMI" produced by Don Drain.He has done some hit tracks that has been storming everybodies playlist all over the world.He has worked with some top atrist in Nigeria you know and has been working very hard to work with more.

Well, talking about his carreer he has gone far and wide to make sure that he see's progress in his music carrer and will stop at nothing untill he achieve his goals. The act KUDAKIDD believes in the christianity religion and he is from a christian family too. He is an "Urhobo/Youruba" by root but meditates basically on Youruba in his songs. KUDAkIDD is from the street but has the vibes and toung of ******** *smiles* i wouldnt like to say that untill you listen to his song. Moving, on "KUDAKIDD"

believes in these saying "If you cannot beat them arrange to get them beating" and "if things dont seem right, go left" This young act is inspired by the legendary "FELA KUTI" and he is 100% set to hit the lam light..........
On like others, the act KUDAKIDD is a student who schools in the DELTA STATE UNIVERSITY ABRAKA, he does Music outside Music. He is focused and zealeus in the propagation of bringing up his own type and patten of Music,he is currently signed to a musical label "HUSTLE OR DIE GANG"HODG" the same label that housed Rhymezkid based in delta state warri and kudakidd is currently working on is 1st studio mixtape ep titled "1st coming" which would be available on DIGital DOWNLOAD"KUDakidd is definitely an Art to watch oUt For,a Blessing from the south side and an underground KiNG that would be soon be crowned

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